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Author Topic: [N!|ArchAoHu|26%|YASD] Hell 3 Death  (Read 3287 times)


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[N!|ArchAoHu|26%|YASD] Hell 3 Death
« on: November 08, 2022, 20:02 »

Most of my games today had pretty good item luck, but horrendous stairs luck, and I wasn't really getting anywhere. I decided to switch from Hellrunner to Intuition for experimenting, and I think I'm making the switch.

After you find an Invulnerability or two, especially with the help of Intuition, you can pretty effectively keep chasing for more as you go through each floor, and because the duration is action-based, Hellrunner doesn't really help in this regard anyway. I've also been finding that while Invulnerabilities don't appear until Phobos floor 7, being able to map out Berserk Packs and Health Globes have been incredibly helpful too. Once Berserk, basically all damage is reduce to just 1 with Red Armor (P), and even Small Health Globes heal straight to 200%, which help a lot. Even Armor Shards are very nice to spot. It's definitely a bit harder in some cases without some movement speed and dodging bonus, but I do believe Intuition is the way to go.

As a prime example, I had this Phobos floor 7:

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

With Hellrunner, players would grab the Med Pack, head straight for the stairs, and consider themselves very lucky. With Intuition, players see just how lucky they really are!

As for the game itself here, it honestly wasn't too interesting, and I spent a huge majority of it with Invulnerability and Berserk, simply zipping through levels and detouring for more power-ups. I did find a nuke and was able to get to and past the Cyberdemon again. Once the Invulnerability ran out though, I was pretty much instantly obliterated. It was unfortunate too since there was a Homing Phase Device nearby, but it got destroyed before I could use it.

Here's the mortem:

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

At the rate these games are coming, I'm feeling very confident I'll get it soon once the necessary luck strikes, and most importantly, it no longer feels like an insurmountable challenge, which significantly alleviates the pressure of starting each game. I'm going to get it!
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