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Requests For Features / Re: DoomRL BETA 2
« on: January 13, 2024, 13:20 »
Bug #10: Another not-exactly-a-bug, but I noticed my message about the Lava Elemental appearing was slightly cut off here. It could mean other messages in the game may also get cut off, so I think it should be checked.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

I wanted to test out Army of the Dead this time now that Finesse is no longer blocked, as well as Reloader getting significantly buffed. I'd say that these changes have made the master trait much more balanced and very usable!

Reloader helps a lot with the start of the game, along with the Marine's new resistance buffs. With Whizkid down the road, you can create powerful weapons like you could with any other build, but now actually exceed their power since the piercing effect or Army of the Dead isn't compromised by being limited in weapons or being entirely outclassed by Nano-Shrapnel.

Coincidentally, I found a Nano Pack which would normally be used for Nano-Shrapnel, but I decided to make a Focused Double Shotgun (N) to make more use of Army of the Dead. It was excellent on anything it could kill in one shot, which was a lot, and I had other weapons while it recharged. Finesse allowing access to Juggler also supported this.

I was also very lucky to find Jackhammer in Deimos Lab, which is extremely powerful with Army of the Dead, and its ammo-hungry nature was complemented by my semi-infinite Focused Double Shotgun. I mostly used a Tactical Shotgun until finding Assault Shotgun in The Vaults, and was able to make a strong non-assembly out of it too.

I went for a full win with 100% kills, although I skipped Unholy Cathedral since I didn't have any reliable way to deal with Angel of Death.

Overall, Army of the Dead is very playable now!

Here is a video of me clearing The Mortuary using only Jackhammer.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Requests For Features / Re: DoomRL BETA 2
« on: January 11, 2024, 17:54 »
Bug #7: I encountered this error message while playing. I believe this occurred when an enemy shot and blew up a barrel, exploding on a group of enemies.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Bug #8: When pulling a lever that destroys walls, it's fixed with SDL, but after switching back to DEFAULT tonight, the sound is still extremely loud.

Bug #9: Not exactly a bug but maybe something worth fixing is that when a Lost Soul is charging and happens to go straight to a teleporter, it can sometimes create a loop. For example, if the warp destination is exactly horizontal and a Lost Soul charges exactly horizontal, it will endlessly loop. It doesn't distort gameplay or create any errors, but maybe make a Lost Soul stop charging when it enter a teleporter?

Requests For Features / Re: DoomRL BETA 2
« on: January 10, 2024, 20:08 »
I played through the game with Vampyre tonight, which can be seen here.

Bug #4: I somehow overlooked this until late into the game, but with Ironman x5 and Berserk, resistances for Melee, Bullet, and Shrapnel went uncapped and actually reached 110%, where I literally was taking zero damage to those types while Berserk. The issue I believe is Ironman doesn't have a cap set. It would also be good to ensure there is a cap for the natural resistances to Plasma, Acid, and Fire.

Bug #5: When picking up Azrael's Scythe, for some reason the game messaged "You don't have an Azrael's Scythe!" I'm not sure if this was because it was the first time picking it up for this player profile, but it looked odd. I haven't seen this with other weapons or items.

Bug #6: In mortems, the description for some badges and medals looks like "@<standard@>", since it pulls from the general description and is colour-coded. It would look a little better to change this for mortems.

Regarding Vampyre, as described in my mortem, it's definitely overpowered. One suggestion would be to replace the Eagle Eye block with Ironman, so a player can't take advantage of the new resistances, and also it weakens health significantly as it is normally boosted further with Badass. Perhaps an outlandish idea would be to block Berserker instead so that Vampyre can't be used to run around into enemies, destroying them while healing, and carrying on to the next. This would be pretty large change to the trait, but I think it would cool off Vampyre without also making it bad. Dragonslayer would nullify this block, but most games in general that find Dragonslayer are already easy wins. Malicious Blades is a good example where Berserker is blocked, but that becomes irrelevant when finding Dragonslayer.

Post Mortem / ( BETA 2) [U|100%|YAFW] Vampyre is IDDQD
« on: January 10, 2024, 20:01 »
Full video (note that sound is buggy with SDL)

With Beta 2 of the new version out, there's lots of theorycrafting about balance. One concern right now is Vampyre, which is already very strong, but has indirectly been given a lot of buffs with the Marine now having 20% natural resistance to Plasma, Acid, and Fire, and Ironman increasing Melee, Bullet, and Shrapnel resistances by 10% each level, giving a total of 50% at Ironman x5.

In one try, I successfully completed a standard game on Ultra-Violence with 100% kills as a conqueror and fully won the game, and the game itself was trivial to complete.

Some highlights:

MAJOR BUG: I somehow overlooked this until late into the game, but with Ironman x5 and Berserk, resistances for Melee, Bullet, and Shrapnel went uncapped and actually reached 110%, where I literally was taking zero damage to those types while Berserk. The issue I believe is Ironman doesn't have a cap set. It would also be good to ensure there is a cap for the natural resistances to Plasma, Acid, and Fire.

Minor bug: When picking up Azrael's Scythe, for some reason the game messaged "You don't have an Azrael's Scythe!" I'm not sure if this was because it was the first time picking it up for this player profile, but it looked odd.

The Marine's natural resistances are actually a huge buff not only in general, but for the early bonus levels as well. Hell's Arena was much easier with damage reduction against Cacodemons and Barons, and similar for The Chained Court with Arena Master and more Barons. This actually adds a lot more incentive to play Marine instead of just Scout all the time now and think it's great!

I definitely experienced the increase in Chainsaw generation as I happened to find two of them after The Chained Court.

On top of Vampyre being very powerful, I was also fairly fortunate with gear as I got Red Armor (O), Hellwave Pack (great for clearly Limbo/The Mortuary), and an Assault Shotgun.

I exited Limbo with 200% health, despite not using any healing items or cheesing to heal. I even played aggressively and had no issues.

My kill count was 1,337 lol.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

I've added checkboxes for every suggestion now.

[ ] = Not yet implemented.
[X] = Implemented.
[~] = Partially implemented.
[?] = Uncertain if implemented.
Strikethroughs = Suggestion rejected.

Requests For Features / Re: DoomRL BETA 2
« on: January 10, 2024, 04:17 »
How is #3 a bug? It should be commented out if not used.

Oh, I meant that by default it's commented out. If a player wanted to use it, they would first have to fill in the quotations to have their name set, and also delete the hyphens.

Requests For Features / Re: DoomRL BETA 2
« on: January 09, 2024, 19:10 »
Great release!

I played a round of HNTR attempting 100% conqueror but decided to end the game shortly after the Cyberdemon. I used a goofy mix of stuff to test out the new version and have both my mortem and a video if needed.

Bug #1 - Backpack and Schematics are indestructible, but they also can be picked up infinitely. By mashing, I have made my player profile show that I've assembled 18 Chainswords.

Bug #2 - Audio gets buggy when there are multiple sounds simultaneously. At first I thought this was due to using RunWait and it might just be a bug with that, but even running around normal levels with lots of enemies around I had this issue. It's worth mentioning that I always used DEFAULT, but this was my first game using SDL.

Bug #3 - In the config.txt file, AlwaysName is hyphened such that it's commented out.

Other notes:

I went with Reloader x2 and Ironman x3, and they're both quite powerful now. I found Reloader to be extremely helpful with Shotgun, which is also generally the best starter weapon and was able to clear out enemies pretty safely. I don't believe Reloader is in broken territory however as many weapons, especially melee weapons, won't benefit as much by fast reloading speeds, ammo boxes nullify its effect, and long games tend to lead to weapons with infinite firing. Ironman's extra resistances was very helpful, but not overpowered, and it certainly would make a player more inclined to select it. Once more of the ideas are fleshed out, I'll do some theorycrafting of what Ironman x5 with some end game equipment might become. I think in standard games where reaching level 20 is more common, it should be fairly balanced, but I'm curious how it will be in Angel of 100 and Archangel of 666.

I just so happened to find Jackhammer in Deimos Lab, and got to try out both the buff and modding it since I picked Technician. It was a solid weapon and neither too weak or too strong, even for where I was in the game at that point.

I battled against the Cyberdemon using a BFG and Reloader helped make it much safer, but this was also balanced well by not being able to fire the BFG out of range.

I found a Rocket Box which now holds 25 Rockets and it seemed to work fine.

The kill spree appeared to be fixed.

Loud audio from wall-destroying levers seems to be fixed.

I like all of these ideas, great suggestions!

Both suggestions are great ideas. Having mute enemies is definitely a design to make them stronger, but I can agree that the slight nerf to them with making sounds is a worthwhile trade-off for less "cheating" and more sensical, canonical gameplay.

Regarding having enemies revealed, I agree in that it would need more opinions.

Regarding Power Armor, I like the idea. Having a set value is better when the prior value is lower, and it's a clever way to indirectly buff Green Armor and Blue Armor with the assembly.

Regarding your proposed assembly of Blood Sword, I agree that if you are using a melee build, giving up an Onyx Pack is a big cost. An Onyx Pack into a weapon is a bit of a wild idea, but I wouldn't be opposed to it. However, I do think easy access to Vampyre would be overpowered. Any build could use it, assuming they have at least an extra point or two across Brute or even Eagle Eye, or even just finishing it with an Agility Pack. With this, you could take a Cateye build for example, have this as a support weapon, and be able to farm a weak respawning enemy for free recovery, whether it's coming from an Archvile cut off from approaching, Lost Souls from a Pain Elemental, or basically anything on Nightmare. For melee builds, use of Vampyre is to help kill everything and exit the floor with full health. For non-melee builds wielding this, there are various ways to also kill everything and also exit the floor with full health, especially when only the killing blow is required to gain the health, such as weakening enemies, luring them in, and the finishing them off for free health. I think Vampyre is too powerful to be accessible to all.

One suggestion I have is to change Mother-In-Law from PPPFN to PPFN, but maintaining the same effects and everything, just for consistency among assemblies.

Requests For Features / Re: DoomRL BETA 1
« on: September 08, 2023, 20:40 »
BUG #9

While not truly a bug, I think the hindrance is significant enough to be considered one.

When you get Tracking Map, movement and general gameplay can be extremely slow when there are lots of enemies. I had one floor with a single Pain Elemental that stuttered my movement a lot and even firing was much slower. I've never experienced this in older versions.

Regarding having enemies revealed, it would have to restrict all bonus levels, all boss levels, and all dark levels, but even then I think it would impact too much. Having that level of intel in a game that is strategic and tactical is extremely powerful. On HNTR where you might get a single group of 6-8 enemies, that also lets you see where a good portion of them are as you clear them out through the floor. I don't think having a few stragglers be annoying to find is enough to justify such a fundamental change.

Regarding Reloader, I think the point of still leaning more towards Finesse even with the buffs is a good point supporting the buff. I do agree it would be good to be cautious about such a large speed boost, but reloading is generally uncommon relative to firing, except Shotguns and Rocket Launchers that benefit from Shottyman anyway. I think if you reach experience level 12, there is a decent chance you may have a weapon that doesn't need as much reloading anyway, further making it difficult to justify Reloader x3. My proposed buff of 30% is to create a justification for it, but I can understand if it seems to be too much.

Just as a comment, I think Mother-In-Law would be pretty insane with Inquisitor Set.

Regarding the medals, I agree that Medal of Pacifism can be okay and the rest are pretty meh.

While there is discussion to not have the medal Zen Master's Cross, I decided to try to go for it anyway. The medal requires that all kills are in the "other" category, as opposed to "fists", "knives", "pistols", or "shotgun". Other kills only seemingly count in-fighting, nukes, enemies dying in fluids, and other means of kills that are not directly from your weapon. One of the nice new features is that if for example, you are holding a Shotgun and a Demon dies in acid, it doesn't count as a "shotgun" kill but an "other" kill. Note that weapons of different categories such as Chainsaw, Rocket Launcher, etc will still count towards your kills in a general sense. The stipulation for this medal is that "Other" kills matches your total kills.

I figured the easiest way to earn this is Angel of Overconfidence + Angel of Berserk, so that I start near the end of the game, and can grab the Nuclear BFG as a way to kill The Spider Mastermind since there aren't any other ways to kill it. After a few tries, I got it pretty fast.

I saved the Chainsaw boost until entering Mortuary.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

And lucky me, there were no Archviles on the right side.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

After that, I continued on my way to the Spider Mastermind, blew up Dis, and got this strange medal!

Here's the mortem:

Spoiler (click to show/hide)


As amusing as this was, I still think this medal should be swapped for a different idea.

Requests For Features / Re: DoomRL BETA 1
« on: September 07, 2023, 19:41 »
BUG #6

"Technicians now get starting tech mod on challenges that were (incorrectly) removing it."

This appears to be working exactly the same as version The Technical Mod Pack is still removed for various challenges that wipe your inventory before replacing it.

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