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I don´t get any badge


Hello There.
I´ve been playing Jupiter Hell quite a bite since some weeks ago, and I reached IO and Europe too, but I don´t get the Bronze Badge, that badge that says: "JoviSec Bronze Badge (-) Reach IO", or "Anomally Bronze Badge (-) Complete Anomally in Callisto" (I completed the Callisto Anomaly for sure a lot of times) so I can´t  try the Challenges Modes then, because I need at least one bronze badges to try them.

What can I do? I am playing it in Steam.
Inside Steam I have the "Reach IO" badge, but inside the game seems I lack something or I don´t know really. I never completed the game, but I remember that playing Doom RL I got the badges without completing the game.

I need a bit of help, Thanks in advance for reading me. :)


Well, today I reached IO again and I got the badge!
First yesterday enable all my Steam folder to be writable, It´s for default just readable but It won´t stay as writable, I read about It around the web, but anyway. I played then cautiously to reach IO as marine, I got a good Marine and I reached like level 3 in IO and i died, no more medkits, so I died. I got a nice plasma shotgun too, It helped there.

But in the dead screen I saw my badge there, the JoviSec Bronze Badge, finally.


I don´t know what really happened there, because I got my IO badge on steam previously, so, well, I think It works fine right now, I am happy, It had me worried.


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