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Crashes in Linux with 1.2


This is extremely frustrating, but also probably hard to pin down.

I got a new machine at about the same time version 1.2 was released. Since then, I fairly regularly get crashes either when leaving the special level of Io, or Io's last level Gateway. Often these lock up my machine with the disk activity light lit up solidly. (Of course I also lose my save...)

IIRC this has only occurred when I've played the game straight without stopping. If I save & exit when I first get to Io, the game never crashes. But I don't always remember, especially when I'm in a game that I'm really focused on.

I've played a few games on v1.1 with this machine and none of those crashed, but I can't be certain that it's a problem new to 1.2 and not to this computer. I haven't had anything remotely similar with other games yet.

I've attached what I think are all the relevant files for the most recent crash. There's no crash_report_xxx.txt from these.

System is Arch Linux (EndeavourOS) stable, with NVIDIA drivers. I'm using the GOG version. Choice of GL or Vulcan doesn't seem to matter; running the Windows version in Wine is just as crash-prone.

Kornel Kisielewicz:
> There's no crash_report_xxx.txt from these.

That means that the driver crashed and didn't even return control to the game :/. Try updating your drivers. If that doesn't help, the least I would need is crash info from the driver, otherwise I'm working with a crash report no more detailed than "game crashes, fix it" :(

>That means that the driver crashed and didn't even return control to the game

Hm, that's worrying. I'll see if I can get some useful info from the drivers, but that might mean it is a problem on my end, or just with nvidia linux drivers in general. Thanks.


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