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I'm new here, I don't know if it ever has been posted (I see reference to an "old forum") but anyway.

I like DoomRL. A lot. I played a lot of RL before, but I always get bored. But not with DoomRL.

But why do I need to manage an inventory? Couldn't it be more like Doom? Ok, I like the fact thet I can pick up a stim pack and keep it for later, but IMHO, guns should always be picked up automatically, and they shouldn't repeated in the inventory. Same for ammo... Except that they would all go in the same inventory slot. (Is there a backpack in DoomRL? I only went as far as the 4th floor so I dunno)

I don't know... DoomRL feels like an "Action Rogue Like" and there is not much of that around. Managing the inventory slow down that action. If you were shooting for realism, I don't know is standing in a room with the floor littered by discarded pistol is that realistic to begin with.

ehm, Gutter, you ever finished the game? (nvm, i saw you got to level 4 so far). cause finishing the game seriously slows down the action and requires you to tackle this like any Rogue Like.. with devious cunning and lots of strategic planning. Well, it's either that or tons of luck.

Auto-picking up stuff would be nice.. if this were a realtime game. However, it is a RL, and to implement this autopickup would either get you killed a lot more (picking up a weapon and unloading it automatically.. but wait, there's an arachnotron there at the edge of my vision.. oh noes now i'm dead) or it would make it too easy (watch me pick up this weapon, unload it and kill that arachnotron all at once!)

edit: on second thought, maybe not such a bad idea after all as long as it can be switched off.
and no, there's no backpack in doomrl.. i think Kornel mentioned somewhere that implementing a bigger inventory would be very hard the way it works now.

Roguelikes often have a list of groups of items which get picked up automatically. I always switch disable all autopickup groups except for gold, because you always need gold and it has none or little weight, so you will never have to drop it down again if it was picked up.

I never missed autopickup in DoomRL (well, there's no gold ;) ), but would appreciate it in DiabloRL, where picking up all those gold coins gets a bit disturbing after some time.

Yes I agree. The coining gets rather tedious :\

Ok ok, it might have been a bad idea, but still. How about a list of autopickup then?


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