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Author Topic: [1.2d|U|AoLT|YAAM] Lightfoot Platinum, and some rather funny gun generation RNG  (Read 2512 times)


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Pulled off a third platinum. I think the platinum badges really are slightly easier in this game than in DRL (though I did earn a good handful there). In DRL the high level badges tended to forbid whatever was the most optimal strategy for that challenge (in this case, melee), while this game doesn't.

I made a *LOT* of dumb mistakes early on that lead to unnecessary damage, since I was coming off of the Vampirism run where speed was key. Fortunately, light travel is very forgiving since wasting your early medkits just lets you carry more ammo. And the assasinate build is so OP at the end, I literally could have done the whole final boss with no healing items (though I needed several during Dante). That said, there was one point on Callisto where I almost died--more on that below.

The most interesting thing that happened on this run was that I found an early Expendable Grenade Launcher, immediately modded it, and then found a second EGL only 1-2 floors later! (I forget if it was actually the *next* floor but it wasn't more than 2). I also managed to get the levelup that I spent on Hoarder 1 inbetween spotting the first EGL and clearing the floor. Lucky! EGL is super good in light travel and one of my favorites in general.

Ironically the EGL one floor early saved my ass--I ran into a group of exalted with really bad positioning and even by spamming grenades, I only barely survived it. To be fair, I'd run out of ammo for my main gun and tried swapping it out for a shotgun (which was a mistake since it left me no long ranged gun). The second, refilled EGL lasted me until I found a missile launcher, which lasted the rest of the game.

The other amusing bit of RNG was that it gave me two unique guns on the same floor (Noxious Hollow), and I had to turn one down! It gave me the Shadowhunter and the BFT 10K in the same chest, but I knew if I traded the missile launcher for a BFT I'd barely use it due to ammo constraints--plus Assasinate serves the same role of instakilling high-tier enemies. That chest also gave me armor with the Silent trait, which is pretty great with Assasinate 3. The endgame on this run was a real cakewalk.

Last observation: The assasin's blade makes for a really awkward play pattern in an assasinate build. To get the full damage bonus you need to swap to a gun and then back to the blade before every kill, spending a quarter of a turn (just long enough to occasionally take a hit). And then you just teleport onto the enemy. For characters without swashbuckler or a gun with the swap harness that wouldn't be the optimal playstyle, but for this build it is.

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