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Berserk! / Berserk 7DRL - DAY 6
« on: October 23, 2006, 18:36 »
Just had this error:

I got it after trying to make a character with willpower 20, endurance 17.

Berserk! / Berserk 7DRL - DAY 6
« on: October 23, 2006, 15:56 »
As I didn't comment DAY 5 here on the forums, I'll comment it in this post.

Quoting: Kornel Kisielewicz
-- choosing attributes

This is nice, but didn't DAY5v2 have more points to distribute? STR 14 seems to be required in order to kill anything, and some DEX is nice to have to not get killed, so there aren't that many points for the two other stats.

Quoting: Kornel Kisielewicz
-- hall of fame
-- mortem.txt (paste them in ;])

Exellent. But some better scoring system would be nice. For example: beast 1 point, bulldemon 3 points, mandagore 7 points, nightmare 8-9 points and something for hunters.

Quoting: Kornel Kisielewicz

Exellent. How does this activate? By getting hit? What effects does it have?

Quoting: Kornel Kisielewicz
-- upped the cannon

This was much needed. It's a cannon, so it should kill everything.

Quoting: Kornel Kisielewicz
-- added a "joke" monster

Only seen 1 of these, no idea about their damage, since it didn't hit me.

Quoting: Kornel Kisielewicz
Test it as hard as you can, for the next release will be final! Unfortunately it seems that time constraints and my additional activities disallowed me doing it the way I wanted :(.

Well, even though it's a 7DRL, it's not like you shouldn't complete it afterwards. It has great potential and it's already a great game that can be made even better with little effort.

You could, for example, add the campaign mode after you've done DoomRL 0.9.9, if you feel like it.

DAY 5 stuff:

Quoting: Kornel Kisielewicz
-- monster with ranged attack!

I hate these. They punish players who don't camp, cause fighting in the open will get me to a situation where I will be engaged in a fight and there are 4-5 hunters shooting at me, and I can't shoot 'em, cause I'm in melee and I have only 5 knives.

With 72 crossbow bolts I can shoot 24 hunters, which comes somewhere around 150 beasts. So I need to camp to not ger hit be these and wait for them to come closer. They also force you to use fairydust when I'm normally running around and trying to get a good spot for a bomb before having to use fairydust. They make the game less fun.

Well, it seems I'm the only one hating 'em (am I the only one not camping?), so I'm not suggesting to remove them, but at least slow down their spawning. And change their color, blue is hard to notice.

Quoting: Kornel Kisielewicz
-- upped Sweep a little

I love this now. It rocks.

Quoting: Kornel Kisielewicz
-- fixed a bug with high strength attacks -- they were 16d6 instead of 3d6!

Good to know the Mandagores and Nightmares weren't supposed to 1-hit kill you.

Berserk! / Berserk advancement, levels and gameplay
« on: October 21, 2006, 10:40 »
I like these in this order: 2,1,3. The third one being last for two reasons:
1) It seems to have too much work to get working and balanced quickly enough
2) I would like to have a good survival mode anyway

Out of the two survival modes I like the second one more. As I'd like to have some way of replenishing items, this seems to be the best way to replenish them, having one night last for x leves and each night being harder, with (possibly) the same number of items available to survive each night.

If the first one is chosen, I'd like to see some random item spawning and/or a leveling system. Spawning items will make the player wanting to wander around more, but the max number of items shoulld be the same as the number of items you have at the beginning. The items should also disappear after a number of turns.

I like the campaign idea, but it seems to have too much work, and I'd rather see an exellent survival game rather than a not so good campaign mode,

Berserk! / Berserk 7DRL - DAY 4
« on: October 20, 2006, 23:29 »
Quoting: Kornel Kisielewicz
-- at last the cannon! ("c" fire, "R" reload)

This is nice, though I would like to know how the damage is spread, cause some monsters seem to be left alive almost always.

Quoting: Kornel Kisielewicz
-- sweep skill added ("s") that attacks three squares at once!

Has proven to be useful, but doesn't seem to be hitting that often.

Quoting: Kornel Kisielewicz
-- modified knife damage to be dependant on strength

Haven't tried knives in this version, so can't say anything about this yet.

Quoting: Kornel Kisielewicz
-- added another monster
-- increased the speed and hp of mandagoras

Both nightmare and mandagore seem very similar with the difference that nightmare is faster and mandagore has more hp. I'm still not sure about how much damage nightmares deal, since most of the time I die when one of these hits me.

Both of these can be killed with hit&retreat tactics, if I'm not mistaken.

EDIT: And I mean this is a good thing, these guys should only hit you if you make a mistake, since they have so ridiculous damage that it can ruin your game any day.

Should probably be noted that both of these kill you instantly on critical hits, regardless of current hp.

Quoting: Kornel Kisielewicz
-- bugfix in the monster defense system (will be a lot harder now)

Beasts can now gang up on you more easily since you can't kill 'em that easily. Haven't decided yet if this is good or bad.

Quoting: Kornel Kisielewicz
I'm most interested in balance issues, the average length of the game, the most common death reason, most annoying things, danger level of the monsters, and the usability of items. If each of you could reply with a post covering all those topics I would be a realy happy man...!

My avarage game is around 150-200 beasts, 20-30 bulldemons and a few mandagores and nightmares if I can get the game going, otherwise I die due to a mandagore or a nightmare.

Most common reason of death, and at the same time the most annoying thing, is either a mandagore or a nightmare hitting me once while I'm on the lower half of my health.

About the items. Why doesn't faitydust restore energy? Could you make it so that you could swing bombs into the middle of a horde of enemies, instead of making them blast on contact?

EDIT: Could the damage of cannon be increased? Had 4 mandagores in my line of fire in a game today, and it only killed two of them, one was only bruised.

EDIT: About the UI, could you show the keys to items next to the name of the item, like "[k] knife 5" and possibly add a list of special attacks below the list of items, if there won't be too many?

That's it for now, I'll post some more stuff tomorrow, now I have to go to sleep.

Berserk! / Berserk 7DRL - DAY 3
« on: October 20, 2006, 11:13 »
Quoting: Thomas
The first suggestion is based on the 25 pain and 50 damage Ms do, and the fact that I wouldn't touch on with a non-projectile.

They are so slow that you can do this: hit, retreat, hit, retreat, hit, retreat, and so on. They won't get a chance to hit you.

Berserk! / Berserk 7DRL - DAY 3
« on: October 20, 2006, 07:54 »
Quoting: Kornel Kisielewicz
Well, I would like to hear the ideas of others about it. I may reduce the amount of knockback on the player for example, restricting it to realy powerfull blows.

Didn't annoy me.

Quoting: Kornel Kisielewicz
I solved the knives problem, by making Knife damage dependant on Strength -- will be usefull in the future -- when stats will be modifible, and when strenght boosts will happen (eg. Berserk mode in which it will be the only aviable ranged weapon)

Sounds good.

Berserk! / Berserk 7DRL - DAY 3
« on: October 19, 2006, 22:34 »
This version is easies and much more fun. Did you increase Gatts' damage, or lower the hitpoints of beasts?

Quoting: Kornel Kisielewicz
Also I would like to know wether the new monster is a challange despite it's really low speed.

Well, they are really easy to handle due to their low speed, but if they manage to hit you, you'r dead. This creates certain tension to the game, you have to run away from 'em to handle 'em alone.

Quoting: Kornel Kisielewicz
-- knives and bombs! (under "k" and "b")

Knives definitevily need something more to make them unique. Either higher damage or piercing perhaps? Haven't tried bombs yet.

Quoting: Kornel Kisielewicz
-- energy consuming running mode ("TAB")

Running mode rocks! Makes the game more tactical.

Quoting: Kornel Kisielewicz
-- revised combat and knockback system

How exactly is the combat system revised?

My current record: 498 beasts, 79 bulldemons and 16 mandagores

Berserk! / Berserk 7DRL - DAY 2
« on: October 19, 2006, 11:32 »
Could the crossbow be used to shoot 3 enemies next to each other in stead of shooting one 3 times? Would be useful when being run over by a group of beasts.

Berserk! / Berserk 7DRL - DAY 2
« on: October 18, 2006, 22:01 »
Quoting: Kornel Kisielewicz
155 beasts and 25 bulldemons, beat that :D

196 beasts and 27 bulldemons.

EDIT: 217 beasts and 29 bulldemons.

Berserk! / Berserk 7DRL - DAY 1
« on: October 18, 2006, 15:06 »
If energy is used for some special techniques/attacks, then make 'em have best effects in open space?

Make enemies only spawn outside your field of vision, so you can not get any kills if you only camp at one location? And the longer you camp, the more enemies are going to be waiting for you, so you should be moving around more.

Berserk! / Berserk 7DRL - DAY 1
« on: October 18, 2006, 13:56 »
What is the energy bar used for? Some special attaks, charges, jumps and the like? Does it regenerate?

BTW, my current record is 156 kills.

Berserk! / Berserk 7DRL - DAY 1
« on: October 17, 2006, 15:44 »
Quoting: Kornel Kisielewicz
Knockback is also implemented -- use it to your advantage.

Does knocking enemies against obstacles deal additional damage or stun or something?

Requests For Features / General Progress Tracking -- Revisited
« on: October 03, 2006, 14:46 »
Could completing the game with as little experience as possible be consider as a challenge?

Announcements / Beta Testers forum open
« on: October 03, 2006, 13:52 »
Now that I have most of my important school stuff done I'd also like to become a beta tester, if that's possible. Anyways, I'm going to have lots of time for at least a few weeks from now.

Requests For Features / Silly but maybe fun idea
« on: February 23, 2006, 22:08 »
I like both ideas very much. The arena idea brings a game called Phobia 2 to my mind, a small game where ifninite number of aliens come from all around the screen and you have infinite number of ammo for your basic assault rifle. There were also medkits and 3 types of weapons which had limited amount of ammo that appeared randomly.

The game is very addicting. You can get it from here. If you can get it work on newer systems, tell me how you did it, I'd like to play it again.

There's also Phobia III, which has variety of enemies, missions and more weapons. This one actually has its website still running. Here.

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