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[SOLVED] Searching for MS-DOS Version 0.9.7


Hi all, started to play DoomRL recently, after I deleted the game who know when, I know there were graphics for it, but something bothers me now... I see on Wikipedia that there was Dos version of DoomRL, stated as: 25.2.2005 - Version 0.9.7 is (Now distributed in a Windows format along with DOS) ... is that for MS DOS? And if it is, does anyone know how I can download that version? I have Linux Puppy, I have errors, but I can play MS DOS games there. So what I am looking for is that I need Version 0.9.7-dos to download . Thanks!

Got it with Wayback Machine! But it's Version 0.9.8 still awesome!

I had Error, so I downloaded required file at: called CWSDPMI, unzipped it in DoomRL Dos folder, and voila it works. 😄


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