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Author Topic: [1.6a|M|Endless|Sc|] It turns out there is the end  (Read 5548 times)


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[1.6a|M|Endless|Sc|] It turns out there is the end
« on: August 03, 2023, 11:11 »

Ages ago I tried the Endless trial and got level 640 I think? Anyway, after giving the game a pause for a while I did this trial again.
Got lucky with a pick, as Sniper is one of my favourite classes, as soon as I got the sniper rifle it became my default weapon, occasionally reaching for backup shotgun. Then I found a Railgun around level 50, I think, due to it's lack of minimal range it displaced the shotgun and in general it's use was only moderated by the ammo, that's why CRI levels were such a joy to me. Once I got the sustain pack I knew I was cooking with gas, as pretty much every shot was a killing one and even when there was no instakill, I could regenerate the lost ammo by killing two enemies or more with single shot, so I stopped carrying ammo for it.

While I was hoping for the long rifle from the start, I only got it once the Railgun was sustained, but I still built up it's kill count so I could use it against the hardiest enemies (charging archmedusas) and once I found sustain pack for it as well, I needed to reload it maybe once every ten levels.

I also found a vampiric pack but I was waiting to find another Long rifle or Railgun, so then I could go with it into infinity, but as it turns out Summoner is waiting on the Level 666, with supped up Long Rifle it was a mere formality. 

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