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Kornel Kisielewicz:
Beta 2 is up!

I've reverted the unpopular change for firing out of vision, fixed most of the issues reported in the previous beta topic (see message there), and started implementing some stuff from the compilation topic. However, most important (and biggest) change to test is the invisible stuff - internally I've moved from SDL to SDL2, and from OpenGL 1.2 to OpenGL 3.3 core. Report any weird behaviour! While invisible for now, not only will this fix porting issues (hello OSX) but also will open up to several improvements in the future.

Raw changelog below, comments, reports and requests welcome - join us on the Discord in #doomrl!

DoomRL BETA 2 Windows LQ

If you're not on Windows, you can always compile the development branch from github - find me on the Jupiter Hell discord if you need help with that!

--- Code: --- BETA 2
[mod] -- GH#028: ported the game to SDL2
[mod] -- GH#048: ported the game to OpenGL 3.3 core
[mod] -- GH#062: Marines start with +20% fire/acid/plasma resistance
[mod] -- GH#062: Scout stair-sense works on regular stairs only
[mod] -- GH#062: Tech can single-mod: Cleaver, Mjollnir, Silent, Trigun,
                 Jackal, Jackhammer, Frag Shotgun, multi-mod Revenant Launcher
[mod] -- GH#064: Ironman adds +10% bullet/shrapnel/melee resistance per level
[mod] -- GH#064: Reloader bonus increased +20% -> +30%
[mod] -- GH#064: Intuition range reduced to Vision + 2
[mod] -- GH#064: Gunrunner - blocks Brute instead of Whizkid
[mod] -- GH#064: Army of Dead - blocks Son of a Gun instead of Finesse
[mod] -- GH#064: Bullet Dance - block Intuition instead of Eagle Eye
[mod] -- GH#067: Backpack and schematics are now indestructible
[mod] -- GH#067: doubled BFG9K and Chainsaw natural generation weight
[mod] -- GH#067: rocket boxes hold 25 rockets (up from 20)
[mod] -- GH#066: Frag Shotgun shotcost 4 -> 2
[mod] -- GH#066: Mega buster ammo consumption 5 -> 3
[mod] -- GH#066: Medical Powerarmor armor 4 -> 6
[mod] -- TR#294: MF_EXACT weapons locked to vision range
         ( BETA NOTE - this is the vision range REVERT, only MF_EXACT will have this restriction)
[mod] -- TR#---: pick bottom-most stack when reloading
[fix] -- TR#---: improve mouse responsiveness
[fix] -- TR#---: fix current kill spree showing best kill spree
[fix] -- GH#054: fixed error when DS/BA has no room to spawn demons
[fix] -- BETA  : fixed post-mortem crash related to kill types (OT Bug #7/#8)
[fix] -- BETA  : fixed kill source related crashes (OT Bug #4)
[fix] -- BETA  : fixed feet resistance not respected by lava/acid (OT Bug #2)

--- End code ---

Great release!

I played a round of HNTR attempting 100% conqueror but decided to end the game shortly after the Cyberdemon. I used a goofy mix of stuff to test out the new version and have both my mortem and a video if needed.

Bug #1 - Backpack and Schematics are indestructible, but they also can be picked up infinitely. By mashing, I have made my player profile show that I've assembled 18 Chainswords.

Bug #2 - Audio gets buggy when there are multiple sounds simultaneously. At first I thought this was due to using RunWait and it might just be a bug with that, but even running around normal levels with lots of enemies around I had this issue. It's worth mentioning that I always used DEFAULT, but this was my first game using SDL.

Bug #3 - In the config.txt file, AlwaysName is hyphened such that it's commented out.

Other notes:

I went with Reloader x2 and Ironman x3, and they're both quite powerful now. I found Reloader to be extremely helpful with Shotgun, which is also generally the best starter weapon and was able to clear out enemies pretty safely. I don't believe Reloader is in broken territory however as many weapons, especially melee weapons, won't benefit as much by fast reloading speeds, ammo boxes nullify its effect, and long games tend to lead to weapons with infinite firing. Ironman's extra resistances was very helpful, but not overpowered, and it certainly would make a player more inclined to select it. Once more of the ideas are fleshed out, I'll do some theorycrafting of what Ironman x5 with some end game equipment might become. I think in standard games where reaching level 20 is more common, it should be fairly balanced, but I'm curious how it will be in Angel of 100 and Archangel of 666.

I just so happened to find Jackhammer in Deimos Lab, and got to try out both the buff and modding it since I picked Technician. It was a solid weapon and neither too weak or too strong, even for where I was in the game at that point.

I battled against the Cyberdemon using a BFG and Reloader helped make it much safer, but this was also balanced well by not being able to fire the BFG out of range.

I found a Rocket Box which now holds 25 Rockets and it seemed to work fine.

The kill spree appeared to be fixed.

Loud audio from wall-destroying levers seems to be fixed.

Kornel Kisielewicz:
How is #3 a bug? It should be commented out if not used.

#2 is due to SDL (and the reason of the wall-destroy level audio "fixing"). I'll create an audio manager maybe for next beta that should fix both.

Also I'll look into patching #1 maybe earlier than B3.

Thanks for the quick turnaround! <3


--- Quote from: Kornel Kisielewicz on January 10, 2024, 01:10 ---How is #3 a bug? It should be commented out if not used.

--- End quote ---

Oh, I meant that by default it's commented out. If a player wanted to use it, they would first have to fill in the quotations to have their name set, and also delete the hyphens.

I played through the game with Vampyre tonight, which can be seen here.

Bug #4: I somehow overlooked this until late into the game, but with Ironman x5 and Berserk, resistances for Melee, Bullet, and Shrapnel went uncapped and actually reached 110%, where I literally was taking zero damage to those types while Berserk. The issue I believe is Ironman doesn't have a cap set. It would also be good to ensure there is a cap for the natural resistances to Plasma, Acid, and Fire.

Bug #5: When picking up Azrael's Scythe, for some reason the game messaged "You don't have an Azrael's Scythe!" I'm not sure if this was because it was the first time picking it up for this player profile, but it looked odd. I haven't seen this with other weapons or items.

Bug #6: In mortems, the description for some badges and medals looks like "@<standard@>", since it pulls from the general description and is colour-coded. It would look a little better to change this for mortems.

Regarding Vampyre, as described in my mortem, it's definitely overpowered. One suggestion would be to replace the Eagle Eye block with Ironman, so a player can't take advantage of the new resistances, and also it weakens health significantly as it is normally boosted further with Badass. Perhaps an outlandish idea would be to block Berserker instead so that Vampyre can't be used to run around into enemies, destroying them while healing, and carrying on to the next. This would be pretty large change to the trait, but I think it would cool off Vampyre without also making it bad. Dragonslayer would nullify this block, but most games in general that find Dragonslayer are already easy wins. Malicious Blades is a good example where Berserker is blocked, but that becomes irrelevant when finding Dragonslayer.


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