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Jolly Sapper:
I'm sorry to have to bother anyone with this but Im in a bit of a pickle.

 I've downloaded the MP3's and they work by themselves,
Made a folder called "mp3" with the MP3's in it,
Commented and un-Commented where told to do so in the doomrl Configuration settings,
And after running the game the only sounds I hear are the sound effects
(no music).

Now, besides the more common sensical ( yet lazy ) solution: burning the MP's to a cd and just playing them on my CD player, how should I trouble shoot this?

If I do not put a [mp3] before the section that I un-Commented int eh doomrl Configuration settings I get this message when trying to run DoomRL:
Critical Error: <TSound/0/0> RegisterMusic<mp3/d1inter.mp3>: File not found    

If there is any help to be had, I hope it will be found here.  Nothing would make my DoomRL experience any more complete than to be able to listen to the MP3's while getting blown to bits by the endless hordes of hell.

I'm not sure if I understand your problem, but I'll take a stab at it anyway.

If you want to listen to other MP3s instead of the doom music then simply:
1. Open your doomRL folder (make sure its the windows version if you have both windows and DOS version)
2. Open doomrl.ini with notepad/textpad/whatever.
2a. Copy doomrl.ini into another folder, see 8. for reason.
3. Near the top it will say MUSIC1     = "music/0   -   intro.mid"
4. And below that it will go down to MUSIC21
5. Change the words in the quotation marks to "music/NAMEOF.FILE"
6. Don't take 5. litteraly! NAMEOF.FILE is just an example!
7. Get all mp3s you typed in doomrl.ini and put them in DoomRL\music
8. And you're done! If you dislike the music, or it doesn't work, then copy the unchanged doomrl.ini (see 2a) back to your doomRL folder.

When changing the MUSIC#s in doomrl.ini, this is what they all are:

MUSIC1 and MUSIC2: I don't know, I think it's the intro music.
MUSIC3: After-death music (when veiwing hi-scores and post-mortem)
MUSIC4 to MUSIC 21: Levels 1 to 18.

So put your exiting music in MUSIC20 and 21, just to increase the anxiety of finally meeting the cyberdemon.

Kornel Kisielewicz:
If that doesn't help, please post your doomrl.ini file, we'll find the problem :-)

Kornel Kisielewicz:
I took a look at the file... first of all double-check wether you really have the Doom I mp3's (Doom II are not supported in the ini file).

Kornel Kisielewicz:
If you put all the mp3's in the "mp3" subfolder (subfolder of doomrl directory) then your ini file [mp3] section should look like this:

MUSIC1    = "mp3/d1inter.mp3";
MUSIC2    = "mp3/d1inter.mp3";
MUSIC3    = "mp3/d1end.mp3";
MUSIC4    = "mp3/e1m1.mp3";
MUSIC5    = "mp3/e1m2.mp3";
MUSIC6    = "mp3/e1m3.mp3";
MUSIC7    = "mp3/e1m4.mp3";
MUSIC8    = "mp3/e1m5-e4m4.mp3";
MUSIC9    = "mp3/e1m6-e3m6.mp3";
MUSIC10    = "mp3/e1m7-e2m5-e4m8.mp3";
MUSIC11    = "mp3/e1m8-e3m4-e4m1.mp3";
MUSIC12    = "mp3/e1m9-e3m9-e4m9.mp3";
MUSIC13    = "mp3/e2m1.mp3";
MUSIC14    = "mp3/e2m2.mp3";
MUSIC15    = "mp3/e2m3.mp3";
MUSIC16    = "mp3/e2m4-e4m6.mp3";
MUSIC17    = "mp3/e2m6-e4m7.mp3";
MUSIC18    = "mp3/e2m7-e3m7-e4m5.mp3";
MUSIC19    = "mp3/e2m8.mp3";
MUSIC20    = "mp3/e2m9-e3m1.mp3";
MUSIC21    = "mp3/e3m2-e4m2.mp3";
MUSIC22    = "mp3/e3m5.mp3";
MUSIC23    = "mp3/e3m8.mp3";


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