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Author Topic: [0998b3][U|Ao100|98%|56|YASD] Windows' keyboard buffer is TOO BIG  (Read 1526 times)


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After several attempts to start a technician in a clear Ao100 (I'm too biased towards scouts and MCe together with AoMC) that ended at lv16 tops, I went Fin-Jug-EE instead of my usual routes of SoG3 or Rel2, and survived on the skin of my teeth until level 22 when I was blessed with a Nano Pack. Ha ha, hello nano plasma rifle, and endless hail on EVERYTHING. I went pretty bold, not using medkits over last 10 or so levels, then on level 56 Hell just froze over. I defeated the immediate set of threats, camped in a corner and started zapping leftwards with plasma. But, I facilitated that by sitting on F button for several seconds... So the Doomguy was firing... and firing... AND FIRING...


for good 30 seconds or more after I depressed F, it was enough for a stray nightmare demon to sniff me from half a level away, climb up and eat alive through my OP red armor without looking into the beam. Good night sweet doomguy.

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PS: he did defeat some enemies with such a move. But boy that was hilarious.

Also there was a situation that's worthy of a bug report, if only the board state would be captured right prior to a bug occurring. Level 27 or so, I went up close to a hV pack with a napalm barrel, that had a shotgunner 1 up 3 right from barrel and about 2 up 5 right from me, with the rest of pack somewhere in between. There was lava at my sides so I went backward, the shotgunner shot, blowing self together with a few other formers up, and a LuaError "beings[soldier].onAttacked(object,object): access violation" popped up. The game continued, as the AV was likely caused by that shotgunner's death being processed before death of a former that caused the error, due to the way the game processes splash damage, making it being hit by an already destroyed character, anyway that former also died right away. Yet, I wish I'd be able to screen that bug-producing situation before it would cause the bug to manifest, to help with debugging.
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