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Discussion / Re: Request for Help -- Monster danger levels
« on: December 04, 2007, 15:03 »
I propose that there should be a way to calculate a danger level from a monsters abilities directly.

So, there should be a point value for 1 HP, and each level of armor should modify it. The avarage damage should have a point value and it should probably also take into account wether it's a smaller damage several times or a single stack of damage, as armor has a different importance depending on those.

Special abilities would need values of their own added to the previous.

After that speed would have to be taken into account, pretty much as a direct multiplier, so that a monster that moves twice in a basic turn(1000 energy if my memory serves right) gets their danger value doubled.

Doing it this way inside the game would allow to make some alterations to the values depending on the level layout. For example melee monsters are a lot more dangerous in a tight cornered maze of rooms than they are on an open area.

Now someone just has to come up with an algorith that gives good results (/me hides, well I'll try to come up with something).

The other way would be to just assign some danger level to each monster by hand. You could take former humans as the base level and make them level 1 or 10 and use that as a base. Former humans are a good base value, because they pose pretty much the same level of (or lack of) threat regardless of the distance.

Would still easily lead to rooms where the only exit is a corridor with the teleporter.

khem... or your answer is not to my post, or you don't understand me correctly
let me explain:

wall is not a "corridor wall" it's a wall tile on map, so teleport cannot be placed if near him placed a wall tile/
so even this placement:


is incorrect

Actually, as doors don't spawn in corners, you could always get past a teleporter in that situation, like if there was a room like this:


You can always make a diagonal move, so there's no problem here. It's only a problem when there's wall on both sides.

Discussion / Re: Happy Camper
« on: July 20, 2007, 09:25 »
just another randow thought, i recentlly got my hands on a nintendo DS and it would be intresting to see this ported to it. i am sure the display code would need to be modified but it would definattly be a very fun game on the DS

Yay, there's someone else who thinks like me. Have you tried Nethack DS, DSCrawl (site seems to be down, but you can find it with google. No DLDI suport unfortunately.) or POWDER?

I've only played Nethack DS and quickly tried POWDER, but NetHack is fun on DS. Well, except naming stuff, which is a bit slower than normal using the virtual keyboard on the touchscreen. Simpler Roguelikes of course fit more easily on DS, but the touchscreen gives a great amount of options to implementing thing.

Discussion / Re: About Shotguns....
« on: June 15, 2007, 03:09 »
1. It is firing extremely slow. For example, lev.1 char kills an imp in 2 shots with both a chaingun and a shotgun, on average. However, you might pull off firing twice in a row with a chaingun, whereas after you fire a shotgun once - imp may get enough time to throw his fireball twice. And after THAT you still have to spend another turn reloading.

Umm, I think every weapon takes the exact same time for shooting, which is 1000 energy.

2. Shotguns get their own dedicated perk, Shottyman. However, it means that if you take it - two levels of Reloader are essentially wasted. Not only that, but you are still pretty vulnerable while reloading, so you must also get Hellrunner, and STILL firing pretty slow, so you must also get Finesse...
Look at pistols now. You take two levels of Son of a Gun - you get access to Dualgunner, but Son of a Gun levels keep working for you ! Well, they are broken now, but they should, in theory, anyway.

This was already pointed out, but the levels in reloader really help with rocket launcher. And shottyman really is a nice a trait for double shotty lovers like me, so I don't mind spending two levels of reloader before that, especially when they help you before you get shottyman.

3. If that was not enough - further in the game shotgun ammo gradually stops appearing. Chaingun ammo is still plentiful.

This is true. Biggest reason for this is that there are two kinds of former humans dropping you ammo for chaingun, and the other drops a nice total of 150, while you only get shells from former sergeants, and even then you only get 30. I've completed games where I mainly use only double shotty and RL when needed. You can get through this by hoarding enough shells earlier, but still I usually ran out of shells on floor 23 or 24 (cleared these with RL and then killed Cybie with my BFG's).

I love shotguns, but in recent versions i am rather reluctant to even try winning a game solely with them.
Track earlier versions, shotguns were stronger then.

I like shotguns too, and use them often outside AoB/AoMr. I can agree that Chaingun is perhaps a better weapon and that the ammo issue is a serious one, but I still prefer shotguns. After you've cleared CoS with shottyman and double shotgun, you too will love them. :D

Generally, I like all of these, but it could be made so that instead of requiring the player to do something to be able to do something else at all, it could be made so that it would only help accomplishing that other goal. Sorry for that horrible sentence, here's an example:

Destroy the hatcheries. In various places around the towers there are groups of rooms that have eggs in them. The eggs are in clusters, and if one egg is attacked then the others in the cluster will spawn juveniles a few turns afterwards. As well as counting towards completing this mission, destroying (or hatching) eggs causes a reduction in the danger level. To destroy a hatchery you have to destroy or hatch at least 75% of the eggs in a hatchery area, and you get experience for each hatchery destroyed. The mission is completed and bonus experience given if you get them all. You only get given the mission once you have the surveillance logs and the research report.

So in this case it could be so that you can find hatcheries through out the game, but surveillance logs and research reports will give you information that helps in this, like information on how many hatcheries there are in total and where they are located. So in theory, you could find them all without this information, but you couldn't be sure before finding the logs.

Discussion / Re: Doom: Semper Fidelis
« on: May 20, 2007, 10:26 »
Instead of having to get a 12-sided die, you could just use two 6-sided ones.

PS:I too like making card and boardgames, I haven't put them anywhere on the internet but I usually make rules and stuff for them using paper

There's a big difference in a 12-sided die and two 6-sided ones. Because with a 12-sided die, each number has equal probability (1/12), but throwing 2d6, the most common result is 7, and 2 and 12 are really rare (1/36) and you can't get 1 with 2d6 at all.

Discussion / Re: Damage comparison
« on: May 18, 2007, 14:20 »
I'll let you guys in on a secret about the RL and the BFG: The damage listed is just the impact, the blast also does damage.

Fingerzam: did you keep the IRC log of when Kornel spilled out the numbers?

I don't have logs, but from my memory (which is not to be trusted in this case) I think RL had 6d4 (or 6d6) explosion damage and BFG had 10d8, but these might be completely wrong.

Requests For Features / Re: Some polish stuff
« on: May 17, 2007, 08:59 »
1) Why i can set an option for a random name, but cant set an option for a consistent name ? I only use my nick every time anyway.
Seconded. Personally I'm always Potman, and it'd help somewhat if it was consistent.

2) Dying. When you die you have to press Enter/Space, then Escape, then Enter again. What the...
Why cant it be just Space, or just Enter ? Escape is not really that convenient anyway, at least on a normal keyboards, i think Kornel said he had a notebook or something ?

Plus, that stupid Doom End song that plays each time I die has really, after some 300 times of hearing at least the first few seconds of it, started to piss me off.
Well, if you find it that annoying, you can always comment that song out in the .ini.

3) There is an option to always pick a chosen trait at the start. AAMOF, it would be much more comforting to assign letters to traits, instead of moving up and down between them. One press of a button instead of four.
Seconded, except that since there're more than 9 traits available, using letters would be more convenient.
It was this way before, but was switched because there's no room for longer trait descriptions.

4) The colour of shotgun and 10mm ammo should differ more. I thought someone would have proposed this already, but seeing as its already, and nothing has changed...

If you have problems telling two colours apart, you can also change the console colour settings. This is what I did for dark blue after not noticing floating eyes in NetHack too often.

Bug Reports / Re: SoG works or not ?
« on: May 17, 2007, 04:03 »
Err... Uhhh... I ran this game with SoaB(2)... Oo

So SoaG damage's being reduced to +1. How about reducing the speed bonus to -10%, while you're at it? Not only will this work to balance the sudden damage increase, this'll make speed mods over the first on AoMr actually useful. Currently, if I have my information right, energy cost for firing is 1000(base)-600(SoaG(3))-200(Finesse(2))=200. If each speed mod reduces this by a further 100, and the minimum energy cost's 100, one speed mod's all you need. At -10% for SoaG, 4 speed mods'll bring you exactly to 100.

Not quite true. The speed system works like this:

Shooting takes the following amount of energy:



x is 2 for rapid weapons and 1 for each speed mod, so 3 speedmods equals to x=3

y is the level of finesse

z is 200*[level of SoaG]

a is 1.6-[level of Dualgunner]*0.2

And it is capped at minimum 50 energy, because it would othervice be possible to have negative energy cost for a pistol. And a and z obviously only apply when shooting with a pistol. The figures for shooting with two pistols are taken from your main pistol, so having fast enough main pistol results in 50 energy for shooting two.

Here's the formulae in another format:
Code: [Select]
(((10-[number of speedmods / 2 for rapid])*(10-[level of finesse])*10)-200*[level of SoaG])*(1.6-0.2*[level of dualgunner]

And this has been in the wiki thread for ages.

*snip* Everything the guide was looking for *snips*

A very big thank you for this. I'm going to have free time in a week, so this should be in the guide in two weeks.

I've had this idea for some time, but remembered it again after reading Potman's My Wishlist stuff topic.

The idea is that difficulty should have an effect on monster AI and behaviour. So, for example, arachs would shoot you even on melee, demons would try to look for a path that would get them to melee more safely, cacos/knights/barons would shoot more often, former humans would try to look for cover for reloading if it was available in a single turn etc.

Another way would be to make the monsters try to co-operate better. Like melee monsters trying to attack you from a spot that isn't on another monsters line of fire.

This would provide an additional way to control difficulty level on top of monster count.

Requests For Features / Re: New Traits
« on: April 30, 2007, 15:23 »
Something like this could've been suggested already, but I don't feel like checking seven pages right now. So tell me if I'm late in this.

Requires: 2 for Son of a Bitch
Each point into this trait would give every hit to the enemy a 2% chance for insta-kill.

This has been suggested for melee:

But as you list SoaB as a requirement, I'm guessing this is meant for all weapons. This might actually work, but balancing it might be difficult.

Requires: 2 for Brute
With this trait, each time you hit an enemy on melee and while berserking, you'd be healed by 50% of the damage you deal to the enemy. Second point on this trait would let you drain all damage you deal to your own HP.

Horribly overpowered. Combined with berserker you'd be pretty much completely invincible.

Requires: 2 for Ironman, 2 for Tough as Nails
Your armor class will be increased by 5 on Coward stance, but you will lose the normal movement and dodge bonuses. On Cautious, the AC bonus is 3, and on Aggressive only 1.

5 is quite a lot of AC. Combined with the 2 you get from TaN, you get a total of 7, which is a bit too much. You can also negate the negative effects of coward with eagle eye.

Quote from: Darwinism
You could always include a few of the better ones as a possible message if you do massive damage, over what HP they have remaining, to the crittur in question.
This is done by several traditional RLs, and I think it's a nice effect if it doesn't occur too frequently. I think cnsvnc's suggestions would be very suitable as occasional "max damage" descriptions.

I also like the idea of getting these on max damage. Cybie could also have a death message like these every time you kill him, as you probably wouldn't find it annoying there.

Requests For Features / Re: Regarding close combat
« on: April 30, 2007, 06:41 »
So I'm new here. Been playing DoomRL for about a year now, currently on Major rank, and trying to finish Angel of Purity. Hi guyz. *Waves*

Welcome aboard.

Okay, to topic at hand: You face an Arachnotron. A horrible, horrible mutant spider that fires lethal plasma blasts at you! *Gasp*, how terrible! You will certainly die! Unless... You manage to sneak behind a corner, wait until the Arach comes close enough, and then jump straight in front of it. Poor Arachnotron will try to bite you or beat you with its legs, while you can rip it apart with your own plasma gun.
Yeah well, I think that the fact how you can use your ranged weapons in close combat but enemies can't is pretty unfair, seeing from the monster's side, that is. Those poor widdle demons who can't shoot you anymore when you get close! This must be changed at once! Two suggestions concerning this, even when both make the game somewhat harder:

Well, I do understand your reasoning, but, at least in the case of arachs, I see it as their weakness.

A) Disable your ability to fire enemies up close. So if a demon closes up at you, you can't shoot it anymore. You'll be forced to use your chainsaw or LS or whatever weapon you have on melee. You can't aim your gun over this creature, so you can't fire any units behind it either, although you could shoot anything else in everywhere else. But you can, of course, fire a rocket or BFG blast somewhere pretty close to sweep this annoying monster from existence.

I like this one more than the other solution, but the shotgun user in me doesn't like it, but it would make the CS a common weapon to carry around.

B) Allow the monsters to fire you even on melee. This'd make Angel of Berserk pretty much impossible, though (not that I care, since I've finished AoB already). Plus, it'd make Former Sergeants quite a bit more lethal as well.

Well, this would make melee games in general harder, and the already hard beginning part even harder, so I don't really see this as an option.

But perhaps implementing B for only some of the harder difficulties would be a good way of creating additional difficulty.

Discussion / Re: Chaosforge group
« on: April 29, 2007, 16:26 »
Okay, the group has been created. If you are interested, head to once you have registered.

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