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Author Topic: About the title logo.  (Read 2881 times)

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About the title logo.
« on: June 06, 2007, 17:38 »

As I'm sure many of you are aware, in the past fan-made tributes to the Aliens franchise have tended to be stomped on heavily at some point by the commercial interests that own the franchise. IMHO, being a non-graphical roguelike may give this game a measure of immunity from such a fate, but I wouldn't count on total immunity if I were you. What do you think are the chances that Fox's lawyers could get to you where you are?

IANL, but I think that if anything is going to get you into trouble, that title logo on the main page will. You should give some thought to redesigning it if there's any chance you might be at risk.

You are probably in violation of copyright with the use of the Tower Assault theme as well (unless you had permission to use it?). However I would expect Team 17 to be less trigger-happy than Fox. Even if they aren't more sympathetic, they are at least less likely to have legions of bored and bloodthirsty lawyers on speed-dial...
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