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To begin with, I apologize for my bad english, this is not my native language.

After reading a few posts, I've noticed a few things about doom rl players.

Some people seem to like rewards. They like the idea that completing a challenge or winning the game on a particular difficulty level unlocks things. But :
1) In the actual game, some experience ranks require to play hours and hours to be achieved and give minor rewards.
2) Some people dislike the fact that they have to complete challenges to unlock difficulty levels. AoB seems to be the most disliked.

So, what could be proposed to make the game (even) more enjoyable ?

Usually, completing a game allows to unlock the following things :
* New characters to play
* New items
* New difficulty levels and challenges
* New levels or new missions
* Cheat codes
* Ranks or medals

Let's look at them.

It's hard to imagine that completing a challenge could unlock an item. Or maybe a very specific one ? A challenge could unlock a new unique item in the sense that it allows this item to spawn. But this idea is dubious as the change wouldn't be easily perceptible and it could be frustrating.

If new characters are unlockable, they must be different from the base character. A fun idea that I've found in a post is to allow the player to play a monster (an imp for example). I honestly can't see any other way of exploiting this idea.

The idea of unlocking new difficulty levels and challenges is IMO a good one. Maybe difficulties and challenges should be separated, because people who like to play challenges are not always those who like to play at higher difficulty levels. So maybe, challenges should only unlock other challenges.

Unlockable cheat codes have already been discussed and many people are against. However, I support the idea of allowing players to cheat once they have completed nightmare for example, but it's not essential.

Ranks and experience levels should probably be preserved as they create an incentive to keep on playing. However, I don't think they should be THAT hard. To begin with, there are many players that do not like to play melee. Therefore, it's a pain to be forced to punch cacodemons just to reach an higher rank. In general, objectives are often set a bit high.

New levels could be an interesting idea. Let me explain.
After completing the main game, the player could be allowed to visit another part of phobos/deimos or whatever, which could be different in terms of :
- Enemies that the player will meet (some enemies may spawn more or less or be absent)
- Special levels and unique items (the main games is a bit "crowded" with unique levels and unique items)
- Lava/acid density
- Rate of spawn of items and weapons
- Goals : why not have the player complete in a limited time, or ask him to find a key object in each level ?
- This would be the perfect place for experiencing new things ! Some specific levels/items/monsters/traits/levers/features that could not fit in the original game could have a place in a campaign.

So, what do you think ?

Requests For Features / Impassable but can be shot through
« on: May 05, 2008, 03:20 »
What do you think about implementing a new kind of wall that is impassable but that doesn't stop bullets nor vision ?

Something like a pit for example.

Moreover, it could make the "exploding walls" lever more interesting if it transform walls into pits.

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