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I was playing one game and through out I didn't get one custom weapon.  Now each game is random so the simple solution was to die.

However, that did get me thinking about something for the future, custom modding your gun after each level (each time you level or the end of each level).  

So each time you level you get your normal trait level up plus the ability to somewhat mod one of your guns.  Mods could be what ever you feel like, quicker reload, more damage, or bigger cap.  Basically things that can be found already, but instead you get to choice what direction you want to take your weapons in.

Just a thought. (Been having way too much fun with the game, so thanks)

Malek Deneith:
After each level? No way! Much too strong ...

Perhas allow you to mod a single weapon with a mod of your choice instead of getting a trait when leveling up?

I dunno....that would alter an AWFUL lot of the game...may not be the same.

I think it wouldn't change the game that much.. but i'm still not into this weapon modding.

part of the fun is hoping you'll find that weapon you've always wanted.. if you can just make it that would spoil it a bit.


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