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DiabloRL / DiabloRL 0.5.0: Warrior [YAVP]
« on: August 29, 2014, 18:04 »
After quite a pause, I decided to fill the missing spot and post a victory with the Warrior.

  DiabloRL v 0.5.0 roguelike postmortem character dump

  Tank, level 22 Warrior, reached Hell.
  He scored 489319.11 points, killing 0 hellspawn.

  He advanced to level 22 gaining 2031911 experience.
  He amassed 13756 gold coins.
  He purified the town water supply.
  He was patient with Gharbad the Weak.
  He retrieved Ogden's tavern sign.
  He uncovered the Arkaine's Valor.
  He learned the Guardian spell.
  He cleared Halls of Blind.

-- Statistics ------------------------------------------------

  Strength   95/79
  Magic      23/19
  Dexterity  49/45
  Vitality   55/51

  Life 182/182  Mana 70/70
  Armor 67  ToHit 74

-- Spells ----------------------------------------------------

  Firebolt level 6
  Holy Bolt level 3
  Healing level 5
  Guardian level 2

-- Equipment -------------------------------------------------

  [ Head ] Jade crown of the Moon [10]
  [ Neck ] Gold amulet of Power
  [ Body ] plate of Absorption [40]
  [ Wpn  ] Garnet sword of Blood (6-15)
  [ Shld ] tower shield of Absorption [17]
  [ RRng ] Serpent's ring of Harmony
  [ LRng ] Ring of Truth

-- Quickslots ------------------------------------------------

  [ Slot1 ] potion of full rejuvenation
  [ Slot2 ] scroll of town portal
  [ Slot3 ] potion of full rejuvenation
  [ Slot4 ] potion of full healing
  [ Slot5 ] potion of full healing
  [ Slot6 ] potion of full rejuvenation
  [ Slot7 ] potion of full healing
  [ Slot8 ] potion of full healing

-- Inventory -------------------------------------------------

  13756 gold coins

-- Kills -----------------------------------------------------

  Rotfeast the Hungry
  Pukerat the Unclean
  Bladeskin the Slasher
  El Chupacabras
  Blighthorn Steelmace

  54 * zombie
  26 * ghoul
  44 * rotting carcass
  23 * skeleton
  30 * skeleton captain
  161 * horror captain
  12 * skeleton archer
  36 * horror archer
  109 * scavenger
  71 * plague eater
  73 * bone gasher
  55 * fallen one
  82 * fallen one
  18 * carver
  28 * devil kin
  42 * devil kin
  55 * dark one
  6 * dark one
  93 * blink
  108 * familiar
  3 * flesh clan
  76 * night clan
  1 * flesh clan archer
  46 * stone clan archer
  40 * hidden
  82 * stalker
  89 * unseen
  62 * illusion weaver
  4 * overlord
  158 * mud man
  74 * flayed one
  197 * horned demon
  99 * mud runner
  159 * frost charger
  116 * obsidian lord
  134 * lava lord
  63 * winged demon
  89 * death wing
  162 * poison spitter
  72 * pit beast

-- Messages --------------------------------------------------

 A pile of 5000 gold coins is lying here.
 You got 5000 gold coins.
 A pile of 5000 gold coins is lying here.
 You got 5000 gold coins.
 A cloak of Brilliance [7] is lying here.
 You put the cloak of Brilliance [7] into your backpack.
 A crown of Brilliance [9] is lying here.
 You put the crown of Brilliance [9] into your backpack.
 Griswold says : "What can I do for you?"
 You sold a cloak of Brilliance for 690 gold pieces.
 You sold a crown of Brilliance for 950 gold pieces.
 Griswold says : "What can I do for you?"
 You buy a Jade crown of the Moon for 21755 gold pieces.
 You put the helm of the Moon [13] back into your backpack. You wear the Jade crown of the Moon [10].
 Griswold says : "What can I do for you?"
 You sold a helm of the Moon for 2200 gold pieces.
 You buy a large shield of Vim for 3000 gold pieces.
 You sold a large shield of Vim for 750 gold pieces.
 You feel yanked in a direction that never existed! Press < Enter >...
 Congratulations! You have won the Demo version! Press < Enter >...


I have to say, I was bit afraid about playing the warrior because of the permanent charge bug, but thanks to the block mechanics it was easy as pie. For some reason you can block a ton of enemy attacks without speccing into dexterity, which gives you outstanding survivability. Pair that with some lifestealing affix and you don't even need to use potions!
I tried switching into twohanded because I got a nice axe with +100% bonus damage, however I kept getting owned, so I switched back to 1h+shield immortality. With that, I was able to withstand being surrounded by mobs multiple times. Not a single potion used through the whole catacombs. In the caves I got a level full of chargers. The only time I had to actually use a potion was when 4 Horned Demons charged me at once and I ended on ~20 HP. Otherwise I just had to carry a second shield for that level to swap it, just in case the first one broke too fast :D

It was quite refreshing to play DiabloRL again. Kornel please give DiabloRL the proper ending! :)

DiabloRL / DiabloRL 0.5.0: Rogue [YAVP]
« on: May 20, 2013, 09:09 »
First!!! :-D
The run was fairly easy, thanks to the hours of playing during the beta ;-) But I have a question, what exactly means She was a quicksilver (+10%) and She was a hypohondriac?

  DiabloRL v 0.5.0 roguelike postmortem character dump

  Psojed, level 23 Rogue, reached Hell.
  She scored 517513.543 points, killing 0 hellspawn.

  She advanced to level 23 gaining 2419413 experience.
  She amassed 14226 gold coins.
  She granted eternal rest to the Skeleton King.
  She was patient with Gharbad the Weak.
  She retrieved Ogden's tavern sign.
  She uncovered the Arkaine's Valor.
  She learned the Guardian spell.
  She interrupted Zhar the Mad's studies.
  She was quicksilver. (+10%)
  She was a hypohondriac.

-- Statistics ------------------------------------------------

  Strength   91/55
  Magic      57/21
  Dexterity  143/107
  Vitality   59/23

  Life 189/189  Mana 178/178
  Armor 63  ToHit 121

-- Spells ----------------------------------------------------

  Firebolt level 4
  Holy Bolt level 2
  Healing level 3
  Town Portal level 2
  Flash level 1
  Mana Shield level 1
  Guardian level 1

-- Equipment -------------------------------------------------

  [ Head ] Ivory crown of the Moon [10]
  [ Neck ] amulet of the Zodiac
  [ Body ] Jade plate of Structure [53]
  [ Wpn  ] Ruthless long war bow (1-14)
  [ Shld ] nothing
  [ RRng ] Dragon's ring of the Heavens
  [ LRng ] ring of the Tiger

-- Quickslots ------------------------------------------------

  [ Slot1 ] potion of full rejuvenation
  [ Slot2 ] potion of full healing
  [ Slot3 ] potion of full healing
  [ Slot4 ] potion of full healing
  [ Slot5 ] potion of full rejuvenation
  [ Slot6 ] potion of full mana
  [ Slot7 ] potion of full healing
  [ Slot8 ] potion of full rejuvenation

-- Inventory -------------------------------------------------

  14226 gold coins

-- Kills -----------------------------------------------------

  Pukerat the Unclean
  Bladeskin the Slasher
  Deathshade Fleshmaul
  Nightwing of the Cold
  Skeleton King
  Zhar the mad

  22 * zombie
  37 * ghoul
  15 * black death
  18 * skeleton
  12 * corpse axe
  56 * burning dead
  43 * skeleton captain
  27 * burning dead captain
  109 * horror captain
  14 * corpse bow
  32 * burning dead archer
  3 * horror archer
  46 * scavenger
  27 * plague eater
  113 * shadow beast
  138 * bone gasher
  86 * fallen one
  71 * fallen one
  30 * devil kin
  57 * devil kin
  10 * dark one
  78 * dark one
  10 * fiend
  41 * blink
  93 * gloom
  72 * familiar
  34 * stone clan
  158 * night clan
  33 * flesh clan archer
  21 * stone clan archer
  115 * stalker
  66 * unseen
  4 * overlord
  258 * flayed one
  20 * horned demon
  67 * mud runner
  72 * blood stone
  97 * gargoyle
  202 * death wing
  98 * acid beast
  243 * poison spitter
  69 * pit beast
  79 * lava maw

-- Messages --------------------------------------------------

 You feel yanked in a direction that never existed! Press < Enter >...
 Congratulations! You have won the Demo version! Press < Enter >...


I found two uniques (not counting quest rewards), the Long Bow: Blackoak Bow and the Helm: Fool's Crest.

During the game, I had amassed more than 800,000 gold, but I decided to spend it at the end to see what is in the shops. I did quite a few save-loading, but it was worth it.
I found a Ruthless Long War Bow (1-14) (+147% damage), which more than doubled my damage output.
Amulet of the Zodiac (+16 all stats)
Jade Plate of Structure (53 AC, 207 durability, +37% all resistances)
Dragon's Ring of the Heavens (+41 mana) (+15 All stats)

Also I came across even some better armor pieces, with AC above 60, but I didn't have any more gold left.
And finally, Wirt once offered me an Axe (8-20) with (+16 damage) and (+86% damage). If I'm not mistaken, that equals to massive 30-53 damage on the weapon alone.

All in all a fun run, but I should really try warrior or sorcerer, because they are much more challenging :)

DiabloRL / Game Icon
« on: October 25, 2012, 15:09 »
When I was young I had a website devoted to Diablo 1 and 2 where I wanted to have lots of information, but as time passed by I abandoned that website.
One thing I used as a decorative .gif was a red rotating circled pentagram.

Well and yesterday I was cleaning my HDD a little and found a copy of that website, so I thought this might be a proper icon for DiabloRL. I prepared several versions of that icon.
Here is how they look in mspaint:

And here when you put them onto default windows XP background using performance setting:

Here are the icon files.

Inside the ICO files, there are pictures at 16x16, 32x32, 48x48 and 64x64 sizes, created as 32bit versions and 8bit versions.
I'm no artist, probably someone can create a better icon. Anyway, there it is :)

DiabloRL / Game Report - Pso
« on: October 20, 2012, 18:02 »
first of all thanks for making such a great RL game.
I only recently came back to check hows doomRL going forward and I found out that there are new games, DiabloRL being one of them. As both Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 were my favorite games for a long time, I had to download it and run through :) I did a quick, 100% clear run with Rogue, but I won't present you with a YAVP since I tried saving at the end and the game responded as "save file corrupt" when I tried loading (see below, bugreport).

I'll go through the important stuff myself:

Sound version of DiabloRL, I encountered the bug with stationary mobs, so I used the fixed version linked here on the forum. In this fixed version, everything around sound and music was ok. AI was also ok. I played using default keybindings, music at 60 and sound at 30 volumes.

Pso, level 12 Rogue
I'm unsure about the stats, since I met some shrines on the way and used them all. I think it was 30 Str, 20 Mag, 72 Dex, base Vita, all before bonuses. At first I put 5 points into Dex, then 5 Str to be able to use Hunter's bow, then 5 magic for healing book. Then pumping Dex all the way up, and only adding to Str as more powerful bows come.

I think I needed around 6000 xp for level 13, but everything was dead.

Butcher (completed)
Skeleton King (completed)
Tavern Sign (completed at Ogden)

Head - Harlequin Crest (unique -3 AC, +7 mana, +7 hp, -1 damage taken)
Neck - Amulet of Zest (10 Vita)
Chest - (mail?) Armor of Stability (20 AC)
Wpn - Heavy Bow of the Bear (3-7, +59% damage, knockback)
Rings: none

Books learned in the end:
Holy Bolt 2
Firebolt 2
Healing 1

I found 3 uniques in total:
Butcher's Cleaver (quest, axe)
Baranar's Star (random drop, 1h mace)
Harlequin Crest (quest, helm)

I guess thats it.


All interactions with NPCs in town, including Gossips, their talk options were correct. The only option I didnt test out was Adria the Witch's Recharge Staves ability.
I didn't encounter any errors within the map layout or the town.
The game felt VERY easy. I didn't use a single healing potion throughout the whole game! I found the book of healing as my 3rd book and using occasional healing spell (or a random healing scroll that dropped) between town visits was all I needed. I sold all healing pots in the end and kept 2 full healings just in case, but I ended the game with them.

Butcher hit me only once, then I walked him down behind some iron bars and killed him thru the bars (the wall you can shoot through). Surprisingly, at some points he stopped pursuing me and did a sidestep, which created a 3-wide gap between us in the end. I remember when playing real D1, he was a pain, because he would go straight after me and never make room in between him and his target. His blind following through every wall was the reason for being easy kill behind the bars in D1, so that behaviour might be adjusted.

Skeleton King didn't even touch me. He kept spawning too many skeletons. Let's just say, I made fresh levelup to 10 on the first skeletons inside Leoric's Chamber, then I found the Skeleton King, and after I finished clearing Leoric's chamber, I was level 11. That's a TON of XP, and I guess could stand there and farm skellys forever. Skeleton King never ever engaged me, he didn't really try to come closer, and since I had knockback at this time, I kept pushing him to a wall out of sight, so it was basically one and a half free level plus ton of items, also a thing to be changed.

I met 3 special mobs (excluding quest-specific like Snotspill), all of them were high hp based an took many hits, but they also barely touched me. Only one was a scavenger-type special mob with a swarm of scavengers that ambushed me in the open, but due to some bad AI maneuvering, it was easy: I kept shooting until they landed 1 hit, then I moved 1 tile back, and they were stationary for some time. Repeating this tactic the special mob hit me only once thanks to my knockback bow. I also encountered one bug, where one special didn't drop any items at all. It happened with a blink-type special (the bat that teleports around when hit). I did a screenshot of the said location:
You can see me standing inside a doorway, the screenshot is taken right after the kill of the bat special mob, he was standing right next to me, to the left. There were only corpses on the ground, there was a free tile where loot could be dropped, but nothing dropped.

Soo, let's summarize it with some minor things into a short BugReport:
1) Pepin the Healer's Receive Healing did not produce the healing sound. In Diablo 1 it produced the sound of casting a healing spell.
2) The Butcher AI behaved incorrectly and instead of chasing the player he made several sidesteps, making a gap between himself and the player, giving me a lot of time to maneuver.
3) Skeleton King AI behaved incorrectly.
  • Instead of running around the player in half-circle and closing in for attack, he kept moving at base line of sight distance to the side and back. I was attacking with knockback, which may be the cause he didnt move towards me, but that is also a bug, since in D1 he closed in even when attacked with knockback.
  • He kept summoning more and more skeletons, resulting in insane amounts of enemies. As I was able to kill them in 2 shots, it gave me more than enough time to stay stationary and keep killing what he summoned, which made me gain a whole level (10 -> 11). I believe I could gain more levels If I kept attacking only his summons. This behavior was not present in D1, the summons were only sometimes.
4) I found an Enchanted shrine (-1 to random spell, +1 to other spells), which reduced my healing spell to 0 and removed it from my spells list. But I had it already selected on my spell slot, and I was still able to use healing spell even after it was reduced to 0. I didnt see the spell in my spell list, but my quick spell slot still had "Healing" written and it was usable. I guess this just needs a check after the shrine activates, and if the spell in my spell slot was reduced to zero, it should switch to no spell selected.
5) At the end, at the stairs leading to level 5, instead of ending the game I used SAVE option. It saved the game and quit, but when I ran the game again and tried to Load, it generated a log file and crashed. After running the game once again, there was no save to be loaded, thus I have no post mortem to report.
The mentioned log file:

PS: One more thing. There were way too many negative item bonuses :O I'd say increase the difficulty settings (mobs hp, to hit%) and decrease the number of negative blue items.

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