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[0.9.11a] 1000+ Ammo Breaks UI Slightly


That closing parenthesis overflowed into the next line when the ammo hits 4 digits.  I'm proposing that any ammo count that exceeds 3 digits should have their significant figures reduced, so something like using "(1k+)" or something until the number of digits drop to less than 3 again.

Or just shift it over to the left one character when it hits four digits?

Nice catch. Stuff like that is why I was really grateful for my alpha testers back when I was working on my roguelike - they would manage to discover things I hadn't even thought about planning for.

It does look like there's some extra room to the left there, and maybe the whole thing could be shifted trivially - but I would imagine having that much ammo is an edge case, and it might be better handled that way as laptop recommends; that is, sanitize the output so that it's always 3 characters or less.

Either one is equally viable as a solution IMO, so it probably comes down to which is simpler to implement.

I noticed that adding a second chamber mod to the BFT causes a similar problem, on account of the current weapon ammo being 3 digits.


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