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[1.6|H|AoMr|Te|YAAM] Luck and good gear brings me Golden Sharpshooting!


I had been struggling with this challenge for a bit, some near-misses but finally did it now! I got Marksman Gold! :D
Had some nasty close calls but I got lucky enough to make it through. ^_^;
And of course got lots of great gear!

Early on I definitely focused hard on JoviSec gear, particularly the JS Revolver, every bit as awesome for this build as people said it was. I actually did purposely leave open a slot for it to take an exotic mod if I found one... And I did! E mod might not have made the biggest difference but I was happy to have it.
My JS Helmet served me until the end... Though it's not here because the Harbinger and friends annihilated it. :( I think it was a Marine Helmet, but can't be sure now. I did pass up higher-end headgear to keep that juicy JS bonus and all my mods, but that wasn't a great sacrifice.
I figured my JS Basic Armor wouldn't last me until the end anyway so I had an eye on replacing it with something special.

On Europa I saw Refueling Base was on the menu so I beelined into Toxicologist so I could safely open all the valves and claim the ENV armor... Except the Cybersuit generated there and after some agonising I went through with it, figuring that all that raw protection plus all those mod slots would go awesome with a static, Whizkiddy build like Sharpshooter.... I think that paid off well as a decision, even if I passed up some good stuff because of it (ENV and CRI suits).

Io I was drowning with Red Keycards so I went to CRI Labs to raid the vault. Obviously the suit was out of the question was I had some nice little stuff there, like rerolling perks (my AMP used to have +max range as the basic perk until I changed it).

I had some more close calls, I was running low on .44 ammo sometimes but thankfully I was able to keep stocking up so it wasn't a problem. I kept and modded backup guns just in case but they saw very little action.
I entered but immediately left Inferno, didn't want the risk.
Nearly killed myself blowing up an Energy Core on Dante L2! O.o;; Now THAT would've been pure misery if I had died...
Harbinger really rocked me hard sometimes too, but I managed to cling on to life and keep blasting!

Crash Gordon, level 17 Technician,
defeated the Harbinger against all odds.

He survived for 11989 turns.
The run time was 2h 1m 15s.
World seed was 50970.
He scored 6068 points.
He liked it HARD!
He was an Angel of Marksmanship!

CALLISTO L2 -> Callisto Rift L1
Callisto Rift L3 - Lockdown
Callisto Rift L3 -> The Rift
The Rift - Cleared!
EUROPA L2 - Low Power
EUROPA L5 -> Refueling Base
Refueling Base - found Cybersuit
Refueling Base - Cleared!
IO L3 -> CRI Laboratory L1
CRI Laboratory L2 - Secure Vault
CRI Laboratory L2 -> CRI Armory
CRI Armory - Cleared!
Dante Station L3 - Exalted Summons

  Medal of Prejudice (+200)
   * Won with 100% kills
  CRI Star (bronze cluster) (+50)
   * 25+ kills without taking damage
  Explorer Ribbon (+100)
   * Visited all encountered special levels
  Blind Luck Star (+50)
   * Won despite getting down to 1hp at some point
  Marksman Gold Badge
   * Complete AoMr on Hard

He killed 755 out of 755 enemies.

 48 former grunts           5  toxic fiends
 9  corrupted grunts        11 CalSec sentries
 1  former CRI grunt        6  security sentries
 4  former grenadiers       6  CalSec bots
 2  corrupted grenadiers    9  security bots
 4  CRI grenadiers          1  military bot
 17 former soldiers         1  guardian bot
 6  corrupted soldiers      14 reavers
 3  former CRI soldiers     45 cryoreavers
 14 CRI soldiers            34 toxic reavers
 8  former sergeants        37 archreavers
 5  corrupted sergeants     1  kerberos
 2  former CRI sergeants    4  cyberi
 8  CRI sergeants           12 cryoberi
 13 former guards           5  medusae
 6  corrupted guards        4  archmedusae
 10 CRI guards              16 ravagers
 4  former commandoes       8  armored ravagers
 7  corrupted commandoes    3  siege ravagers
 2  former CRI commandoes   3  plasma ravagers
 10 CRI commandoes          49 CRI marines
 9  corrupted heavies       35 CRI bots
 2  CRI heavies             5  guardians
 2  fanatics                10 warlocks
 10 security drones         1  archwarlock
 8  combat drones           3  watchers
 72 fiends                  2  cryowatchers
 37 fire fiends             2  pyrowatchers
 26 ice fiends

  Whizkid L3
  Powerjack L1
  Son of a Gun L3
  Toxicologist L3
  Headshot L3

Trait order

  Slot #1 : JS .44 revolver +BA2E
   * Disruptive 3
   * Extended Mag 4
   * Critical 25
   * Calibrated 1
   * Auto-calibrated
   * JoviSec

  Slot #2 : AV3 7.62 sidearm P
   * Longshot 3
   * Frenzy 4
   * Triggerhappy

  Slot #3 : AV3 plasma pistol A2
   * Exalted bane
   * Critical 25
   * Efficient
   * Demonbane

  Body : Cybersuit P3B3A3
   * Meshed
   * Padded
   * Fire-resistant
   * Carrier
   * Plated
   * Durable
   * Metabolic boost
   * Swift
   * Critical 10

  Head :  - NONE -
  Utility : AV3 pistol AMP
   * Pistol capacitor
   * Pistol booster

  Relic : reaver's tendon
   * Reaver's speed

  CRI backpack

  energy cell (x100)
  7.62 ammo (x100)
  .44 ammo (x50)
  .44 ammo (x50)
  .44 ammo (x49)
  gas grenade (x1)
  multitool (x2)
  small medkit (x3)
  small medkit (x3)
  small medkit (x1)

--- End code ---


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