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Author Topic: [U|97%|YAFW] Failed theorycrafting turned Masterless full win  (Read 3029 times)


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What a game!

This game was meant to be a theorycrafting game for Survivalist, but like a dippy, I forgot to actually plan out the levels to make sure I'd have enough to get it, so I opened with my favorite traits and then realized I was going to miss Son of a Gun 5 if I did literally anything else, so I ended up going Masterless Marine Dualgunner. Honestly, though, my fave! Even got a combat pistol and a nano pack in Deimos Lab! Made myself a Powered Red Armor so I could get rid of a power mod and dump the rest of my armor and make room in my inventory. Ended up being the only armor I needed from there on out!

What I'm getting out of this game is that Survivalist is better in Angel of 100, because the power level of the gunplay was solid, it seriously felt like I was playing HMP, it just couldn't actually finish itself without more level-ups.

Agility mods would not stop dropping. I swear I found like 10 of them. Never got the right combo to finish Cerberus Boots, but hell, a win's a win.

I wanted to save a homing phase device in case Halls of Carnage showed up (it did) but the level prior, my one phase device ended up sending me straight into the two mancubi and baron I was trying to run from, so I had to pop the homer to survive. In spite of not having one, though, I snagged the BFG by the skin of my teeth and cleaned house! The very next turn after picking it up, lava washed over the tile it was on.

Had a crazy idea that I was going to try clearing Limbo even though I had no more ammo for my pistols and barely any for my shotgun because I had a homing phase device and the BFG and plenty of cells and a cell pack. Lucky for me, the opening went well and I gibbed all the corpses in the center while killing the viles, and the homing phase device took me straight to the Nuclear BFG, so now I had the infinite ammo weapon I'd need to fully clear the level. I killed the viles on the east side with the last few bullets in my combat pistol then wiped the rest out with my Nuclear BFG, working my way over slowly.

It was honestly routine at that point. I've cleared Limbo before.

I almost lost the game going through the Lava Pits with only one envirosuit. I tried to run through and medpack spam with my tactical boots once my protective boots got close to melted, but that was a hilariously bad idea as expected, so I homing phase device'd it right out of there, only for the next level to start me in a tiny hellhouse with about 20+ X marks outside the only door. I tried waiting to see if any would leave, but instead they all came right in immediately and I had 30% health. There were mancubi, viles, knights, barons, the works. Lucky for me I had SoG 5 and some heavily modded pistols by then, because I needed all of that firepower just to not die. Eventually the viles showed their faces and I could finally thin the herd until I had an opening to get out with 20% life remaining. But there, just a few tiles away across the street to the north, was a large health globe. Saved! There was even an invulnerability right next to the stairs as well as a nuke. Great! I could get a full win after all!

Could've nuked JC with how much invuln time I had left, but I didn't want to chance it, so I just attacked him normally and won that way. Almost didn't make it though! I still had no healing items, so any damage I took was permanent, and he summoned huge squads of knights.

I'm proud of this win for one thing: it's become abundantly clear to me that I'm casually fully-winning on Ultra-Violence now, even doing silly things like diving into superior Chained Court just for funsies and mods and feeling pretty comfortable with the whole thing. I think that means I'm finally a good player!

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