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Post Mortem / [1.2.0|E|Ma|YAAM] Scrapgun Confusion
« on: December 26, 2021, 22:57 »
Okay, I'm a wuss... but after so many failed runs at Hard after Dante and all the new stuff added, I decided to go tourist and check out all the content again.

I made a mistake in my build, sort of.  I wanted to go for an automatics run, and was gunning for Bulletstorm.  But I picked up the crazy rotary called the Scrapgun, and switched over to using it, thus making that Bulletstorm masters useless.

Ah well.

With Scrapgun, even Medusas were trivialised to a large degree, mostly due to the level-up mechanics of the weapon itself.

UI-wise though, I uncovered an interesting problem.  Check out how my modded Scrapgun looks like in-game:

Yeah, I couldn't scroll the side panel to see the rest of the details of this weapon.  🤷‍♂️

That was a fun romp+win.  Easy is really a tad too easy... or it might just be this ridiculous unique.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Back to grinding those Hard runs I suppose.  😅

Bug Reports / [0.9.11a] 1000+ Ammo Breaks UI Slightly
« on: July 16, 2021, 23:11 »
That closing parenthesis overflowed into the next line when the ammo hits 4 digits.  I'm proposing that any ammo count that exceeds 3 digits should have their significant figures reduced, so something like using "(1k+)" or something until the number of digits drop to less than 3 again.

Bug Reports / Unintuitive Reordering Guns With Controller
« on: June 11, 2021, 20:58 »
In the equipment screen, when using RT to select weapons to reorder, the pop-up showing the assignment of the weapons to the current buttons appears behind the equipment screen, making it impossible to see and thus re-assign.

Suggested solution: make the pop-up from RT be modal and have priority over all other screens.

The last time I played AoC was a long time ago, and I was looking at the list of Gold Badges that I could get with the few challenges that I was sort of comfortable with (AoSh, AoC, AoMr).  Considering that I just completed an AoSh run, the play style of AoC seemed to match up the best.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

I just wanted to try MAD with rocket launchers.  It was supposed to be "easy", but man, it did take me quite a few tries, mostly because of carelessness.

Unlike shotguns, ye olde rocket launchers have a minimum range in which they do garbage damage to enemies (but can still wipe oneself out), and many times I died because I was surprised by an enemy that came in too close to me, which I then proceeded to suicide by carelessly firing my rockets at it, thus eating the splash damage.

I think at this point my favourite starting progression is simply Rel->Rel->Rel->Iro->Iro->Hr->MAD, using Hellrunner as a way of providing myself with enough speed to increase the distance so that I don't accidentally hit myself with the rockets.  I have also learnt to target at an offset to the mobs, especially when I was in Beyond, such that the splash would narrowly miss me.  That AV3 rocket launcher PA was my main weapon the moment I got it from the end of CalSec Central, and it was just amazing.

In one of my previous [failed] runs, I had an AV3 rocket launcher with the Toxic modifier, and managing that post fire area of denial effect was tricky.  It was a run that I was sure would be successful, but thanks to carelessness, I blew myself out of the water accidentally.

And with that, I'm now at 2nd Lieutenant with one more Gold badge needed to rank up.

Anyway, this was a fun run, and I think I have started to develop a better feel for how Hard enemies work out, albeit with the rocket launcher.  Maybe I'll try another challenge mode (at Hard) later on.

Edit 1: While trying to look up my current rank, another thought came to mind -- perhaps it will be good to have a similar player.txt that replicates the Player data screen for such look up outside of having to load the game.

Edit 2: Another stupid idea came to mind, partly due to my laptop having Nvidia RTX 2070 Super -- RTX when?

Post Mortem / [0.9.8a|M|AoSh|Ma|YAAM] U MAD BRO?
« on: April 20, 2021, 04:39 »
Finally!  AoSh has been eluding me for quite a while, mostly because I couldn't wrap my head around the shotgun mechanics in JH for quite a while.  MAD has always been my favourite shotgun Master, and whenever I tried to go for it, I never seemed to make it there.

The trick was to really use EMP grenades in the early game on anything larger than a drone, and to retreat like crazy if need be, especially one only has the standard shotgun and not an auto-shotgun.

I was just confused that there was no Shottyman trait anymore -- I was scared about what would happen in late game when I couldn't reload while moving.

But AV3 shotgun AMP with Shotgun autoloader replaced the missing Shottyman.

The ENV helmet was obtained in the Noxious Hollow and served as a great of surviving random toxic damage.

I don't know what to do with the frozen heart.

I also don't know why I added a cold mod to my AV2 12ga dual shotgun when it has Molten 10 on it.

The CRI plasma shotgun was just for fun -- I added a vampire mod on it to act as a last minute healing device in case I don't have any medkits.  It eats energy cells (4 per shot), and I realised that energy cells now stack up to 100 (it used to be 50, right?).  It tshows how long since I switched to energy weapons.

This suddenly makes me want to try running a pistol run switching over to the CRI plasma pistol later on.

And with that, I've unlocked more challenge modes to play.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

AoSh never felt this fun!  Thanks for the updates.  (=

I just want to add that I found a Jackhammer (not as useful as my AV2 12ga auto-shotgun PA), but it didn't show up in the mortem as part of the exotics found.  Maybe a section for this in a future update?

Post Mortem / [0.9.8a|M|AoMr|Sc|YAVP] Heck yeah MGK!
« on: April 15, 2021, 06:53 »
I've been trying to win AoMr for quite awhile.  The only problem was that I was trying to do it on Hard, and that was... well... hard.

The other problem was that I was gunning for the Master as early as it was possible, but I think that was not the right way to go, since I kept on dying.  Thus, I decided to just build myself up carefully and leave the Master (MGK in this case) only at the end.

It worked very well.  Survivability was much improved through all the first and second tier traits.  I was a little miffed at the change in the way Mods worked before, but it definitely felt more refined this time round.  All the messages were cute, though I still haven't developed the courage and skill to go on an Explorer streak -- I was just happy to complete this challenge.

Just for reference, the peak 9mm ammo that I was lugging around was about 700, but that got quickly consumed the moment I went to Io and Beyond.  If not for the ability to trade Multitools for 9mm ammo, I think I would not have enough to get through.

For all the run till the end of Io, I was going on a strong 100% kill rate.  But I chickened out halfway through Beyond because of my fear of a lack of ammo to handle the Summoner.  Each floor in Beyond took about 1 stack of 100x 9mm to clear.  MGK L3 was amazing in fighting the Summoner thanks to the auto-targeting -- I just need to remember to reload ever so often.

I like the new mortems with all the properties for each of the equipment; it's awesome!

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Just a thought though, all these new messages are a little hard to read using the old 8x8 fonts.  I don't know why -- I have no problems with reading the descriptions in the same font, but trying to read it in the messages just gave me a minor headache for some reason, even though the width of both are roughly the same (41 characters for inventory description, 46 for the messages).

Maybe we can use the typewriter convention of using double spaces to separate sentences?  Or perhaps it is time to switch over to the 8x16 font that is more "text" than the 8x8 graphics font.  I would normally suggest using proportional fonts for long text, but I think that defeats the aesthetic we are going for.

The other sad thing is the lack of Steam achievements for completing AoMr.  Is it because it's too easy to deserve an achievement (hahaha), or just an oversight?

I love the short breather in between major level groups though -- it seemed that each section took about 10 min longer than the previous one, except for Beyond when I chickened out and finish in just 4-ish minutes.

Post Mortem / [0.9.1|E|Sc|YAAM] Gunslingin' Tourist
« on: June 10, 2020, 05:50 »
It was a while since I last played a little JH, and instead of hunting down those Badges, I thought I'd just so something a little more... touristy in nature, you know, just for fun.

I had tried with ye olde Marine, but kept dying stupidly, until I went back to my first love, Gunslinger.

Man was it a blast!

I got an early AV3 9m pistol that had EMP/frenzy powers, and an AV2 9mm pistol that had vampiric/bleed powers.  I wouldn't say it was a breeze, but it was definitely a fun romp.  Somewhere in the early mid-game I got hold of an AV2 red armour that had camo and silent shot(?), and I just modded it up with a Bulk mod to extend its life.

That AV2 chainsaw had a monstrous 100 piercing damage and +50% critical damage (or something), but it was mostly for the lulz.  It replaced another PB-modded chainsaw I picked up near Io, and I took Gun Hoarder just so I could pick it up.  Part of the reason was that I was running out of 9mm, and took Scavenger late.  I began Europa with nearly 6 stacks of 9mm, and ended with about 1 stack.  Pretty scary, even for Easy.

Gun Kata + Dash is an amazing combination -- running away while auto-firing, yes please!

Not sure why I ended up with a whopping 359 out of 349 kills... is this to do with the mobs from the Summoner?  I did remember that when I was in Black Site Vaults, I had some surprise spawns of various exalted stuff that MGK+Das made short work of.

The summoner fight was straightforward -- I just lobbed 3 gas grenades and 1 frag grenade for fun.  As you can tell, I was never hurting for health, and my dual pistols won the day for me.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Just one more suggestion though: when the mortem is generated, could we also output the special traits/properties for all those advanced equipment?  I think it's way cooler to share what the RNG giveth at the end of a run.

Edit: Added the log file in case anyone wants to investigate the "impossible" kill count.

...but I had a valid excuse!  I just wanted to unlock AoMr!

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

I started on this to unlock AoMr, and died on Io Lv1 the first time I made good headway.  I blamed it on waiting a tad too long on my laptop which had low frame rates, causing an unintentional death.  This run was started on a much older machine that was still running Windows 7, but had a much beefier GTX 1080 (a bit overkill, I know).

I was killing almost everything in Europa, starting with the autorifle before quickly switching over to the 7.62mm assault rifle.  An early power mod was immediately applied to it, and I stocked up on some rockets for my rocket launcher as part of plan B, which I nearly had to enact.  I found an early blue armour, and hung on to it for dear life until I found my first red armour, which I power-modded as well.

After reaching Io, I just started to stair dove as much as I could.  I only had 2 stacks of 7.62mm ammo at the beginning of Io, and by the time I reached the Gateway, I was down to less than one stack.  On hindsight, next time I will load up on 3 stacks of ammo instead -- this is something to think about for the future when I have the guts to try out AoLT.

My traits progression were centred around getting decent bang-for-the-buck for each firing cycle, and then prioritising survivability.  Ironically, my progression meant that I could take the ASSASSINATE master trait, but since I wasn't doing melee, I ended up going master-less.

Reaching the Summoner was harrowing.  As I said earlier, at the last level of Beyond before facing the Summoner, I found that I had zero 7.62mm rounds.  A lucky kill of some mobs before hitting the portal replenished my ammo up to almost a stack.  My P-modded red armour was down to like 20+% durability.  I made the switch to the blue armour at the starting island at the Gateway.

I started by walking carefully towards the Summoner, aim, and fire a couple of times at the Summoner ignoring everything else before the latter teleported off.  At that point, I would fire off a phase device, and somehow end up on the island where the Summoner was supposed to be.  Rinse and repeat.

That the phase device put me on the correct island of the Summoner is also a pleasant surprise -- was this an intended mechanic, or just something for Easy difficulty, or that I'm just plain lucky?  I'm just curious -- am definitely not going to question it!

Getting both the Icarus Ribbon and Untouchable Ribbon was a pleasant surprise.  That was definitely not what I had in mind.

I'm no Tormuse, and given the lack of time I have these days, I'll just take any win as a... win.  Even on wimpy-ass Easy.

On another note, now that I'm playing like a filthy casual, I think the modifiers like "Speedloader 1", "Point Blank 1" etc should have some way of referencing their properties in-game, probably as a discoverable thing.  Maybe not right now because these things are still in flux, but having a list of them with their in-game text like some kind of in-game encyclopaedia might be good to have.  I'm seeing this as a way of helping the casual player come back to it and remembering the glorious past.

While we are on that, will we ever have mortems auto-archived in-game on the high-score list so that past glories can be revisited?

Post Mortem / [0.8.8b|M|AoC|Ma|YAVP] Rockets... everywhere!
« on: February 15, 2020, 02:26 »
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

I think I should learn to read the descriptions a bit more.  I thought this was going to be similar to something from the past, but to my amazement it was basically Rockets ho!.  Everyone gets a rocket to the face!

I've hardly ever used the Rocket Launcher in my normal games, so I'd like to think of AoC as a great way of introducing Rocket Launcher mechanics.  I've learnt quickly to not take on too many armoured foes because the RL is basically nerfed.

This is just a bog-standard wussy-ass run at Medium difficulty, relying on Reload Dance and Incoming! to help with offense and defense respectively.  The description of the RL says it is Slash damage, but Incoming! seems to mitigate explosions, so I'm not even sure if taking Incoming! was helping me protect myself against my own rocket fire (I sure hope it does).

The summoner fight was aided greatly by the phase devices -- I realised that with the RL, there was no point trying to plink off the summoned foes and it was better to concentrate fire on the Summoner itself.  I wasn't going for a YAAM, just looking to notch off a win on Medium for myself.

A very fun challenge mode for sure!  Maybe next time I will be less wussy and try for a Conqueror type run... on Medium.  But not on AoC.  =)

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

I have not won a single game of JH, and I was getting sick of that.  So I wussed out and got on Easy, and went forth with Gunslinger, the build that I've always enjoyed playing back in DRL.

I could've had my first win yesterday (had two ADV 9mm Pistols, one of which had Ignite and Cold on it!), but in a rash to shoot fast, I forgot to heal and got YASD.  Today, I finally had my first win, and can sleep better at night knowing that I have won one game on JH (despite it being Easy).

Question: How does a weapon with both Ignite and Cold work?  Ignite was intrinsic to the weapon, while Cold was from a mod -- do they nullify their effects, stack on top, or only the last one applied works?  I think I only saw Frozen status applied on the mobs, but I could be mistaken.

I'm not going to discuss my "tactics" because I'm playing on Easy like a scrub, and well, I don't have the kind of time I used to have 10 years go to try all kinds of crazy things.  =)

Side point though: maybe in the next update, we can have the progression of traits chosen in the mortem like how we used to have in DRL.  That way, it makes it easier for folks to learn play styles and what-not.  I also liked the old screenshot of the final screen as a way of memorialising the win/death, but that can be something for the [far] future.

Bug Reports / Crash in Europa
« on: February 13, 2020, 00:43 »
As stated above.  Here's the dump.

Am playing on Intel HD Graphics 620, Core i7-7500U.

Edit: Added the actual log file.

Forum / ChaosForge Forum Mass-Murder 2014/2015 Edition
« on: December 23, 2014, 23:31 »
Salutations!  It has been nearly 1429 days since we first committed genocide on the ChaosForge Forums.

Today, I did what the God Hand had done some 4 years go.  Except by hand.  The spam situation was becoming unbearable, and the site was also getting a little... slow.

Like before, all accounts with 0 posts that are regular members (not supporters or team members) have been obliterated.  If you've just joined us in the past few days, I apologise, and like what Kornel said before, please feel free to register again!

Have a good 2015 ahead.

Bug Reports / PSA: You can move diagonally
« on: September 22, 2014, 16:21 »
Another PSA.  Despite how the tiles and ASCII art looks, DoomGuy can actually move diagonally and squeeze through those itty-bitty corner spaces of walls.  I mean that is possible to go from ##.
to ##@
using diagonal movements.  Best part is that you don't even need to drop any of DoomGuy's gear to do so, unlike say NetHack.

This topic has been moved to Mortem Archives.  It contains a post-mortem, and therefore qualifies as sharing what happens post death.

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