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Discussion / Re: Icy's Guide to Ranks, Medals, and Badges
« on: October 16, 2022, 10:42 »
Great guide!!! Thanks for putting the time in to explain them.
Badges are the 'best' part of DRL after a good amount of playing, and this is a great, comprehensive look at them all.

(I only read the higher badges here, but I totally concur, and thank you for your contribution!)

Post Mortem / Re: [1.5a|I|Ma|YASD] Dual Inferno with Sylph
« on: September 17, 2022, 08:41 »
The difficulty just ramped up more quickly than either of us were prepared for, I guess

Well, *I* was prepared for it!!! Obviously the only reason I managed to clock less deaths / further progress was a HELL of a lot more experience than you on inferno!
But if I'm honest I'm used to the way difficulty ramps up. In fact, shortly before this stream I was chatting in discord about how inferno gets un-winnable for most skills in mid-late europa!!!
There are certainly character builds that can play around it, much like apocalypse, but my gut tells me that inferno will never be a place for all builds/classes, unless it's changed. :)

Great run last night, I had tons of fun! Part of the reason I wanted to stick to the same class/build when I originally suggested the 'co-op' concept was so that a death could easily be 'ressed' by the other player, preventing exactly what happened when you died here (don't want to continue with a different character). Still, it was great exploring levels together, and I think it worked very well in its own way!

Congratulations on a great romp through inferno!

Post Mortem / Re: [1.5a|U|Te|YAAM] Good doggy!
« on: September 10, 2022, 16:09 »
Glad you posted it!
I would love to do another soon! I really liked how we were able to explore a ton of non-optimal play, partly from deciding on branches as a team, rather than what was best for our character, and partly from knowing that there was a 'res' option should things get on top of us.

I'd love to try it on a higher difficulty soon. x

BTW is this the best place to post about these kinds of issues, or would you prefer steam/reddit/something else?
I think most tend to get reported to the game's discord.

Post Mortem / Re: [1.2.0|E|Ma|YAAM] Scrapgun Confusion
« on: December 29, 2021, 11:57 »
Entrenchment becomes useless? Really?
The ammo efficiency of the scrapgun doesn't stack with entrenchment? That's weird!

Post Mortem / Re: [1.2 RC2|U|Sc|YAAM] Pirate/Assassin/Zombie
« on: December 13, 2021, 11:23 »
I'm *so* glad someone mentioned nightmare difficulty increasing (/dante)!
I've read accounts of nightmare being easier than it used to be, and in my experience it got *far* harder over the last year!

Post Mortem / Re: [1.2 RC2|U|Sc|YAAM] Pirate/Assassin/Zombie
« on: December 09, 2021, 07:59 »
I'm pretty sure getting wins on N! and A! are more an exception than a commonality.

I do agree with the points about constantly changing weapons to be prepared for upcoming events, although there is always a flip-side from the fact that the time spent changing weapons can actually be punishing in '!' difficulty levels due to the respawn 'time limit'.

I also feel that UV and below are kinda relaxing, but I know I only feel that way from playing on the higher difficulties! I certainly wouldn't call hard or UV anything like a walk in the park, and there is definitely a need for some degree of strategy - if not having the right weapons ready, then good use of cover etc are required instead!

I've mostly been trying to get wins with scout or technician lately, since a clear majority of my wins so far have been with the marine.
I'm so glad you're giving them a go!
My current feeling is that the marine is *way* more powerful than the other classes in the more taxing challenges. Partly from the fact that hellrunner is so strong, less so but relevant is the fact that cover master is the poorer equivalent of hellrunner for a 'basic' defense skill; partly from all the marine's healing; but partly just because the utility of marine traits is so damn strong. I mean, incredible power of survivor and vampyre aside, have you tried bloodhound? They even get the closest equivalent to DRL intuition for my money!!!

I don't mind that, btw: Just in case it sounded like some kind of a complaint! Part of me kinda likes the fact that the marine is the occupation most suited to fighting jovian demonic incursions! It's like throwing a weapon to a surveyor, an engineer, and a soldier, then pitting them against a force of sci-fi demons and seeing which gets furthest!!!

I think the only thing that really niggles at me is that any scout/tech/marine wins (since I feel different classes present a hugely different challenge) are tracked as 'the same' for almost all badges. I recently suggested a possible addition to the game that would track the player class used to finish any challenge; I think it would give the game a *huge* amount of extra longevity for those of us that see game modes as a 'puzzle' to be solved.

Oh, you flatter me.  :P  (Thanks!)
Nothing undeserved!!! ;)

Re: The lack of Apocalype badges... I'm quite happy with it. I understand that in future A! is intended to be balanced without regeneration. I really like the idea of that (well, I'd be ok with a reduced form of respawning, just not to the extent of N!), and knowing that makes me comfortable with the fact that A! badges don't exist - they're not supposed to! Current A! is a placeholder for something better in future!

Re: hellrunner - Tormuse is currently trying a scout build without hellrunner at all on A!
I'm currently playing loosely with A! technician runs (because I love the tech), but it's an ordeal!
I don't know how Tormuse does it! The guy is a machine! Always has been on chaosforge games! It took all the effort in the world for me to get a N! win without hellrunner (technician without just cheesing toxicologist/wizard!)... Getting that kind of result in A! Is just one step beyond!!

Re: Soulstealer / shattered abyss - I've done soulstealer on A!!!! In fact, I got absolutely, truly ridiculous with it!!!
Check out this screenshot:
(Specifically, the damage!)
In fact, I'd say that, provided proper care is taken, good marine masters (ok, survivor and vampyre) have an easier run when they do shattered abyss. Soulstealer can be a really powerful way to cap off the end of the game on '!' difficulty. :)
"I see you didn't puss out like I did and actually got Soulstealer. Getting that sword on A! is a first, as far as I know. " - Just to be clear, I'm certain that my soulstealer run was at least a few days after this run! I suspect Tormuse was still first, he was just reasonable about it, unlike me!!! :P

I'm very much in the same boat as you, though, Cotonou... N! and A! feel like the realm of the hellrunner. In fact I can categorically state that I found A! using hellrunner (or wizard) easier than N! without. I really *love* the mechanics of the game, especially the way hunker and aim play off the 'general' dodge and cover mechanics. For this reason I've always felt a little disappointed that N! (and apocalypse) favour Hellrunner so strongly due to the respawning 'time limit', and for that reason I'm hugely looking forward to what the 'new' apocalypse offers when the focus on respawning enemies is dialed back somewhat.

(ps. Massive congratulations to you, too, Cotonou! I've always seen Tormuse as someone to measure up against, but your recent return and amazing runs on JH have clearly demonstrated that you're another 'one to beat', as it were. Kudos and respect!!! I wonder how many other A! winners there are floating around the internet, besides the 3 of us in this topic?)

Amazing job!

Regarding the 'near miss' from the archmedusa - I'm not sure whether it's a bug or intended, but even after their 'charging' mode runs out, they stay charged until they fire! I'm not sure why they don't pre-charge before they see you. (Don't get any ideas Kornel!)

It can still be really valuable to let their charging mode run out, because we can often shoot them to death before they fire their shot.

I know Tormuse already knows this, but for anyone else reading - if we *must* take a medusa beam, I did some testing on it, and cover, hunker, and dodge are the best defenses against it. Importantly, it's usually better to 'hunker' until their beam fires, and *then* retaliate, than it is to attack while they are charging.

Awesome run! I'm going to have a go at some A! challenges soon, but I'll not be able to hold a candle to you! Well done, kudos!

General Discussion / Re: run-wait?
« on: November 09, 2021, 07:34 »
it doesn't take the strategy away though, it just makes the strategy significantly more frustrating.
To be fair, the way the monster AI in JH works means that having a wait on the spot command is nowhere near as strategically significant as it was in doomrl. In DRL you could clear an entire level by waiting in one place. In JH the monsters don't roam around the level like that, they keep to much smaller patrol areas, so waiting on the spot is only really significant for the situations like the one you described, and at the moment that can be pretty tedious. If reducing tedious player experiences are desired, then it's worth bearing in mind that this current behaviour is *certainly* a lot more tedious than pressing w5.

General Discussion / Re: My first impressions
« on: November 08, 2021, 22:33 »
I just want to shoe-in to recommend Hadriex's streams. He maintains constant verbal chatter, which is exactly what you want when watching a videogame stream, and he's been playing JH unspoiled, so it's been *super* entertaining!

I'm expecting UV play and maybe even some 'angel of' challenges a few days down the line. I've been hooked!

(Thankyou Hadriex!)

General Discussion / Re: My first impressions
« on: October 25, 2021, 13:29 »
I loved watching your video! I was laughing from the get-go when you were getting annoyed at having to do as you were told during the tutorial! I commented on your vid with a few observations that I thought you might appreciate, but I just wanted to thank you here for a really entertaining few hours! x

Discussion / Re: How Dead is this Game?
« on: April 15, 2021, 05:37 »
The drive for a re-creation of doomrl without ip problems is amazing!
As I'd mentioned in my post above, I think it would be an awesome opportunity for the jupiter hell engine.

Being a career IT developer, I'd happily lend my talents where ever they could be of use, but it's worth mentioning that I don't currently hugely enjoy coding, nor find myself particularly gifted with it!
I have enough interest to tinker (like adding a 'run-wait' feature to jupiter hell for my own pleasure!), but I don't tend to have enough passion to push a project of any great scale as a hobby!
What I do love is writing and design, so at the very least I could offer documentation, lore, and even some game design ideas if further expansion on the title was intended.
I recognise, though, that doomrl is Kornel's baby, and he should ultimately be the overlord for any attempts to move it forwards.

TheLaptop: thankyou for the change to the forum autolock feature! I think I'll be very thankful to you in the future, when I get to reply to threads here!

Discussion / Re: How Dead is this Game?
« on: April 13, 2021, 22:00 »
Ps... You know what I'd *really*, *really* pay to see?

Doomrl *exactly* recreated with the jupiter hell engine, and the id software ip content swapped out with functionally identical replacements.

That way, not only could I enjoy my favourite game with amazing graphics and sound and the most streamlined, beautiful roguelike engine I've ever seen; but the dev work could continue adding to it like the 'good old days' 10 years ago! 🖤

I remember reading that a doomrl mod for jupiter hell was 'almost inevitable', and it's one of the things that excited me most about it!

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