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You know, the more I play DoomRL, the more I want to reverse-engineer its rules to make a pen-and-paper minigame out of it.

What's better than taking on hell?  Taking on six times as much hell with you and five of your friends!  :D

That's actually a great idea!

I'm trying to figure out all the game mechanics out at the moment, and putting them up at the wiki at various places (like xp under enemies, various stuff under minor spoilers). Haven't put up half of what i've discovered so far though.

With Kornel's permission, we could start a wiki page about the mechanics in a fashion that allows you to use it as guidelines for such a pen-and-paper game, and put all the data collected so far there.

Kornel Kisielewicz:
Actually I was inspired by a P&P game :]. The DoomRL rules are loosely based on GURPS, and there *IS* a fan-made GURPS Doom supplement :-D. Unfortunately a minute with Google revealed that it's homepage is no longer valid. I'll try to browse through my HD, I think I've got a copy somewhere...

GURPS Doom and the GURPS Doom expansion were from GURPSnet, but GURPSnet recently took down all its conversions.  Luckily, I still have a copy of them.  ^_^

I was actually combining GURPS Lite with GURPS Doom to make a GURPS Doom standalone at one point...  ^^;

Wait, here it is:

'Doom' and 'Doomstuff' were the original two.


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