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  • June 23, 2024, 02:48
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Author Topic: [1.2d|U|AoV|YAVP] Blood Platinum, where the final boss is 2/3 of the challenge  (Read 2395 times)


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Another platinum medal down, a little harder than the first. This one took two tries, but the strategy didn't really change much between the runs. Survivor is kinda a no brainer.

Highlights include: I got an efficient assault rifle within the first couple levels that I used all the way up until Containment Area. Between that, a bunch of equipment that didn't need mods, and the lack of medkits, my inventory was so un-taxed that I managed to accrue a whopping 15 multitools at once and then spent them ALL on one health station midway through Europa. I entered the boss with 145 max health I think (then gave up 5 for the military stimpack buffs). That's super useful because it raises the regen+buff threshold of Survivor a comfortable distance above the death threshold.

I ended the run with two unique guns and the BFT, plus an exotic armor and AV3 in the other slots. That's about as decked-out as you can get. Conversely, it wasn't until Dante 2 that I picked up a relic (and it didn't help much).

Strategy for the boss was: I gathered as many gas and smoke grenades as I could (I had poison immunity so gas was just a better smoke), and anytime my health dropped low I used one to break line of sight. I'd use the time to regen, reload, spam multitools and pick off any reavers who were still in range. It was still pretty dicey--in phase 3 it charged right for me so I had to use my one and only phase kit, and I still dropped below 20 HP many times. I think I used a total of five or six such grenades during the fight. It seems like I should have been able to do it more smoothly but I'm not really sure how.

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