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Bug Reports / -resolved
« on: June 25, 2013, 02:28 »
-i put my glasses back on

Lets say a cacodemon takes a shot at me, misses, and the fireball has to go a long way offscreen before it hits anything.  For some reason this takes a second or two.  No animation is occurring and all it's doing is moving from one place to the next.

i.e. if you can't visibly see it, then ain't life a bitch?  Just a suggestion.  ;)

Have you ever wondered just how stupid your average baron of Hell is?  He just keeps walking up to your corner to face another blow from your focused double barrels of death like they won't be there next time.  I can understand there's a bit of pride leading up to the ultimate loss of control; when that bullet grazed his skull tattoo he knew it was you and that's was all he could stand.  As we have seen with pinkies, some monsters are really quite mindless, but does this always have to be so?

This is DoomRL.  This is the future.

If I'm playing on ITYTD I expect the monsters to be reasonably stupid and there not to be very many of them.  It's like I woke up in a broom closet to find them all partying and not paying much attention through the haze of liquor.  This level is acceptable as is.

Okay, here comes HNTR, which looks like some cheesy 80s crime show.  I can understand it if the barons are getting a bit wobbly and it's like they didn't quite see you walk in there, so I'm okay with this level.

But now we're playing on HMP.  Knights, barons, archviles, and any supposedly smarterer demon isn't acting like it at all; rather, what I'm confronted with is more targets and the same old lazy AI.  UV suggests lots of spam bots sent to get in my way, which soon covers the floor in blood.  N! and holy crap I've been caught in the middle of the initial waves of the invasion... but no AI in sight.  Increasing difficulty levels shouldn't necessarily equate to more targets, but to more challenging situations.

HMP: there are the same amount of demons as HNTR, but smarter demons will actually wait at choke points to surprise you and every now and then will walk through short stretches of acid or lava to get to you.  Some of the smarter demons who have hands will actually pick up powerful weapons and use them against you.  Archviles won't just play coward while spamming you with reanimated corpses; rather, they'll direct the attack and attempt to surround and corner you.

UV: not only are hell's forces on the march, but there are still some exhausted humans attempting to fight them.  And there are targets all over the place.  Do you blast your way through or do you wait patiently, dropping needful items to fellow humans in the hope they'll help you get through this nightmare?  Or perhaps you'll just clear a way for them to escape.

N!: did I say nightmare?  You didn't just wake up in the broom closet, you woke up in the middle of the initial invasion.  Not only are your comrades being eaten and blasted to goop all around you, but so will you if you don't get up and boogie.  N! shouldn't just be more monsters teleporting in all the time, but there should be special levels where you have to run or be swamped with waves of those things.  The human forces left on base should be armed to the teeth... which could be too bad if you get in the way.  Places like the Military Base are still under human control when you get there and if you're really lucky you might get some real help if you save them.

Requests For Features / Reloadable Ammo Boxes
« on: June 14, 2013, 20:02 »
He can nitpick every single bullet he picks up off the floor.  He tediously counts the number of bullets in the ammo chain he found alongside that poor bastard's intestines.  He can reload a combat shotgun in the blink of an eye.  But... he can't fathom how to reload an ammo box.

This is unacceptable.  This is the future.

If you have the ammo box in your hand, switch to it using 'x', then 'r' to reload.  It should be like reloading a high-capacity weapon; it takes a little while.

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