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Author Topic: DoomRL BETA 4  (Read 1140 times)

Kornel Kisielewicz

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« on: May 02, 2024, 09:29 »

Beta 4 is up!

Apart from implementing more from the suggestion topic, the big big thing are huge changes in the internal action loop. These should still be equivalent to what was before unless I made a mistake, so be on the lookout for bugs!

I invite all to participate on the Discord channel, and also we will be more and more moving feature discussions and info into the GitHub issues tracker. Remember all work is being done on the development branch!

Feedback on the changes needed, be it here on the discord in #doomrl!

Raw changelog below, comments, reports and requests welcome!

DoomRL BETA 4 Windows LQ

If you're not on Windows, you can always compile the development branch from github - find me on discord if you need help with that!

Code: [Select] BETA 4
[new] -- BETA  : WARNING - speed/command system rewrites!
[new] -- GH#093: The Vaults alternative added - House of Pain
[mod] -- BETA  : House of Pain always generates instead of Vaults until balanced
[mod] -- GH#107: ammo rooms can now contain a variety of ammo, even on Ao100/666
[mod] -- GH#117: Technical mod packs on armors add resistances instead of knockback res
[mod] -- GH#112: Survivalist - Ironman 2, and double heals from smed and globes
[mod] -- GH#110: Scavenger - works on Melee, Boots and Armors (guaranteed mods added)
[mod] -- GH#088: Juggler now makes all weapon swaps free
[mod] -- GH#099: Conqueror and Explorer won't be awarded if no special levels were present
[mod] -- GH#109: changed the color of the sniper mod pack to dark green (G-version)
[mod] -- GH#116: buffs - bullet-proof vest, power armor
[mod] -- GH#111: stat screen includes running dodge bonus
[mod] -- GH#108: all elite formers deal 5 + 1d3 melee damage
[mod] -- BETA  : duelist armor - 0/75/0
[fix] -- BETA  : fixed SHIFT-L previous level feeling
at your service,
Kornel Kisielewicz
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