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  • April 16, 2024, 18:41
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Author Topic: Bullet Dance is bad, but I found a niche where it isn't  (Read 2105 times)


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It's kinda no secret that Bullet Dance is terrible. I tried to make it work on UV, being the pistol fiend that I am, and my God, I really couldn't. It was worse than nothing. The only time I've seen someone make it work on HMP is when they found a GCB and a CP back to back in the same game. Yeah if you find two high capacity pistols, you have what you need to make it work, but with basic pistols only, you NEED to bulk mod them to the moon before you take the mastery or you spend more time reloading than firing your guns, and worse yet, it makes firing take longer and is annoying to play, which strips your nice pistol build of all its pistol upsides.

But that out of the way, I found that it becomes actually pretty usable on Angel of Max Carnage. Yeah you're still blocked from taking All That Good Shit, and many other builds are still better, but at least now its DPS is there and worth the trade-offs. You do still need to bulk mod your Pistols before you take the finisher, but at least it's actually good once you do.

Really though, I think both Sharpshooter and Bullet Dance highlight the need for more basic pistols the way the combat shotgun and double shotgun exist. Even rapids have the plasma rifle, pistols just get the one pistol and the specials and mods, which makes them uniquely loot luck dependent. Sharpshooter either needs to have less requirements and level 6, or something powerful but inaccurate to justify its overkill accuracy, like a revolver that needs to cock every shot unless it fans the hammer, like a reverse Aimed Shot, and Bullet Dance needs SMGs, or something with higher capacity mags, or just let it take Eagle Eye. Please just let it take Eagle Eye.
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