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Sum Gai:
Well, I'm not so good at the melee builds, but at least I got a scout build working this time.

Sum Gai:


Tested out using a controller in this one, having a little trouble getting used to it but I think it's an improvement on a whole. Only real problem I have with the default setup is 'wait' being put on the left control stick. Would much rather swap that with the map button.

Sum Gai:

Convinced I finally have the build that will win the game I discover that there's more after Io...

Sum Gai:
Haven't been keeping up with posting these. Let's correct that now.





Had my first encounter with that horror in the Dante alter last night.

I just want to shoe-in to recommend Hadriex's streams. He maintains constant verbal chatter, which is exactly what you want when watching a videogame stream, and he's been playing JH unspoiled, so it's been *super* entertaining!

I'm expecting UV play and maybe even some 'angel of' challenges a few days down the line. I've been hooked!

(Thankyou Hadriex!)


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