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jH 1.0 crash on linux when loading level with vulkan



starting from release 1.0, for me the game crash on load when switching on the vulkan option on linux (ubuntu 20.04). I was not experiencing such problem with previous versions (last I can confirm I think it was 0.9.1medusa). According to the log, the problem seems to originate from the shipped libc.so.6 version (or maybe that is where the error is defined, sorry but I am unfamiliar with that library) when interacting with libnvidia-glcore.so. See the attachment for details.

Thanks in advance.

It seems the issue was solved with 1.0a.

Good to hear, and thanks for the update!  I think a lot of times we forget to post an update reply to our bug reports when it is fixed, which may cause some confusion.

(I am guilty of that too, I think.)


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