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Requests For Features / Re: Shell
« on: December 03, 2006, 05:49 »
Umm, normally you should know what armor and weapon you are using, so you only need to take a peek at 'e' when you want to check your secondary weapon or boots. Equipment screen is needed for equiping a secondary weapon, and it's also quick to check your current traits from there. It also allows taking off equipment.

I also agree that the current inventory system is a lot better than having to scroll the inventory with UP and DOWN.

Pre-0.9.9 / Re: AoM lv15 from second try
« on: December 01, 2006, 00:23 »
You should take SoaG(3) before Dualgunner(2). That's because additional levels in Dualgunner only give you a speed boost, but SoaG also increases your damage.

Bug Reports / Large Health Globes in AoB [FIXED]
« on: November 29, 2006, 15:35 »
When you grab a Large Health Globe in Angel of Berserk you go into berserk, but your current tactic setting will stay the same, and will be locked, so picking up a LHG while cowarding will make you berserk while cowarding.

Discussion / Re: (Spoilers!) Unholy Cathedral.
« on: November 29, 2006, 09:56 »
I've done it on Angel of Berserk. All you need is a certain item that makes a lovely noise when hitting enemies...

Discussion / Re: Discussion on Angel of Marksmanship
« on: November 29, 2006, 06:02 »
After a few runs I kinda lost faith in Eagle eye. It might be the best choice for Cybie but once you hit 20+ surviving becomes really hard (see mortem).
For actually reaching cybie it might be better to take Hellrunner after Soag(3) Dualgunner(1). Combined with coward that might be the best way to reach 25.
But I dunno how muchl Hellrunner will help against Cybie.

Eagle Eye is only worth it only if you'r going to get Intuition. And with SoAG(3) and Dualgunner(1), you would get Intuition(3) very late, makeing it a bit useless. So yeah, taking something else most likely is better.

Discussion / Discussion on Angel of Marksmanship
« on: November 27, 2006, 15:02 »
We had some discussino about AoM on IRC, mainly about the difficulty of actually killing Cybie with pistols. The following might contain some spoilers.

21:24  * Jered_Cain starts a Marksman challenge, picks Son of a Gun to start.
21:25 <DaEezT> wise choice
21:25 < Jered_Cain> I'll get this one out of the way first.  Level 10, after all, with just a pistol.
21:26 < Jered_Cain> ... erm, an advanced pistol.
21:26 <DaEezT> ya
21:26 <DaEezT> Marksman challange isn'T that hard
21:26 <DaEezT> get 2x son of a gun and then the advanced trait
21:26 < Jered_Cain> Then I'll start going Eagle Eye.
21:26 < Fingerzam> Please tell me if you find a good way to kill Cybie without a thermie in AoM. I think I've died twice against Cybie with an AoM.
21:26 -!- Jered_Cain [---] has quit [G-lined]
21:28 < Fingerzam> Well, there wasn't intuition 3 when I was testing AoM, so it might make killing Cybie a bit more possible without a shitload of med-packs.
21:30 <DaEezT> is it possible to dodge cybies missiels?
21:31 < Fingerzam> Yes. But I think the best thing would be going to melee before starting to shoot.
21:31 <DaEezT> melee in AoM?
21:31 < Fingerzam> Well, the point being that cybie will melee, not shoot missiles.
21:32 < Fingerzam> At least I thought that he doesn't do as much damage in melee.
21:32 <DaEezT> dunno
21:33 <DaEezT> just thought max hellrunner + coward might be worth a try in AoM
21:34 < Fingerzam> But you'll also need Eagly Eye for actually hitting Cybie while cowarding.
21:34 <DaEezT> in addition to dual pistols o/c
21:34 <DaEezT> ye
21:34 <DaEezT> it all ads up to alot of levels :p
21:34 < Fingerzam> Yes. Probably all you'll get with an AoM.
21:35 < Fingerzam> Leaving you with default hp and no tough as nails.
21:35 <DaEezT> hm
21:35 <DaEezT> someone oughta do the math
21:36 <DaEezT> depending on your armor and medkits what is better: the damage absorbed by tough as nails or the damage "absorbed" by dodging
21:36 <DaEezT> and I suck at math stuff like that :p
21:37 < Fingerzam> I think lvl 3 Ironman and some Tough as Nails would be better. Well, I'd need to know how dodging is calculated and what the default chances are against Cybie.
21:39 <DaEezT> ye
21:39 <DaEezT> but more dodge = less hits (ZOMG) and that means your armor won't wear out as quickly
21:39 < Fingerzam> Well, if you make sure that you have 2 red armors for Cybie, you could take Hellrunner or something else instead of Tough as Nails.
21:39 <DaEezT> with ironman you have more hp but that bigger pool will be more exposed because of the lack of armor
21:40 <DaEezT> or that
21:40 < Fingerzam> Well, this is only against Cybie, and Cybie does some pretty big amounts of damage, against which armor isn't that good. Though it will help hell of a lot against those nasty Arachs on the way.
21:42 < Fingerzam> Though hellrunner will also help dodging that plasma... Well, I dunno, I usually go with TaN.
21:42 <DaEezT> or you could hope for alot of phase devices and go intuition 3 and max finesse/dual wield and shoot like crazy and teleport awaay as soon as he gets to close
21:42 <DaEezT> but you would have to be lucky :p
21:45 < Fingerzam> Well, Intuition 3 takes 5 traits, max dualgunner takes 5 (though you should take that last level of Son of a Gun, it's better than a single level of dualgunner after the first.) Taking also finesse 3 takes a total of 13-14 traits, which you won't be getting.
21:47 <DaEezT> oh :p
21:47 <DaEezT> well, was utterly theoretical anyway
21:48 < Fingerzam> But that Intuition 3 might work anyways, atleast if Cybie spawns far away from you.

And then some numbers:

22:52 < Fingerzam> An AoM (with SoaG 3, and some dualgunner) does on avarage 14 points of damage against Cybie. With maxed Dualgunner, it takes 4 turns to shoot, so you would get 35 damage per 10 turns, but reloading takes way too much time while in contact with Cybie, and all shots won't probably hit.

That is, with SoaG 3, your advanced pistol will do 2d5+6 points of damage. Cybie has an armor of 4 (taken from the wiki thread), so it will be reduced to 2d5+2, resulting in an avarage damage of 8 for the advanced pistol. Your second pistol (assuming that it's just a normal one) will have 2d4+2 damage against cybie, so it will have an avarage damage of 6, resultin in 8+6=14 points of total damage.

My wild quess is that Cybie has 150 hitpoints. This can be (likely is) far from right, but with these numbers we can get the following time for killing Cybie:

10,7 shots for killing cybie, assuming that you hit with every shot (probably won't). This would require reloading once and would take a total of ~67 turns. With a few medpacks it should be very much possible, but hitting him often probably requires some levels in Eagle Eye.

I assumed that reloading both pistols takes twice the amound of time required for reloading a single pistol (time taken from wiki, 12 turns, don't know if it's still accurate)

Feel free to contribute.

Edit by Kornel: formatted a little for clarity ;-)

Pre-0.9.9 / Re: Damn the new Hell's Arena!
« on: November 26, 2006, 15:43 »
I don't know, it caused no problems to me. I won all 3 rounds on arena. Haven't you tried not combat shotgun, but chaingun? Cacodemon dies from 3 shots. Third round there is worse, because there are 2 or 3 Hell Knight, they are much healthier, than cacodemons.

With no Eagle Eye, you won't be hitting that often with chaingun, making shotty a much more viable option.

Discussion / Re: Next Project?
« on: November 25, 2006, 11:46 »
My suggestion is to polish Berserk. It probably won't take long, at least if you don't add a campaign mode to 0.8, and would therefore work as a nice breather.

Berserk! / Ideas and Suggestions For the Next Version of Berserk!
« on: November 03, 2006, 14:43 »
Quoting: sn0rb
Some kind of Energy-consuming thrust attack might be good, too. (Charge forward three or so tiles and scatter enemies in your path!)

Yeah, some more ways to use energy would be nice, like a charge attack and a single powerful blow. But willpower would need some nerfing in this case, since with 20 willpower energy regenerates so fast that you have infinite energy.

Berserk! / Ideas and Suggestions For the Next Version of Berserk!
« on: November 02, 2006, 15:16 »
Quoting: Kornel Kisielewicz
Well, the reason why there are multiple shots is so the crossbow feels more like the one in the manga/anime, and I would like to keep it that way. I may however increase it's damage/hitchance to make it more likely to kill a hunter. Also, note that this is a perfect opportunity to use that knife that you havn't used :>

Well, now that I think more about it, this sounds reasonable. How about having an option to shoot only 1 arrow instead of 3, but having it consume the same amount of time (or almost as much)?

Quoting: Kornel Kisielewicz
Also, note that this is a perfect opportunity to use that knife that you havn't used :>

But I have only 5 knives! And because of this, I'm saving them up for a better situation (usually throwing them while berserking and in melee while a hunter is shooting at me)

Quoting: Kornel Kisielewicz
BTW, maybe I should decrease knife throwing time to make it more popular?

I had exactly this in mind some time ago, when I was thinking about how to make the knife more appealing, but I had already forgotten about it. This sounds like a perfect solution for making knives more appealing. Perhaps dexterity could make 'em quicker to throw?

Berserk! / Ideas and Suggestions For the Next Version of Berserk!
« on: November 01, 2006, 21:57 »
So, now that Kornel has promised to make a new version of Berserk! after finishing DoomRL 0.9.9, I thought it would be appropriate to make a thread for suggestions in order to improve the game.

I'll start with something.

Sometimes when I shoot with the crossbow, a hunter is left alive with almost dead status, and I really wouldn't want to use 3 more arrows just to finish it off.

For solving this I have a suggestion. Make the bow so that you can shoot 1 arrow at a time and each arrow takes 1/3 turn to shoot. This would require a bit different shooting system for making it less frustrating. You could for example have an aiming mode where you shoot arrows and from which you would then exit manually.

This isn't something critical, just something that's annoying me every now and then.

Another, much simpler thing:

I'd like to see some kill counter to know how many enemies I've killed so far.

Berserk! / Berserk Manga AMV
« on: November 01, 2006, 00:04 »
My word of warning conserning that torrent (the one containing volumes 1-30).

It has chapters copy & pasted together into one folder for each volume, and nothing has been done to their names, so there will be files named "13.jpg" and "131.jpg" and you probably now into what order these files will go. There also seemed to be chapters by different groups mixed together (I'm not sure about this, but it really seemed so, cause the fonts changed between different chapters.)

So I recommend you to get the Band of the Hawks torrent for volume 4 and onwards (or buy the kick ass quality Dark Horse translations).

Berserk! / Highest Berserk Killcount
« on: October 28, 2006, 18:04 »
Well, here is my current record.

Code: [Select]
---- Berserk! (DAY 7) Post Mortem of Fingerzam ----
  STR: 15  DEX: 13  END: 12  WIL: 12
  Speed: 108  HP: 0/120  EN: 16/120  Weight: 12
  Base damage: 2d6+6  Weight: 12
---- Weapons left ----
  Knives (5)
---- Kills (560) ----
  71 bulldemons
  377 beasts
  28 mandagores
  20 nightmares
  62 hunters
  2 monsters
---- Achievements ----
  Fought on                : Forest
  Max kills in one turn    : 8
  Longest killing sequence : 10 kills in 3 turns.
  Survived for             : 1957 turns
  Reason of death          : killed by a hunter

Berserk! / What Kind of Characters Do You Usually Create?
« on: October 25, 2006, 01:34 »
If you want that kind of a build, 20 willpower is enough. How many kills do you get with this kind of a build? I tried it around a little bit and I could only get 250 kills, my current record being 560 kills.

The problem with this build is that you are pretty powerless without berserk, and your damage isn't anything astonishing even in berserk. Because berserk doubles your damage putting a few points to strength really boosts this up. And with that dexterity I couldn't hit anything with the bow.

Berserk! / What Kind of Characters Do You Usually Create?
« on: October 24, 2006, 22:13 »
So, what kind of characters are you usually playing with? My characters are usually something like this:

Strength: 13-14  -- Minimum to actually deal some damage. 14 seems to be enough for killing hunters in one blow.

Dexterity: 13-14 -- It's not fun to get hit all the time, and it's also nice to actually hit something. It's pretty expensive, so I won't take more than 14.

As for the rest, both endurance and willpower are useful. Taking some willpower really pays back on those tight situations where you need energy for both the sweep and running.

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