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Turns out DoomRL works on Android with Winlator


I'll spoiler the post I did on Bay12 (Dwarf Fortress).

Spoiler (click to show/hide)Been playing at tiny bit of DoomRL on my phone under Winlator. Yes, the most current windows version, with sound and graphics and mouse support and everything! Yes, I'm very proud of myself 😁

Winlator is essentially the Wine emulator for Android. It's easy to use, easy to setup, and has a heap of options to tweak in case a game won't work (DoomRL got an access error until I changed the DirectX graphics and sound version over to Wine-builtin. Also cranked the reported graphics card down to a 1070, because I like changing too many options at once).

And yeah, it works! It's like Wine for Dummies. Which is exactly what I need.

Get it here:

You've got basic RTS controls available in the back menu, which includes a right mouse button (the fire button in DRL), a mini-keyboard up the top right for other keyboard inputs (like "g"etting items or "r"reload), and it runs at an ok'ish speed. I'm not saying it's perfect, but it's not too bad. You need to pull up the actual keyboard to press ">" to go down the stairs, and a lot of the other keyboard work is cludgy, but it's playable in a general sense of the term.

So, get all the games running that you want. I haven't gotten ToME4 to run yet, and I haven't tried Dwarf Fortress, but I only just downloaded Winlator this afternoon. Give me time....

So, yeah, works fine. And since Winlator is kinda open-source, all it would need is its RTS keyboard overlay to be changed to a DRL specific one. Essentially a touchscreen overlay at the sides, for the buttons you'll actually use in DRL. Not that hard, I'll make up a decent overlay in the next few days (I did it for the Dos version through Magic dosbox, and this one will probably be easier than that).

We could use it as a Wine-wrapper to deploy one of the best roguelikes ever on Android, in a way. There might be a bit of clicking before playing, but meh. Still worth it. DoomRL in your pocket can only be a good thing.


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