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[ BETA 3][Windows][console] Fast shooting causes silence


Situation: You corner-shoot with a shotgun, having target cross at a place with no enemies. You can do that repeatedly until harm sounds cease, both in here and in 0997. The shooting mechanics isn't affected, but the sounds are; if you slam F-F-R-F-F-R-... fast enough (2 shots/second or faster) the shot, harm and reload sounds go off at least for one shot. This makes me lose information as a competent corner shooter. Repeatable, but the effect is most pronounced and most detectable when there is someone who's got hurt by the shot.

On top of this: if there is no special feeling on a level, pressing Shift+L displays LuaError keybindings.lua:66: attempt to call field 'repeat_feel' (a nil value).

On top of this: There might be an issue with Ao100 and special feelings; I've just wrecked L1 of an Ao100/UV run, pulled a lever and all walls went down ("Jericho" feeling should be present, but was none displayed, and Shift+L also resulted in nil error as above).


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