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Ok I have given up on trying to install the sound and music. I clearly just dont have the knowhow. My next best thing is I really want to play this game with sound and music. Does anyone know a location where you can download it with Sound/Music installed. I dont want to try installing anything as I am not good at that stuff. I just want to try the game with sound/music. If anyone can lead me to that, I would be very very happy. Thankyou.

"DiabloRL can directly play sounds and music from your Diablo installation – just edit config.lua and pass it the path to DIABDAT.MPQ and you’re set!" What does he mean when he says pass it to the path of diabdat.mpq? Does he mean type something in? I dont know alot of pc stuff sorry. I am using windows 8.

This developer is a king, no joke. I wish he would at least charge 5.99 or 9.99 on gog. He deserves much more for games of this magnitude. Have yet to see a better rlike than Doom RL. I havent beat it yet though.

I have yet to play a few games of his and would like to know what they are about.

1-Aliens RLike, whats that like?

2-BerserkRlike, Whats that like?

I'll download some bucks Kornel for your hard work.

Discussion / Best Melee fighter in Doom RL
« on: February 28, 2013, 09:40 »
Im currently loving the game as a melee fighter and am using a marine melee fighter with tough as nails, brute and ironman traits. I find it to be mostly a concept of if I can get to the enemy with most of my health high, that enemy will die in the next round or 2. I still dont have the powerful melee weapons yet but Im enjoying this so far.

Has anyone actually thought of which melee fighter is best for the game. I like the hardy marine type as its good to have a load of health and hardiness to take hits. However I can see why hellrunner/finesse fighters might be cool too.

What do you like when you go melee? I'd like to know as I always like to try new builds in the future.

Discussion / Just registered-A Few Questions
« on: February 15, 2013, 12:04 »
I got referred over here from Rogue-Temple (TOTR). I was reading up on your abandoned project which had been based on vampire roguelike rpgs-Night City. I was wondering if that or any new roguelikes were currently in the works. I would really like to play an original game thats got a great story/features like that one mentioned.

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