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Author Topic: [1.2d|H|Arena|YAAM] Arena Platinum, my first platinum in the new game  (Read 2134 times)


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I finally got the new game and I'm loving it. I was knocking out the various gold badges but I decided to try for platinum on the arena--and won on my very first try! (In fact it was my first game in that mode).

There were a few spots where my health got dicey, but I finished with two medkits so I probably could have healed more aggressively. The main issue was just ammo--I used several (I think 3) of the early ammo station charges on gas grenades, which were helpful, but it meant I was in a tight spot for the last level. Fortunately, a gatling gun (with a barbed perk even) dropped on that final level, just when I was running low. I'd had the good sense to grab a stack of each ammo type and an extra stack of 7.62, so I was saved.

I went with a gunrunner build because I expected to be caught out in the open if I couldn't move fast (good call), and I grabbed two levels of Skilled as soon as I realized it was refilling my energy between waves. I got an AV2 assault rifle early on (I think from the crafting terminal on Europa) whose perk I rerolled into Molten 2, and a rail rifle from the first wave of CRI. I used almost all my multitools/charges on combat armor+helmet.

On the one hand I was expecting this to be harder (I didn't expect to get it first try). But on the other hand my weapon drops were ridiculously lucky. I get the feeling that when I'm ready for a diamond badge, this would be a good one for me to try first. Though the same build won't work on UV (I don't think Skilled 1 would get you two stealths per wave).

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