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[1.6a|M|Endless|Sc|] It turns out there is the end


Ages ago I tried the Endless trial and got level 640 I think? Anyway, after giving the game a pause for a while I did this trial again.
Got lucky with a pick, as Sniper is one of my favourite classes, as soon as I got the sniper rifle it became my default weapon, occasionally reaching for backup shotgun. Then I found a Railgun around level 50, I think, due to it's lack of minimal range it displaced the shotgun and in general it's use was only moderated by the ammo, that's why CRI levels were such a joy to me. Once I got the sustain pack I knew I was cooking with gas, as pretty much every shot was a killing one and even when there was no instakill, I could regenerate the lost ammo by killing two enemies or more with single shot, so I stopped carrying ammo for it.

While I was hoping for the long rifle from the start, I only got it once the Railgun was sustained, but I still built up it's kill count so I could use it against the hardiest enemies (charging archmedusas) and once I found sustain pack for it as well, I needed to reload it maybe once every ten levels.

I also found a vampiric pack but I was waiting to find another Long rifle or Railgun, so then I could go with it into infinity, but as it turns out Summoner is waiting on the Level 666, with supped up Long Rifle it was a mere formality. 

Spoiler (click to show/hide)
--- Code: ---PsihoKekec, level 149 Scout,
defeated The Summoner against all odds.

He survived for 140484 turns.
The run time was 29h 26m 31s.
World seed was 20598.
He scored 90537 points.
He was a child of the Random Number Gods!
He took MEDIUM risks.
He challenged the Endless trial.

Endless L5 - Secure Vault
Endless L8 - Volatile Storage
Endless L12 - The Hunt
Endless L14 - The Hunt
Endless L23 - Toxic Contamination
Endless L25 - The Hunt
Endless L35 - Toxic Contamination
Endless L42 - Secure Vault
Endless L47 - Exalted Summons
Endless L49 - The Hunt
Endless L53 - The Hunt
Endless L60 - Secure Vault
Endless L64 - Exalted Summons
Endless L68 - Exalted Summons
Endless L70 - Lockdown
Endless L83 - Infestation
Endless L92 - Infestation
Endless L94 - The Hunt
Endless L101 - Low Power
Endless L111 - The Hunt
Endless L122 - Exalted Curse
Endless L134 - Exalted Curse
Endless L144 - Toxic Contamination
Endless L149 - Exalted Summons
Endless L155 - Secure Vault
Endless L163 - Lockdown
Endless L175 - Low Power
Endless L180 - Lockdown
Endless L185 - Exalted Curse
Endless L203 - Low Power
Endless L206 - Exalted Summons
Endless L212 - Lockdown
Endless L216 - Infestation
Endless L221 - Lockdown
Endless L228 - Infestation
Endless L233 - Exalted Summons
Endless L235 - Exalted Summons
Endless L241 - found Firecrown
Endless L245 - Volatile Storage
Endless L251 - Lockdown
Endless L265 - Exalted Curse
Endless L275 - Volatile Storage
Endless L279 - Toxic Contamination
Endless L282 - The Hunt
Endless L284 - Exalted Curse
Endless L286 - The Hunt
Endless L290 - Volatile Storage
Endless L292 - The Hunt
Endless L300 - Exalted Curse
Endless L302 - Secure Vault
Endless L306 - Low Power
Endless L315 - Low Power
Endless L321 - Secure Vault
Endless L348 - Exalted Summons
Endless L351 - Volatile Storage
Endless L360 - Low Power
Endless L380 - Secure Vault
Endless L383 - The Hunt
Endless L389 - Exalted Summons
Endless L392 - Secure Vault
Endless L396 - Lockdown
Endless L401 - Secure Vault
Endless L404 - Toxic Contamination
Endless L413 - Secure Vault
Endless L418 - Secure Vault
Endless L441 - Toxic Contamination
Endless L467 - Secure Vault
Endless L476 - Exalted Curse
Endless L488 - The Hunt
Endless L495 - Toxic Contamination
Endless L500 - The Hunt
Endless L503 - Volatile Storage
Endless L506 - Toxic Contamination
Endless L508 - Exalted Curse
Endless L512 - The Hunt
Endless L519 - Lockdown
Endless L520 - Low Power
Endless L526 - The Hunt
Endless L540 - Lockdown
Endless L545 - Secure Vault
Endless L558 - Infestation
Endless L559 - Exalted Summons
Endless L563 - Toxic Contamination
Endless L569 - Secure Vault
Endless L571 - Exalted Summons
Endless L575 - Toxic Contamination
Endless L607 - Low Power
Endless L617 - Infestation
Endless L619 - Exalted Summons
Endless L624 - Exalted Summons
Endless L625 - The Hunt
Endless L630 - The Hunt
Endless L635 - The Hunt
Endless L648 - Exalted Curse
Endless L650 - Exalted Curse
Endless L653 - Lockdown
Endless L656 - The Hunt
Endless L661 - Exalted Curse

  CRI Star (gold cluster) (+200)
   * 100+ kills without taking damage

He killed 22837 out of 23157 enemies.

 113former grunts           12 combat drones
 33 corrupted grunts        1029fiends
 21 former grenadiers       99 fire fiends
 248corrupted grenadiers    279ice fiends
 8  hellish grenadiers      183toxic fiends
 126former CRI  grenadiers  39 CalSec sentries
 64 CRI grenadiers          879security sentries
 41 former soldiers         191military sentries
 1478corrupted soldiers      40 CalSec bots
 32 hellish soldiers        431security bots
 198former CRI soldiers     24 military bots
 253CRI soldiers            5  guardian bots
 24 former sergeants        704reavers
 308corrupted sergeants     1247cryoreavers
 9  hellish sergeants       563toxic reavers
 109former CRI sergeants    1189archreavers
 117CRI sergeants           524kerberi
 58 former guards           259cyberi
 8  corrupted guards        591cryoberi
 105CRI guards              343toxiberi
 40 former commandoes       1822medusae
 767corrupted commandoes    1527archmedusae
 59 hellish commandoes      973ravagers
 188former CRI commandoes   903armored ravagers
 241CRI commandoes          131siege ravagers
 8  former heavies          421plasma ravagers
 265corrupted heavies       934CRI marines
 12 hellish heavies         454CRI bots
 48 former CRI heavies      534warlocks
 34 CRI heavies             10 watchers
 17 fanatics                155cryowatchers
 12 security drones         48 pyrowatchers

  Skilled L3
  Eagle Eye L3
  Dash L3
  Hellrunner L3
  Son of a Gun L3
  Juggler L3
  Executioner L3
  Hacker L3
  Swashbuckler L3
  Hoarder L3
  Dodgemaster L3
  Gunslinger L3
  Infiltrator L3
  Scavenger L3
  Whizkid L3
  Energy leech L3
  Deadly precision L3

Trait order

  Slot #1 : railgun +S
   * Sustain
   * Auto-calibrated
   * Hunter 10
   * Electromagnetic rail

  Slot #2 : AWP 7.62 long rifle AS
   * Balanced 1
   * Sustain
   * Longshot 6
   * Git gud
   * Scope

  Slot #3 : AV2 chainsaw P2E
   * Frenzy 5
   * Hunter 5
   * Disruptive 3
   * Rush 10
   * Ambush 10

  Body : JS duramesh scout armor P2
   * Acid shield
   * Carrier
   * JoviSec
   * Duramesh

  Head : analytic visor PB
   * Crit Enhancer 25
   * Durable
   * Aim assist
   * Health Monitor
   * Tactical computer

  Utility : AV3 utility AMP
   * Carrier
   * Improved stealth

  Relic :  - NONE -

  Medusa's Curse

  7.62 ammo (x77)
  vampiric mod pack
  plasma grenade (x3)
  plasma grenade (x3)
  plasma grenade (x3)
  plasma grenade (x2)
  CRI phase kit (x3)
  CRI phase kit (x2)
  multitool (x5)
  multitool (x4)
  enviro pack (x3)
  combat pack (x1)
  stimpack (x3)
  stimpack (x3)
  stimpack (x3)
  stimpack (x3)
  large medkit
  large medkit
--- End code ---


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