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Please don't delete/hide the save while the game is running


So I play JH on a minimum-spec, Intel HD laptop using Linux. Performance is pretty bad, but I knew it would be going in, so I don't have any complaints there.

Occasionally though, the game will lock up and I'll have to kill it. Sometimes this gives me the "Game Crashed!" dialog box, other times it doesn't. Again, no big deal, I can't be too surprised with this machine.

BUT, when I don't get the dialog box, it also means my save doesn't get preserved, so my run dies. This is pretty frustrating. I get that removing the save while the game is running is meant to discourage save-scumming etc., but it's not like it does that much to prevent it since a player can just save & quit and then copy the save. Meanwhile I feel like I *should* be backing up my game regularly to avoid losing it in case of a crash.

Unless there's a foolproof way of forcing JH to quit that will preserve the save, please avoid deleting the save while the game is running.


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