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OH I see. SO it isn't intended to be good in the late game. I mostly found it on runs where I already had equivalent/better guns.

Post Mortem / [1.3a|N!|Ma|Masterless|YAVP
« on: April 30, 2022, 15:12 »
Once again, apologies to the mods, and everyone else. I post so rarely that I have once again forgotten how to post a mortem properly. This time I thought I would try the 'spoiler' tags.

Anyway, to wit, here is a Masterless Nightmare Standard game run. This is the game run that has occupied all my JH playtime for the last few months.

I have gradually worked out a strategy, and on this run I was able to execute it reasonably well. I really like ranged weapons, so I didn't use any melee weapons/perks, even though I know these mixed builds can work really well. I also turned down some serious gear throughout this run, in order to stick to my 'plan.'

The way I tend to play with the marine is I have three weapon types
-The 'oh shit something is really close to me and I can't get away and I need to do serious damage at point blank RIGHT NOW PLEASE.'
-The workhorse gun that deals with most of the combat situations I encounter
-The massive-damage-but-limited usage weapon, for those 'get out of jail free' moments

The three weapons I used for this run: (In the same order as the requirements listed above.)
 - AV2 rocket launcher PB2 (Second chamber, Autoloader, Hunter 8, Safe, Barbed 10)
 - AV1 chaingun +BAV (Efficient, Vampiric 3, Calibrated 1, Auto-calibrated, Barbed 3, Spin-up)
 - JS 40mm drum launcher PB (Hunter 5, Second chamber, Longshot 8, JoviSec, Grenade drum)

The 'safe' perk on the rocket launcher effectively allowed me to use it as a shotgun, which was awesome. And the bleed damage allowed me to hit medusas from out of sight where necessary. Literally best shotgun ever, because it was also useful at long range too.

My way of dealing with Medusas was to always have gas grenades. As soon as I saw one, gas grenade, and then a couple of barrages from the  40mm drum launcher dealt with every medusa I came across. In the couple of instances where I didn't have any gas grenades, a couple of barrages from my chaingun left them bleeding at 70-100 damage a turn, and I could run away and let them bleed out.

Also very lucky was finding a bleed relic, considering I had two weapons that did bleed damage.

I would not use the vampiric mod pack on the chaingun if I had to do this run over, as mostly it was the bleed damage that was killing things and not the bullet damage. (Perhaps the devs would consider changing the vampiric mod so that it still gives health if the monsters die from bleed/poison/etc damage from a gun, and not just from the physical damage.)

The 'efficient' perk from a Whizkid 3 Bulk Mod is so critical too, as it allowed me to carry as little as 100 rounds during major chunks of the game (though I went into the final boss area with 250 rounds, mainly through freeing up space by dumping my last remaining multitools and smaller health items in dante)) and still be combat functional without running out of ammo. I have ruined several runs by trying to carry too much health and grenades and CRI teleport items etc etc, and got myself killed. Efficient ammo use is so so important I think.

The gear I passed up included:
-Unique weapons 'Vengeance'.
-Unique weapon 'Denial'.
-Chainsaw with blue perk on it (I don't remember exactly what it was, but it was in the Dante area.)
-Pink armor with the 'improved adrenaline and kinetic shield' perks
-some crazy assed railgun thing.

I also mentally began referring to turrets in the late game as "Vending machines" because you put one rocket in them, and voila, free rockets and 7.62 ammo.

Anyway, thanks if you read this. Perhaps my best achievement on JH yet. I am no Tormuse or thelaptop, but I do enjoy some of the harder challenges.

Also, how to you open that far right door on the Infernal Lock level? Is it a secret? Is there any cool gear in there. I have tried different combinations of switches, but no joy yet.


Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Everytime I read a Tormuse thread, I learn things that I either didn't know, or never thought to apply in that particular way.

Well done as usual!

I have always found the scrapgun pretty crap, so is there something I am missing that makes it great?

Post Mortem / Re: [1.2 RC2|U|Sc|YAAM] Pirate/Assassin/Zombie
« on: December 09, 2021, 05:07 »
Yeah honestly UV and below are literal 'holiday' modes to me now. Not saying that I am amazing at the game, but N! is way more intense and requires way more concentration. I have to plan how I approach doors in N! I have to switch weapons all the time. Long range  when I need long line of sight, then down to close range when I approach a door. In N! It matters what weapon you have in your hand. In UV it doesn't, you just switch to the required weapon when combat begins.

What with all the talk around here now about Apocalypse mode, and you freaks getting Apocalypse badges and whatnot, I kind of miss the good ol' days when beating N! was an actual achievement worth mentioning. 0_o

Post Mortem / Re: [1.2 RC2|U|Sc|YAAM] Pirate/Assassin/Zombie
« on: December 07, 2021, 08:13 »
Cool. Thanks for the reply. Honestly I am so used to seeing you play N!/A! that seeing a thread from you on UV was almost... weird?

haha well done tho.

Post Mortem / Re: [1.2 RC2|U|Sc|YAAM] Pirate/Assassin/Zombie
« on: December 07, 2021, 02:18 »
Very impressive as always. I notice you didn't take a relic. Is that because you don't like the trade-offs in general, or because you didn't fine one you liked in this particular run?

Post Mortem / Re: [1.1.0|A!|Ma|VAMPYRE|YAVP]
« on: October 28, 2021, 21:51 »
Freaking epic. Well done. Even if it is apparently easier now, I don't think I am gonna get a win on Apocalypse anytime soon. :)

Post Mortem / Re: [1.0.0|N!|Ma|Survivalist|YAVP]
« on: October 28, 2021, 19:24 »
A mere 4 Diamond badges, they said.

It'll be fun, they said.

haha I don't think I am seeing that difficulty anytime soon. Well done though. Damn I am not bad at this game, but I am not even close to that level.

Post Mortem / Re: [1.0.0|N!|Ma|AoTD|Angel of Shotgunnery|YAVP]
« on: October 28, 2021, 08:21 »
Nicely done.  I have been dreading the Shotgunnery challenges as the shotgun is in such a terrible state in Jupiter Hell.  They are slow, weak, hard to maintain ammo for, counters nothing has has several hard-counters out in the darkness.  Being a shotgunner in a game with archwarlocks is just hilarious.

Thank you. Appreciate the comment. I agree that the shotgunnery challenge is virtually impossible without certain criteria being met. I did an awful lot of runs to work all this out. (I am trying to do a nightmare shotgunnery run with a Technician now, and it is much harder than the marine run. No Hellrunner? Ugh. No army surplus? Ugh. (Scavenger helps with this though, but is not as good.) Toxicologist is great though. :)

-Hellrunner L3 is non negotiable. You must have it. Too many late game monsters will just rip you to shreds if you can't move fast.

-Autoloader is non negotiable. Either through having it on an AVP, or through Whizkid 2/3 and bulk mod packs, you have to have it. Having it on an AVP is brilliant, because you can then mod those high end shotguns like a jackhammer and Monster with non-autoloader perks, such  as point blank damage etc, zombiebane, or the one that does 25% bonus damage to exalted.

-L2 Army surplus is non negotiable. Anything beyond the first third of the game, shotgun ammo will become too scarce to have any hope of maintaining enough ammo without it.

-Army of the Dead is virtually non negotiable. It improves damage too much to ignore.

-Late game I found a vampiric mod pack, but by that time I had already filled up all my everything with mod packs, so I thought I would try to get L3 Whizkid, so I could place it on a weapon. But The game ended long before I could get near L3 Whizkid. So I dumped it on the final level.

I didn't find archwarlocks difficult actually, but only because I had L3 Hellrunner, otherwise I never would have got clear of their flame attacks, and also autoloader, to allow me to move and shoot quickly enough while avoiding flames. With those two things, even archwarlocks were easy. Without them, they would be impossible. :)

Post Mortem / [1.0.0|N!|Ma|AoTD|Angel of Shotgunnery|YAVP]
« on: October 27, 2021, 14:47 »
So I managed to  crawl my way to winning a Nightmare Angel of Shotgunnery run, which was really pleasing. Finding a jackhammer was very lucky. Finding the 'monster' unique shotgun was even better. It is pretty useless until upgraded. Initially it only does damage at all at 1-2 range, so using it without autoloader is asking to get hit. A lot. Also very fortunate to have found an AVP2 with autoloader. Crucial for the win. I found better AVP's later, but Autoloader was too important. (I turned down an AVP with a flat 20% damage boost to keep autoloader.)

I found on this run that Io was harder than Dante, though this was pretty subjective. Also, army of the dead is pretty neat. I used gas grenades to avoid the medusas as far as possible. Gas grenade, then blast into the green haze with your finest shotgun = great way to rid yourself of medusas. I prioritised gas grenades over even plasma grenades, as one does damage, but one keeps you alive.

gowq, level 16 Marine,
defeated the Harbinger against all odds.

He survived for 10533 turns.
The run time was 3h 38m 47s.
World seed was 1485.
He scored 9116 points.
He opposed the NIGHTMARE!
He was an Angel of Shotgunnery!

CALLISTO L2 -> Valhalla Terminal L1
Valhalla Terminal L3 - Low Power
Valhalla Terminal L3 -> Valhalla Command
Valhalla Command - Cleared!
Valhalla Command - found Monster
EUROPA L3 -> Conamara Chaos Biolabs L1
Conamara Chaos Biolabs L1 - Secure Vault
Conamara Chaos Biolabs L2 -> Containment Area
Containment Area - Cleared!
IO L2 - Infestation
IO L2 -> Io Black Site L1
Io Black Site L1 - Exalted Curse
Io Black Site L3 -> Black Site Vaults
Dante Station L2 - The Hunt

  CRI Star (bronze cluster) (+50)
   * 25+ kills without taking damage
  Blind Luck Star (+50)
   * Won despite getting down to 1hp at some point
  Shottyman Platinum Badge
   * Complete AoSh on Nightmare!

He killed 858 out of 1045 enemies.

 25 former grunts           8  fire fiends
 3  corrupted grunts        22 ice fiends
 1  former CRI grunt        3  toxic fiends
 7  former grenadiers       15 CalSec sentries
 2  corrupted grenadiers    10 security sentries
 1  hellish grenadier       26 CalSec bots
 2  former CRI  grenadiers  1  security bot
 12 former soldiers         2  guardian bots
 12 corrupted soldiers      9  reavers
 3  hellish soldiers        28 cryoreavers
 1  former CRI soldier      7  toxic reavers
 8  former sergeants        29 archreavers
 2  corrupted sergeants     18 kerberi
 3  hellish sergeants       16 cyberi
 1  former CRI sergeant     10 cryoberi
 1  CRI sergeant            6  toxiberi
 23 former guards           11 medusae
 2  CRI guards              6  archmedusae
 7  former commandoes       9  ravagers
 14 corrupted commandoes    9  armored ravagers
 7  hellish commandoes      10 siege ravagers
 2  former CRI commandoes   10 plasma ravagers
 2  former heavies          23 CRI marines
 6  corrupted heavies       8  CRI bots
 2  former CRI heavies      24 guardians
 8  security drones         7  sentinels
 4  combat drones           8  warlocks
 80 fiends                  3  archwarlocks

  Ironman L2
  Furious L1
  Hellrunner L3
  Reloader L1
  Army Surplus L2
  Whizkid L1
  Angry Motherlover L2

Trait order

  Slot #1 : AV2 12ga shotgun PA
   * Frenzy 12
   * Retaliate
   * Ripper 8
   * Calibrated 1

  Slot #2 : 12ga jackhammer P
   * Ripper 8
   * Autoloader
   * Jackhammer

  Slot #3 : Monster
  Bodyduramesh scout armor
   * Duramesh

  Headbattle helmet B
   * Durable
   * Battle hardened

  UtilityAV2 shotgun AMP
   * Shotgun pellet boost
   * Shotgun autoloader

  Reliccryoreaver's claw
   * Windchill

  Medusa's Curse

  12ga shell (x50)
  12ga shell (x43)
  plasma grenade (x1)
  large combat pack
  large combat pack
  large medkit

Post Mortem / Re: [1.1.0|N!|AoEx|VAMPYRE|YAVP] Exalted Diamond
« on: October 27, 2021, 14:39 »
Very impressive. Well done. I have tried a few Angel of Exultation, and not done very well. :)

Post Mortem / Re: [1.0.0|N!|Ma|Survivalist|YAVP]
« on: October 12, 2021, 10:19 »
Did... did you say nine Diamond badges?

Faaar out. Dude I have only two platinum badges, and zero Diamond badges. I find that Nightmare runs are pretty intense and require immense concentration. more so than on the ol' DRL. And while I was pretty decent on DRL I wasn't godlike. I was pretty proud of my one ever Angelic badge, for a NIghtmare Angel of Shotgunnery with 80% kills. But nine diamond badges? I think the game is much harder now too, (JHRL)  what with the medusas and the summoner enemies. (A few days ago I nearly finished an Angel of Carnage Nightmare run, but I messed up  and ran out of rockets towards the end. Dammit, I think I would have had it too.

Impressive on those Diamonds. Well done.

As to the games you mentioned, I am familiar with Subnautica and The Long Dark. Not that I have played them, but I have watched playthroughs of them on YT with a few of my favorite Lets Players. I know of Stardew Valley but have not played it. And the last one you mentioned, "NOt TOnight" sounds really interesting.

Thanks Torm, cheers. :)

Post Mortem / Re: [1.0.0|N!|Ma|Survivalist|YAVP]
« on: October 06, 2021, 06:04 »
It's the difficulty higher than Nightmare difficulty.  Are you saying it doesn't show up when you push "new game?"  I wonder if I accidentally did something to unlock it without realizing it.

Yes there is definitely no Apocalypse difficulty on my games. I am going to guess that it unlocks when you get one or more diamond badges. Currently my highest badge is 'Gold' of which I have 2. How many diamond badges do you have? (Notice I didn't ask if you had any, rather the number haha.

Coincidentally, my ratios are similar.  :P  Regardless, a Nightmare win is no small feat, so kudos.  :)

Thank you. A little luck and persistence and at least a few good choices. (eg don't do the Military Base on Nightmare, it is a great way to get dead. And don't leave corpses between you and the exit if you can help it.)

I haven't played JH a whole lot lately, tbh, but maybe I can do a recording to get back into it or something.  :)

Totally cool. What else are you playing just out of interest? Cheers Torm, hope you are well and all that. :)

Post Mortem / Re: [1.0.0|N!|Ma|Survivalist|YAVP]
« on: October 03, 2021, 11:40 »
Wait... Apocalypse difficulty? What on the flat is that?

Thanks for the reply Torm, appreciated that someone of your skills would behold my humble attempts, which is 99%persistence and 1% talent. :)

I was lucky to get a unique (green( assault rifle, as well as indestructible armor, and with Survivalist I still died twice during the run. But hey, a win is a win. Hope you are well, and looking forward to whatever crazy tricks you figure out.

Post Mortem / Re: [0.9.9b|U|AoB|Te|YAAM] Master of blades
« on: September 29, 2021, 05:31 »
Ultra Violence is "Relatively easy" now? Tormuse, please stop making the rest of us feel bad. Amazing stuff as always. Well done. The one thing I never accomplished on DoomRL was a really impressive Beserk run. I suck at melee builds and play style, so this is really impressive. :)

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