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Bug Reports / Teleporter causes error on all-lava map
« on: June 20, 2014, 18:25 »
Today I encountered my first lava-spreads-super-fast map.  I had cerberus boots and so didn't have to cry about losing a good run.

The map had a teleporter, which wasn't eaten by lava.  Stepping in it made this happen:

Timestamp   : 6/20/2014 20:16:13
Error level : ERROR
Message     : Lua hook OnEnter caught ELuaStateException!

Call path     : items[teleport].OnEnter
Call params   : (<object>)
Error message : Lua error : lua\\main.lua:601: Unknown property "target" requested on object of type TItem!

Timestamp   : 6/20/2014 20:16:16
Error level : ERROR
Message     : Lua hook OnEnter caught ELuaStateException!

Call path     : items[teleport].OnEnter
Call params   : (<object>)
Error message : Lua error : lua\\main.lua:594: Unknown property "target" requested on object of type TItem!

But the game didn't crash, so that's good.

Nightmare! / Re: [N!|AoMr+AoD|92%|YAFW] Marksman Angelic
« on: August 09, 2013, 10:49 »
I'd just like to acknowledge and appreciate the big shiny brass ones it takes to talk about not wanting to do anything like flashy overachievement in your Angelic badge run.

Cybernetic is good, but you're better off doing this with duelist armor, which doesn't require Technician and can be taken off.  The best choice is Gothic, which has the same set of 50% resistances the others do, but has double durability.

Onyx is also a solid choice if you find yourself on the sort of 100/666 run that allows you to mod things other than "hey, I found one of these, going for it."

Discussion / Re: Quick questions thread!
« on: July 15, 2013, 10:01 »
Nice to know I did my math right.  The nano super is still an amazing crowd control weapon, spamming AoE without destroying goodies and armor-piercing to boot.

Thanks, Shark!

(Mmm, third+.  I've had Jackhammer+TH, some day I'll have MAc as well.)

Discussion / Re: Quick questions thread!
« on: July 15, 2013, 05:34 »
SoB and shotguns:

([8d3] * (1-(0.07*[distance]))) + SoB


([8d3 + SoB] * (1-(0.07*[distance])))

I've seen text indicating the former, but my experience is suggesting that it's the latter, or that the nano super shotgun is not the glorious weapon I think it is.

It's also worth pointing out that you have the option of voluntarily ignoring content that makes the game feel too easy - think the Inquisitor's set is OP? Don't use it. Think Dragonslayer is too strong? Leave it on the ground. You can do this for any challenge you choose. On the other end of the scale, I can't voluntarily ignore things that make the game feel too hard. I can play on a lower difficulty level, sure - but I can't do that for all challenges.

Voluntarily ignoring content is how most roguelike challenge games work outside of DoomRL - this is the only game I'm aware of that provides a native support structure for challenge games.

This from the guy who was telling everyone to nerf OC because he kept spamming it?

Could set current protection to ceil( * max(100, armor.currentdurability)/100).  That'd make bulk and onyx packs even cooler than they are now.

I'd be in favor of this.  And if labor is lacking, I'd be happy to personally take responsibility updating the codebase for pronouns and such.

Someone else can make the sprite, though.  Writing code I've been doing for over twenty years.  Anything remotely related to art, get someone else. :)

I have found that AoMC+Cateye+nanomach plasma = damageless mortuary without corpse disposal.

But that is a bit of an edge case.

Discussion / Re: Quick questions thread!
« on: May 21, 2013, 18:42 »
Perhaps this will finally give me a reason to experiment without my two favorite basics, Finesse and Hellrunner.  I've been trying Shottyhead so far and it's not getting the job done.  Or I need to be on the lookout for Viles next to sergeants and no friggin' lava to eat the ammo.

Thanks all.

Discussion / Re: Quick questions thread!
« on: May 21, 2013, 13:33 »
Is there some trick to doing an AoSh run and not running out of shells?  I'm engaging at close range more often than not, my shotguns have a load of power mods on them, but I keep running out of shells a level or two before the Mastermind.

Do I just need a nano pack?  Or would this all be more ammo-efficent with MAD and an elephant gun?

Some of them definitely hung out in the corners, and that made using the acid harder since it's tricky to outrun them at this level, but IME it's nothing I couldn't handle with SM and a double shotgun.

I found the map to be cool and interesting but not actually that hard as a Shottyman.  If you fire a few blasts across the first acid lake, the tagged demons come and say hello, which goes poorly for them.

FWIW, this was with Rel->Rel->SM->HR->Fin->Jug, combat, double, A-mod steel.

The ambushes are nice - not as brutal as Anomaly, but still a nasty surprise.

As for Shottyman loading a Nanomachic-weapon... interesting.  I think I know what's going on, but we'll have to see how Kornel wants to interpret/fix that.

My assumption was that you had wrappers of if (!nanomach) { ... } around the enough-ammo check, the subtract-ammo, and command.reload(), and that Shottyman bypasses command.reload() and does some lower level stuff.  And that for some reason, nanomach stuff has current_ammo set to 0 on assembly.

That's what it feels like, anyway.  If I manage to assemble a nanomach rocket/missile launcher, or a nano-shrapnel anything, with Shottyman, I'll be sure to take notes.  (Which might happen, I am trying AoSh again, which I am embarrassingly bad at.)

After seeing how much fun it was, I made a nanomach napalm launcher.  I equipped it as soon as I made it and headed off into the great black yonder to wreak havoc with it.  Shottyman put a rocket in it.  I did not test nanomach rocket/missile launchers, but I'd bet a dollar that it works there too, and a second dollar that a nanomach missile launcher eats 4 rockets regardless of how loaded it was pre-assembly.

This only happened once, it doesn't chew through my rockets or anything, and 1 rocket for infinity rockets is a trade I'm happy to make.  But it feels unintentional and so I report it.

Kornel &c, please let me know if this and my other report are too minor and you'd rather not get stuff like this.

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