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Author Topic: [0.9.8a|H|AoC|Ma|YAVP] Gold Badge hunting success!  (Read 2045 times)


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[0.9.8a|H|AoC|Ma|YAVP] Gold Badge hunting success!
« on: April 22, 2021, 05:07 »

The last time I played AoC was a long time ago, and I was looking at the list of Gold Badges that I could get with the few challenges that I was sort of comfortable with (AoSh, AoC, AoMr).  Considering that I just completed an AoSh run, the play style of AoC seemed to match up the best.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

I just wanted to try MAD with rocket launchers.  It was supposed to be "easy", but man, it did take me quite a few tries, mostly because of carelessness.

Unlike shotguns, ye olde rocket launchers have a minimum range in which they do garbage damage to enemies (but can still wipe oneself out), and many times I died because I was surprised by an enemy that came in too close to me, which I then proceeded to suicide by carelessly firing my rockets at it, thus eating the splash damage.

I think at this point my favourite starting progression is simply Rel->Rel->Rel->Iro->Iro->Hr->MAD, using Hellrunner as a way of providing myself with enough speed to increase the distance so that I don't accidentally hit myself with the rockets.  I have also learnt to target at an offset to the mobs, especially when I was in Beyond, such that the splash would narrowly miss me.  That AV3 rocket launcher PA was my main weapon the moment I got it from the end of CalSec Central, and it was just amazing.

In one of my previous [failed] runs, I had an AV3 rocket launcher with the Toxic modifier, and managing that post fire area of denial effect was tricky.  It was a run that I was sure would be successful, but thanks to carelessness, I blew myself out of the water accidentally.

And with that, I'm now at 2nd Lieutenant with one more Gold badge needed to rank up.

Anyway, this was a fun run, and I think I have started to develop a better feel for how Hard enemies work out, albeit with the rocket launcher.  Maybe I'll try another challenge mode (at Hard) later on.

Edit 1: While trying to look up my current rank, another thought came to mind -- perhaps it will be good to have a similar player.txt that replicates the Player data screen for such look up outside of having to load the game.

Edit 2: Another stupid idea came to mind, partly due to my laptop having Nvidia RTX 2070 Super -- RTX when?
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