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I feel like this is overthinking things.

You can reload off the ground with a few actions anyways, as of right now. It's just more annoying and takes more in-game time. The latter rarely actually comes up, because you rarely are going to be standing on a pile of relevant ammo. And even more rarely are you not going to have ammo in your inventory while doing it-which would reload faster, and then you could just pick up the ammo later.

So it's a question of if the small but unintuitive and probably unnecessary nerf(raising the time it takes to reload things when you're doing it from the ground) is needed, and I really doubt it. No one's going to break N! by reloading off the floor. But if it is necessary, it's still an easy fix.

Post Mortem / Re: [U|AoMC+AoOC|YAAM] Nerf Overconfidence
« on: May 09, 2013, 14:38 »
I'd almost be willing to say the problem's less Overconfidence and more that the spawn rate on N! is a little too high to deal with reliably early, a few of the earliest set areas(like, yes, Phobos Base, and the Arena, and mostly the Anomaly to be honest) are a bit too brutal, and between the two just rolling the dice a lot on not appearing next to (insert almost any large cluster of enemies) and getting instagibbed is...well, rather similar to what you were doing on the earlier floors. Just rolling the dice and hoping things don't go sour, either way. AoOC's just faster.

Of course, with UV, I don't see AoOC as overly good at all, to be honest...I have way better of a success rate playing it normally.

I haven't heard people saying that particular badge was going to be rebalanced?

I thought it was every other AoOC combo, not the intended ones... I'm not really against this getting rebalanced, but the only reason I don't have the Daredevil Diamond is putting in less time towards it(Had a couple of close runs), and I'm fairly sure that's easier to pull off at this stage.

Besides, it being one of the easiest Angelics fits. :)

Century Lounge / Re: [M|Ao100|YAAM] First Ao100 Victory!
« on: April 29, 2013, 16:00 »
It's okay. If you keep that attitude, you'll try N! one day.

Then you'll be fragile. :)

Discussion / Re: Oh dragonslayer why do you taunt me
« on: April 29, 2013, 15:57 »
On a (presumably) related note, is there some special combo involving the Berserker armor and Dragonslayer? Cause right now I'm considering finishing off my cybernano armor and forgetting about Bereserker, since its stats look awful... 0 armor, no high resistances, ridiculously slow, and permacursed.

I have a vague idea from mortems, but I haven't confirmed it. (This isn't really spoilers, just go look at some mortems that have both equipped, and you'll probably guess what I mean.)

If I'm correct, from a strict gameplay standpoint, you're better off with the Cybernano.

(You can also use mortems for an idea on how to pick up Dragonslayer-it's how I got part of the patchwork theory I used to pick it up. The other part I may never have guessed, though...if it's even just one part. I need another one so I can experiment more; I've picked it up but I don't know exactly how, so listening to me might be a trap, even. :) )

Century Lounge / Re: [M|Ao100|YAAM] First Ao100 Victory!
« on: April 29, 2013, 13:01 »
I don't see anything really wrong with the build.

Your luck is absolutely terrible, if Lava Armor(/Necroarmor, but Lava Armor is arguably better if you keep up with it.) and Nuclear Burst/Super Shotgun is the best you found, but nothing wrong with the actual build. Kudos on getting through with just that. :)

(pssst Gothic Boots aren't worth it as general equips, speed boosting boots are better. Having said that, they're okay anyways, at least you had practical immunity to damage floors. But they're better off being swapped on and off for high lava/acid floors.)

For future reference; A Nanoskin Armor is way better off being (P) than (O).

They regen 1% per action, and in practice, even on very slow builds, I've never found one in danger of breaking before, well, Doomguy was.

(Not to mention that it can't actually break, and a halfpower (P) is not that much worse than a full power (O).)

I've been running Ao100 for trying to get Berserker Armor/Dragonslayer combo, but I guess I ought to move on to Ao666. Even if it will take a few days, even with how fast I play... (One of my mortems for Ao100, where I stopped bothering with kill completion, was over in two hours.)

It's a BFG!

It just pretends to be a rapid fire weapon. :) But yeah, I assume that's why it has such a short clip/high damage.

You can see the rapid fire thing with an Assault Rifle, which is why I figured that was how it worked. Chugs two per ammochain shot instead of one, because it doubles the per shot ammo cost.

Generally makes Assault Rifle kinda poor with Ammochain, but not totally bad. I made an Assault Rifle Nuclear Plasma Rifle with another Nuclear Plasma Rifle on a Ao100 run-the high accuracy on the mod made up for things and I was literally not using up my huge clips between the two. (Dualwielding Nuclear Plasma Rifles is hilarious. Not something you get to do outside of Ao100 though.)

The BFG10k should cost four per shot instead of 20, with Ammochain. At least, other weapons with cost bonuses per shot still take more cost on that first shot than usual, it's just the extras that are free.

I don't know for sure, of course, because the BFG10k is literally the last unique I have to find. :(

In my opinion, AoOC isn't actually easier until you're on N!, and even then it's less "easier" and more "faster". You will die way, way more often doing AoOC, so from the point of view of average run success, it's far harder. But it's a lot less raw time to get a low odds/high reward of circumstances, and N!'s start is so hard no matter what that it's not as much of a jump as it would be otherwise.

Also, you get to skip N! Anomaly.

Otherwise, though, I don't generally find it a whole lot easier.

Then again, I haven't actually used it to cheese things much, outside of a novelty fast win. (Well...I also got Shottyman Plat when I got Angelic, but...I don't think getting Shottyman Platinum by getting Shottyman Angelic counts much as cheese, I'm pretty sure anyone that can get the latter can get the former...)

Edit: Oh, right, not commenting on the main run, bad of me. :|

AoLT+AoB is an interesting combo. I don't know if it's necessarily easier, but I can see why you'd say that-trade off some later medkit space you probably don't need for more speed. Still, it's not really notably easier than any other HMP/YAAM AoB run, at worst, I'd say. Good job. :)

Discussion / Re: Oh dragonslayer why do you taunt me
« on: April 28, 2013, 15:37 »

No, Dragonslayer... I'm playing an Ammochain game. I can't use you. Please stop trying to entice me.

First on 107, now on 119... how many times is this going to show up? If I was actually willing to pick it up, I might even be able to figure out how, given that it's throwing itself at me...

Dragonslayer is so good that, if you can pick it up, it's worth throwing your entire build for.

Maybe if you have a Master skill that blocks Hellrunner, Brute and TaN, but none actually do that. (Cateye blocks two out of three though, and I might have to actually think about it there.)

Bug Reports / Re: Does enemy-spawning enemies give xp?
« on: April 28, 2013, 13:24 »
Switches really ought to give EXP.

There's no more EXP variation on a run than, say, what a cave can bring, and they can generate some really dangerous situations. And of course, they run out of charges.

Otherwise yeah, everything else seems like it is or isn't giving EXP for good reasons.

Post Mortem / Re: [M|AoOC|88%|8|YAVP] Picking up another Gold
« on: April 27, 2013, 12:42 »
Double Shotgun is pretty good, honestly.

Not really on that build, though.

The huge reload time is the issue; Two full seconds means that an assault shotgun, which can go six shots without reloading and has a nice 1.0 reload time, is better for that build. Give it a try, and remember that you're getting off two or three shots for every one the Double Shotgun does when you're judging it; I think you'll be surprised how often it's more effective, when you consider that.

The times Double Shotgun really shines are early on(when it does the most damage of anything you're likely to see, barring a very ammo restrictive early Plasma Rifle(UV/N!) or Rocket Launcher, when you have Shottyman(So you can reload it faster than its huge reload time by moving), and when you have Juggler(Swap to it, fire a blast, swap back to your main weapon and reload the Double after combat. It has enough kick to be really good in some situations this way.).

Edit: Oh, and Nanoshrapnel modded ones. But that should go without saying.

Huh... her damage is just that low then? That's not so bad... Might even give it a try on HMP, assuming I can ever get down there...

Heavily subject to protection, mostly. Lots and lots of little hits.

The usual threat is that you screw up, have your armor degrade, and suddenly she rips you in half in two shots. Shielded Armor's infinite durability is why things went decently there, not its resistances. I was rather surprised at how well a Blue Armor holds up against Mastermind, recently, before it starts getting damaged.

Never really tried SoB - is it really strong enough to compete with Intuition or Hell Runner early?

Pretty much build dependent, in my opinion. SoB is a massive boost to rapid fire builds, though, and you were using a Double Shotgun and a Plasma Rifle, both of which multihit. It would have been more useful than Finesse on that build for very sure, and I would take it over Dodgemaster in that particular case(Hellrunner 2 gives you a very adequate dodge rate for the most part, and you're not having to fight Cyberdemon or UV/N! accuracy bonuses.) as well.

Intuition vs any other skill is basically subjective, though. Some people seem to swear by it, I personally never use it, but I'm not big on informational skills at the cost of combat potential in any Roguelike, even when they are good enough to justify it(As I feel Intuition is.). Dunno why.

Discussion / Re: Babel on AoPc?
« on: April 26, 2013, 18:35 »
Means three Dragonslayers, too.

Berserker Armor, at least anyone can pick up.

To be honest, I have the same progress on Armorer Gold as I do Technician Diamond(I'm one item from both). Armorer Diamond is a pill.

Also, hope you can pull off the reqs for Azrael's Scythe three times. :)

because of random layout you can appear at one side of lava river and switch for bridge on another. Is this help you a lot?

That's true enough, but because of random layouts, bridges can also get blown up.

It's not necessarily harmful or anything.

And yeah, toggling bridges off would be impractical to allow. Too abusable considering how boring it is. (Even moreso on N!-kill dudes on bridge, raise bridge, lower bridge. Corpse disposal made easy.)

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