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Hang at startup on Mac (Steam)


After downloading the latest 1.3 Valhalla Release I am having problems getting the game to run.
After launching, I select "Regular Game" from the menu.  Then the screen refreshed and the same menu appears but only include one item called "Regular Game".  This screen never disappears and I have to force the game to quit.

Occasionally, if I try many times in a row, it will finally run.  But then the next time I have the same problem.
So far, if I have a saved game and select that from the first menu, then it works fine.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled within Steam, but that did not seem to make a difference.
I also clear the cache from within Steam Preferences/Downloads.

Any help would be appreciated.

Still having problems with this.  The most recent time, I got a crash report dialog.
I copied the crash report and attached it to this message.

...and here is the Chaos Forge crash report (attached)


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