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Requests For Features / Intuition and Cateye
« on: January 06, 2007, 02:45 »
With, it seems to be a generalized opinion that Intuition is the best trait out there, and that once you have it the game is much easier due to your "1337 sn1pin' skillz", and Cateye, the cheaty trait from previous version, doesn't do anything good. The only downside people find for Intuition is that it uses 5 traits to get it at full power... but I still don't think that is balanced, since EE is a nice trait and the other Intuition levels still do something useful, like letting you know what a certain switch do (which can be a lifesaver). Moreover, if going IDDQD costed 7 traits, I still wouldn't think of that as "balanced":P.

I'd like to do a proposal to correct that issue. What I was thinking is make the to-hit chance diminish outside LOS quickly with distance. That way, if you want to snipe, you are better off with Cateye, as you see farther and your LOS would be greater, but if what you want to know is what's in this level, you get Intuition, but not as a cheap

Spoiler (click to show/hide)
* DoomGuy shoots his Plasma Rifle

Perhaps, to make Intuition regain part of its potential, it should be reduced to a 2-level trait that did the same that does now. Perhaps even a 1 level trait.

Aside from balance, come on... if the monster is outside Line Of Sight, how can you shoot it with the same precision as if he is point blank? It just strikes me as ridiculous. Cateye makes more sense, since you are actually seeing the monster. You see farther -> you can aim better farther.

I think it's a good solution, what do you think?

Bug Reports / Save on crash not working on my computer
« on: December 10, 2006, 04:31 »
Yesterday I was playing AoB and when I killed an arachnotron on Dlvl ~17 or so with the chainsaw, the game crashed, but it didn't do that "save on crash" thing, so I had to restart only to be promptly killed by a horde of shotgunners :P.

I use Xp Sp2, if that matters. Any idea why it doesn't work?

Requests For Features / Tutorial mode
« on: December 10, 2006, 04:19 »
Yeah, I know the game is pretty simple as it is, but maybe a short guided tutorial might help to get the game nearer to the masses :P

Obviously, at the end of the tutorial it should refer to the help in case you need the keybindings again.

What do you think?

Pre-0.9.9 / YASD - My best result ever
« on: December 08, 2006, 10:17 »
 DoomRL (v. roguelike post-mortem character dump

 Adral, level 8 Former Human Corporal, killed by a arachnotron
 on level 17 of the Phobos base.
 He survived 81339 turns and scored 29698 points.
 He didn't like it too rough.

 He killed 354 out of 372 hellspawn. (95%)
 He held his right to remain violent.

 He stormed the Chained Court.
 He found the Hell's Armory.
 He fought on Hell's Arena.
 He became a champion of Hell's Arena!
 He witnessed the City of Skulls.
 He faced The Wall.

-- Statistics ------------------------------------------------

  Health -1/60   Experience 24838/8
  ToHit +3  ToDmg Ranged +0  ToDmg Melee +0

-- Traits ----------------------------------------------------

    Ironman        (Level 1)
    Hellrunner     (Level 1)
    Tough as nails (Level 2)
    Reloader       (Level 2)
    Eagle Eye      (Level 1)
    Shottyman      (Level 1)

-- Equipment -------------------------------------------------

    [a] [ Armor      ]   nothing
    [b] [ Weapon     ]   plasma rifle (1d8)x8 [16/40]
    [c] [ Boots      ]   plasteel boots [8/8] (89%)
    [d] [ Prepared   ]   rapid rocket launcher (4d4) [1/1]

-- Inventory -------------------------------------------------

    [a] red armor [1/4] (22%)
    [b] red armor [4/4] (88%)
    [c] double shotgun (6d3)x2 [0/2]
    [d] BFG 9000 (8d8) [100/100]
    [e] BFG 9000 (8d8) [100/100]
    [f] shotgun shell (x20)
    [g] rocket (x10)
    [h] rocket (x10)
    [i] power cell (x50)
    [j] power cell (x50)
    [k] power cell (x50)
    [l] power cell (x50)
    [m] power cell (x50)
    [n] power cell (x16)
    [o] phase device
    [p] phase device
    [q] phase device
    [r] phase device

-- Kills -----------------------------------------------------

    45 former humans
    27 former sergeants
    16 former captains
    35 imps
    45 demons
    90 lost souls
    18 cacodemons
    1 baron of hell
    11 hell knights
    7 arachnotrons
    7 former commandos
    10 pain elementals
    2 arch-viles

-- History ---------------------------------------------------

 He started his journey on the suface of Phobos.
 On level 2 he battled through the complex.
 On level 3 he battled through a maze of rooms.
 Afterwards he fought on Hell's Arena.
 On level 4 he battled through a maze of rooms.
 On level 5 he battled through the complex.
 He then stormed the Chained Court.
 On level 6 he battled through the complex.
 On level 7 he battled through the complex.
 On level 8 he found a hellish city.
 On level 9 he battled through the complex.
 He then found Hell's Armory.
 On level 10 he found a hellish city.
 On level 11 he found a hellish city.
 Afterwards he witnessed the Wall.
 On level 12 he found hellish caves.
 On level 13 he battled through a maze of rooms.
 On level 14 he battled through a maze of rooms.
 On level 15 he battled through the complex.
 Then he found the City of Skulls.
 On level 16 he battled through a maze of rooms.
 On level 17 he found hellish caves.
 There he finally was killed by a arachnotron.

-- General ---------------------------------------------------

 Before him 18 brave souls have ventured into Phobos:
 16 of those were killed.
 1 of those was killed by something unknown.
 And 1 couldn't handle the stress and commited a stupid suicide.


Well, best achievement so far! Nothing impressive, only level 17, but much better than my other characters!

Traits order, if I remember well, went: Reloader -> TaN -> Reloader -> Shottyman -> Hellrunner -> TaN -> Ironman -> Eagle Eye

I decided to go the Shottyman route, because I love the SSG, and it went pretty well, except because I ran out of shells and had to spend lots of plasma even in imps and skulls. However, the Emperor decided I was worthy, so he dropped lots and lots of plasma in my way, so much that I had to drop rockets and damaged armors to carry it all. In fact, so much plasma that I decided to get Eagle Eye to get some advantage of the situation.

But I think I offended Him when I entered the City of Skulls only armed with ~40 shells and lots of plasma, because things were from bad to worst from there. In the City I became surrounded by skulls (oh, suprise), which pierced two of my red armours and made me spend my 3 large med-packs and a small med-pack. I ran out of shells (again) and had to deal with Pain Elementals and skulls with my plasma rifle. Luckily, I survived, and I even got 2 (!) BFGs.

But without health packs, there wasn't much for me to do. I fried some arch-viles and barons with plasma on level 16 and encountered some more shells, but I was running out of armours and health. On level 17, lots and lots of Arachnotrons attacked me at once, so I decided to hide behind some pillars and let them come into melee so they would taste my SSG. Obviously, this cowardice made the Emperor even angrier, because while I killed 2 of those bastards, the other 4 were too far for my shotgun. Trying to survive a bit, I switched to the  plasma rifle and, after 2 or 3 volleys of fire I started running to a Large Health Globe that was like 3 or 4 spaces away. Can you guess if I succesfully picked it up or not? :P

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Stupid me, I didn't remember I had all those phase devices, and I thought I'd switch to the BFG once I had regained my health.

Well, at least I've learned some things:

* I have to look on my inventory more, because I tend to forget what I'm carrying.
* I hate Arachnotrons.
* I hate Arch-viles.
* The City of Skulls is a piece of $%$.
* The Emperor likes plasma rifles (when I'm going for shotties :P).
* I hate Arachnotrons.

Wow, for not being even a YAVP, it's a long post. ;)

PS: Some advice for beating without much problems the City of Skulls?

I just noticed that there are two keybindings that don't appear on the manual, while they do help a bit with the game. They are:

'x' - Tells you what monsters are on your sight range and their relative position from you.
'X' - Does the same but with items.

Moreover, 'X' appears on the manual as Quit without saving.

They are pretty cool features because you don't need to examine every } to see if it is finally a double shotgun, for example:P. And they might help you notice things otherwise you wouldn't notice.

I think they should be in the manual in-game, at least.

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