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Bug #7: I encountered this error message while playing. I believe this occurred when an enemy shot and blew up a barrel, exploding on a group of enemies.

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Timestamp   : 11/01/2024 19:18:22
Error level : ERROR
Message     : Lua hook OnAttacked caught ELuaStateException!

Call path     : beings[soldier].OnAttacked
Call params   : (<object>,<object>)
Error message : Lua error : attempt to call a table value

Bug #8: When pulling a lever that destroys walls, it's fixed with SDL, but after switching back to DEFAULT tonight, the sound is still extremely loud.

Bug #9: Not exactly a bug but maybe something worth fixing is that when a Lost Soul is charging and happens to go straight to a teleporter, it can sometimes create a loop. For example, if the warp destination is exactly horizontal and a Lost Soul charges exactly horizontal, it will endlessly loop. It doesn't distort gameplay or create any errors, but maybe make a Lost Soul stop charging when it enter a teleporter?

Bug #10: Another not-exactly-a-bug, but I noticed my message about the Lava Elemental appearing was slightly cut off here. It could mean other messages in the game may also get cut off, so I think it should be checked.

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