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I just noticed that 'z' is a bad key for it - since it's the 'swap weapons' key.

I've changed it to v, which should be less problematic. Feed free to download again.

I modified the program to work in a manner you requested. Now the .exe produces 3 keys if doomrl is the current active window:

left mouse:
- Fires a shot at the mouse pointer (as before)
right mouse:
- Reloads current weapon (as before)
- Enters 'mouse aiming' mode, which allows a user to steer the aiming cursor with the mouse. During 'mouse aiming' mode, the arrow mouse pointer is made invisible, and the 'X' is steered using the mouse. (As you requested)

If you (or anyone else) wants the program to work in any other fonts (since it's only lucida console 24pts at the moment), then just PM me.
I really hope you're happy with the modified program Aki. Let me know if it's what you were after. New download link:

I guess you could acheive that effect by using the 'quickedit' function of an MSdos shortcut, but it would be ugly, and, to be honest, unnecessary....
If you just toy around with the program on the first level, you'll quickly see that it follows the mouse pointer just fine. I can understand that it would be nice to see the whole of the target square lit up (particularly considering fullstops being 'the floor' in doomrl, and thus rather off-center)... However, I can't think of a good way of having the target square highlighted without detracting from the 'one click, one shot' functionality of the program.

Perhaps if a left-click displayed the target square, and a right-click fired at said square? Would that suffice?

Edit - thinking further, I guess the program could detect when a user presses the 'f' key, and when they do, makes the 'X' follow the mouse pointer, until the user fires (with f, space, or mouse 1), or cancels (escape). If you want this, I'll tinker with it on monday and try to get it out.

Hiya folks,
My first post here. I've only been playing doomRL for a week or so (only won on HNTR so far). I'm an old-time ADOM player though, and love doomRL.

Anyway, I got fed up of having to re-steer the target X when firing round corners, so I made a little utility that would let me do it with the mouse.

This only works if you play doomRL in a window, in windows Vista (will probably work for other OSes, but hasn't been tested), using Lucida console 24pts non-bold font.

Provided you play it in those conditions, this little program will make the mouse work for targetting. double-click the .exe, and you'll get a little S in your system tray to tell you it's running. Simply left-click on the doomrl screen to fire a shot at that location, or right-click to reload.

I'm posting it here because I swear I saw a few people mention wanting mouse aiming, and figured this could be a decent solution for some users. I find it indespensible, so I'm already happy, and if anyone here gets joy from it, I'm a double-happy camper.

Here's a download link:
(modified as per Aki's suggestions)

ps. If anyone wants notes on how to modify it to work with a different OS, different font, etc, you can send me a PM and I'll talk you through it - it's not too technical. :)

pps. Sorry for double-posting this. I tried to delete the post in the 'request for features' area, but I couldn't.

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