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sorry to break it to you but you need to kill ALL of the monsters in the lava pits for the elemental to even show up...
Yeah, that whole plan was incredibly stupid.

Thanks for the info, rchandra. I was consistently killed by the Shambler at level 5, in standard, AoMr and AoSh runs as well, but as I said, I generally avoid the Arena Master because I haven't figured out a good way of surviving him yet. So level 6 sounds about right for a 100% (except Wall) run.

Not just the armor - the Shambler's health regen makes shotgun builds practically useless unless you somehow manage to have MAD before getting to the armory.
I don't even think that's possible on HNTR. You'd need to complete all the special levels before that (and some don't even spawn all the time) with 100% kills and maybe even farm the Arena Master a bit (do resurrected monsters give XP? I know monsters spawned by levers did in the old versions, where there were such levers). Maybe on UV it'd be more likely, what with more and higher level monsters spawning, but then the 100% part would be tricky.

I found out the hard way that the Shambler and Lava Elemental are heavily armoured enough to make the shotgun practically useless without the armour-piercing effects of the Army of the Dead Master Trait.  With only 38 shells, you wouldn't have stood a chance against the Lava Elemental anyway.  I would've just gone for a partial win; I think it's the only thing that would've had a chance of success in this case.  Also, I would've slapped one of those tech mods on the combat shotgun; Extra firing speed + Extra reloading speed = demons die fast!  :)

And yeah, I'm a big fan of the tactical armour assemblies.  And with two levels of HR, you must've been going pretty fast!
Yeah, this was a speedy build. Gave me quite an advantage against slower monsters and made even Viles not too much of a hassle to kill.

frolicking nude in a garden of barrels
Best thing I've read all week.

 DoomRL (v. roguelike post-mortem character dump

 Solarn, level 9 Imp Lance Corporal, smitten by a cacodemon
 on level 23 of the Phobos base.
 He survived 67169 turns and scored 61018 points.
 He played for 1 hour, 56 minutes and 28 seconds.
 He didn't like it too rough.

 He killed 508 out of 551 hellspawn. (92%)
 He held his right to remain violent.
 He was an Angel of Shotgunnery!

-- Special levels --------------------------------------------

  Levels generated : 10
  Levels visited   : 5
  Levels completed : 4

-- Awards ----------------------------------------------------

  UAC Star (bronze cluster)
  Hell Champion Medal
  Shottyman Bronze Badge
  Skull Bronze Badge

-- Graveyard -------------------------------------------------


-- Statistics ------------------------------------------------

  Health 0/50   Experience 35162/9
  ToHit Ranged +0  ToHit Melee +0  ToDmg Ranged +0  ToDmg Melee +0

-- Traits ----------------------------------------------------

    Finesse          (Level 2)
    Hellrunner       (Level 2)
    Reloader         (Level 2)
    Dodgemaster      (Level 1)
    Shottyman        (Level 1)
    Fireangel        (Level 1)


-- Equipment -------------------------------------------------

    [a] [ Armor      ]   tactical armor [1/1] (83%)
    [b] [ Weapon     ]   modified double shotgun (9d3)x3 [2/2] (P1)
    [c] [ Boots      ]   tactical boots [1/1] (100%)
    [d] [ Prepared   ]   combat shotgun (7d3) [5/5]

-- Inventory -------------------------------------------------

    [a] red armor [4/4] (100%)
    [b] shotgun shell (x38)
    [c] phase device
    [d] thermonuclear bomb
    [e] power mod pack
    [f] technical mod pack
    [g] technical mod pack
    [h] technical mod pack
    [i] bulk mod pack
    [j] bulk mod pack
    [k] bulk mod pack
    [l] Hellwave Pack
    [m] gothic boots [10/10] (200%)

-- Kills -----------------------------------------------------

    38 former humans
    47 former sergeants
    14 former captains
    63 imps
    76 demons
    201 lost souls
    27 cacodemons
    4 barons of hell
    13 hell knights
    4 arachnotrons
    2 former commandos
    10 pain elementals
    1 arch-vile
    4 mancubi
    2 revenants
    2 bruiser brothers

-- History ---------------------------------------------------

  He started his journey on the surface of Phobos.
  On level 3 he entered Hell's Arena.
  He left the Arena as a champion!
  On level 9 he entered Hell's Armory.
  He left the Armory without drawing too much attention.
  On level 11 he assembled a tactical armor!
  On level 12 he assembled a tactical boots!
  On level 13 he ventured into the Halls of Carnage.
  On level 15 he encountered the Phobos Hellgate.
  On level 17 he found the City of Skulls.
  He wiped out the City of Skulls.
  On level 21 he found the Hellwave Pack!
  On level 23 he entered the Lava Pits.
  On level 23 he finally was killed by a cacodemon.

-- Messages --------------------------------------------------

 missile hits the lost soul.
 Fire -- Choose target...
 You see : a cacodemon (heavily wounded) [m]ore | lava
 The lost soul dies. The lost soul hits you. The lost soul hits you.
 Fire -- Choose target...
 You see : lava
 The lost soul dies. The lost soul dies.
 The cacodemon fires! You dodge! Boom!
 Fire -- Choose target...
 You see : a lost soul (lightly wounded) [m]ore | lava
 The lost soul dies. The hell knight fires! Boom!
 The cacodemon fires! Boom! There is a blue armor [2/2] (100%) lying here.
 The hell knight fires! You dodge! The missile hits the cacodemon. The hell
 knight fires! You are hit! The cacodemon fires! You are hit! The
 cacodemon fires! You dodge! Boom!
 The cacodemon fires! You are hit! You die!... Press <Enter>...

-- General ---------------------------------------------------

 Before him 12 brave souls have ventured into Phobos:
 10 of those were killed.
 And 2 couldn't handle the stress and committed a stupid suicide.


Yeah, kickin' ass and takin' names (although I wimped out on the Arena Master and the Shambler because of past bad experiences), until I found out that there are no shotguns in Hell. My ammo depleted way too quickly and I spent the last three or so levels hiding from monsters and running to the exit stairs as soon as I found them. I went for the Lava Element figuring that I'd try a full run if I got this far, but of course I tried to play it safe and didn't kill the monsters in the Pits, resulting in them ganging up on me.

Note for future tries: even Fireangel can't save you if you're literally under fire from every direction.

Also, WAY too few shotgun assemblies. In the end I slapped my double shotty with a Power mod just to make it a bit tougher. The Tactical armor set saved my life more times than I care to count though.

I despise unlockables. Stop taking things away from me just because I don't have time to bother playing. Its even more true with such a game, which I might just download from another computer to waste some time.

Don't get me wrong, new things are nice, but we don't need more unlockables. It personally really gets on my nerve when every things needs to be unlocked, its a fake way of making the game supposedly last longer and I don't buy it. Give me the full experience at first and don't let me waste my time to get it for no reason.

Even the CHALLENGES gets on my nerve because you need to unlock them.
Then maybe you shouldn't be playing this game. There are other roguelikes out there without unlockables. There, you don't have to worry about not getting the "full experience" without having played it for a time and you can get everything the moment you start up the game. After all, getting extra stuff you didn't work for is the American way!

Forum / Signature length
« on: June 18, 2008, 13:39 »
Those measly 200 characters aren't much good for anything. Is it possible to increase the signature character limit or is it a "feature" of the forum engine or do you have a reason for keeping it so low? I'm not asking for much, just that my new favourite quote ever could be put in my sig.

As for the "why's it on a military base?" reason, I think realism went out the window when the soldiers went crazy and demons showed up. :)
What, you're suggesting the demons brought the shotguns with them? I guess that makes some kind of sense, I mean with it being Hell and all. Using one of those when you could have something better is fairly effective torture, I suppose.

Hmm... this would dramatically increase the replayability of the game. Not that it's all that low now. :P Would require an assload of code, but might be worth it. I'm supporting this idea.

Nice idea with the wall and floor parameters. Maybe there should be some kind of wall that's see-through but without color. So it would be an opaque glass or something, that blurs images. You'd still see that 'h', but you wouldn't know whether it was a former human, a sergeant, a commando or a captain. And is that 'B' a Baron or a simple Knight waiting for you on the other side?

Fools, Flood and Confrontation all sound like wonderful ideas. I especially like the way Angel of Flood makes the entire game a lot more tactical. Sure, you have boots and acid isn't that damaging when compared to lava, but if you run around willy-nilly backtracking all the time like most people do in normal modes, you'll pretty soon make the entire level untraverseable for yourself, so you'd need to watch where your step and pay close attention to the paths you've travelled before. The water flood and wall demolition levers would become a lot more useful in this challenge.

Requests For Features / Re: Medals
« on: March 27, 2008, 09:04 »
Aurora Medallion Finding 3 uniques in a game (possible?)
On Ao100 yes, on normal games - not sure, maaaby if you are very lucky.
Quite possible, but they will most likely suck. Like a Minigun, Nuclear Plasma Rifle and Butcher's Cleaver in Angel of Marksmanship. (WHY MUST YOU TORMENT ME DOOMRL? WHY?)

I like the idea.  It seems to me that the only real reason to include the advanced weapon is due to the Arch-Vile's high power.  Add a line of code that severly reduces its HP for the first few levels, and it will be a great tactical challenge.

There is one problem, though.  As of last version, killing monsters revived by the Arch-Vile does not grant the player experience.  So you'd have to make an exception for this challenge, or win the game with only 24*Arch-Vile Experience Worth points. 

How about Angel of the Living Dead for a title?

Hmm... reducing the Viles' HP for the first few levels (or rather, gradually increasing it as you go deeper) sounds like a good idea and makes it unnecessary to put a potentially overpowered weapon on the first level.

Both ways of going about XP have their merits. Getting XP from revived monsters for this challenge would reduce difficulty to manageable, but could be abused to get free XP by simply not killing the Vile as it resurrects the monsters again and again. And I have no idea if there is a way to only award XP for monsters after their first resurrection. On the other hand, only getting XP for the Viles would push the challenge beyond Very Hard difficulty, as you'd only be level 4 or maybe 5 by the time Arachnotrons and hordes of Barons and Mancubi (often together) started showing up. But it would be great for people who like that kind of challenge.

Angel of the Living Dead is an awesome name.

@Potman: That sounds pretty cool. And yeah, especially City of Skulls would make you bleed in that mode, since The Wall at least has a finite number of enemies that you can pick off one by one if you're crafty enough.

Discussion / Re: Gaming vs Reality (a.k.a. Flame War brewing ;P)
« on: February 23, 2008, 06:55 »
Like in above post I believe that 'realism' is what lets you taste things as if you were in some kind of situation that is normally hard to come by.. To do that you don't need to simulate everything completely. Just what is essential, and lack of possibility of simulation can be replaced by some other means (like hit points). However making things work opposite takes that feel of experiencing things away.
Actually, it's imagination. Realism is something else entirely. Imagination makes one enjoy a game and immerse oneself in it as if it was real, for at least the short time that one is playing it. Some people have less imagination and they require their games to be closer to reality to be able to enjoy them. Others have more imagination and don't require games to be as connected to the player's own world (that doesn't mean they can't enjoy games with more realism, however).

Requests For Features / Re: Challenge modes ideas - old and new.
« on: February 22, 2008, 15:35 »
Hehe... and the Former Snorbs would horde Blue Armors and Medkits without using them =p
Former Solarns would hog chainguns and 10mm ammo and mull endlessly over what to drop to make space for another medkit or weapon mod. Oh, and they would fire down corridors from around the corner. With a chaingun.

Angel of Scavenging. 

Difficulty - MEDIUM

Woah there champ, I think you meant HARD.
If AoB is Medium, then so should be that one. I have nothing against AoB and I WILL GET THROUGH MORE THAN THREE LEVELS OF IT ONE DAY I SWEAR, but Angel of Scavenging sounds actually easier than it.

If you had to do that challenge in order to unlock anything, I'd quit playing the game. It's ridiculous. Levers are absolutely not worth pulling without Intuition. The stuff they do is too dangerous, and the good ones don't show up often enough. It's actually much worse than in the original, I've thought that's needed a fix for a long time. See my "tying map features to loot" thread.
I always pull levers... maybe that's why I always die before Cybie. Well, actually, no, that's because I keep forgetting which level exits to the Mortuary and keep entering the red staircase on Hell lvl7.

I can't help it, it might be a monster-spawning lever! (almost) Free XP!

Angel of Silence - Sound effects are disabled (no 'Ah, that cry of pain means there's a Baron somewhere over there where I fired my rocket launcher' anymore). Difficulty: Easy
The only level where I would dare to use a rocket launcher against a Baron is The Wall. Otherwise, I'd fear destroying loot too much. Now, Arachnotrons and Archviles, that's another story. Plasma that eats through armor like something that eats through armor very quickly and rez ability take priority over loot.

Oh, and so I'm not simply quoting the entire thread from the start, here's a challenge idea:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Oh, also this is my first post. Please be gentle with me. *bows*

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