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Icy's Guide to Ranks, Medals, and Badges

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Great guide!!! Thanks for putting the time in to explain them.
Badges are the 'best' part of DRL after a good amount of playing, and this is a great, comprehensive look at them all.

(I only read the higher badges here, but I totally concur, and thank you for your contribution!)

That's a really good guide, will try to use some advice in my games.

Impressive work you've done here, Icy. Might bring me back to start DRL again ...

One minor note about run-waiting: Waiting always takes 1.0s in game time, with no speed bonuses or penalties affecting that time. Quite a number of monsters have base speed higher than 100%, so they might move to get you into their fire line and still get an attack in, before that 1.0s of the wait command expires. Thus, using run-wait can be quite dangerous, especially in open areas.

Edit: Seeing that you did not achieve Marksman Platinum, I'll mention the strategy that worked for me: Play a pure AoMr (no dual challenges), play a Technician, and do your best to just camp at safe spots and let enemies come to you. If you take the easy version of Chained Court and Military Base / Phobos Lab, you should reach Sharpshooter just before Phobos Anomaly. The early game is quite difficult and may require several attempts, but once you have Sharpshooter up and running, the rest of the game is a breeze.
The mortem where it worked (damn, almost a decade old?) is here for reference.


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