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Author Topic: [1.3a|N!|Ma|Masterless|YAVP  (Read 3698 times)


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« on: April 30, 2022, 15:12 »

Once again, apologies to the mods, and everyone else. I post so rarely that I have once again forgotten how to post a mortem properly. This time I thought I would try the 'spoiler' tags.

Anyway, to wit, here is a Masterless Nightmare Standard game run. This is the game run that has occupied all my JH playtime for the last few months.

I have gradually worked out a strategy, and on this run I was able to execute it reasonably well. I really like ranged weapons, so I didn't use any melee weapons/perks, even though I know these mixed builds can work really well. I also turned down some serious gear throughout this run, in order to stick to my 'plan.'

The way I tend to play with the marine is I have three weapon types
-The 'oh shit something is really close to me and I can't get away and I need to do serious damage at point blank RIGHT NOW PLEASE.'
-The workhorse gun that deals with most of the combat situations I encounter
-The massive-damage-but-limited usage weapon, for those 'get out of jail free' moments

The three weapons I used for this run: (In the same order as the requirements listed above.)
 - AV2 rocket launcher PB2 (Second chamber, Autoloader, Hunter 8, Safe, Barbed 10)
 - AV1 chaingun +BAV (Efficient, Vampiric 3, Calibrated 1, Auto-calibrated, Barbed 3, Spin-up)
 - JS 40mm drum launcher PB (Hunter 5, Second chamber, Longshot 8, JoviSec, Grenade drum)

The 'safe' perk on the rocket launcher effectively allowed me to use it as a shotgun, which was awesome. And the bleed damage allowed me to hit medusas from out of sight where necessary. Literally best shotgun ever, because it was also useful at long range too.

My way of dealing with Medusas was to always have gas grenades. As soon as I saw one, gas grenade, and then a couple of barrages from the  40mm drum launcher dealt with every medusa I came across. In the couple of instances where I didn't have any gas grenades, a couple of barrages from my chaingun left them bleeding at 70-100 damage a turn, and I could run away and let them bleed out.

Also very lucky was finding a bleed relic, considering I had two weapons that did bleed damage.

I would not use the vampiric mod pack on the chaingun if I had to do this run over, as mostly it was the bleed damage that was killing things and not the bullet damage. (Perhaps the devs would consider changing the vampiric mod so that it still gives health if the monsters die from bleed/poison/etc damage from a gun, and not just from the physical damage.)

The 'efficient' perk from a Whizkid 3 Bulk Mod is so critical too, as it allowed me to carry as little as 100 rounds during major chunks of the game (though I went into the final boss area with 250 rounds, mainly through freeing up space by dumping my last remaining multitools and smaller health items in dante)) and still be combat functional without running out of ammo. I have ruined several runs by trying to carry too much health and grenades and CRI teleport items etc etc, and got myself killed. Efficient ammo use is so so important I think.

The gear I passed up included:
-Unique weapons 'Vengeance'.
-Unique weapon 'Denial'.
-Chainsaw with blue perk on it (I don't remember exactly what it was, but it was in the Dante area.)
-Pink armor with the 'improved adrenaline and kinetic shield' perks
-some crazy assed railgun thing.

I also mentally began referring to turrets in the late game as "Vending machines" because you put one rocket in them, and voila, free rockets and 7.62 ammo.

Anyway, thanks if you read this. Perhaps my best achievement on JH yet. I am no Tormuse or thelaptop, but I do enjoy some of the harder challenges.

Also, how to you open that far right door on the Infernal Lock level? Is it a secret? Is there any cool gear in there. I have tried different combinations of switches, but no joy yet.


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