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Title: [0.9.2|H|AoM|Strolling through the Valley of death
Post by: mihey1993 on July 30, 2020, 12:32
It took me so many tries I am honestly embarrased. Most of attempts at this challenge died either before end of Europa, or near entrance / on entrance of IO.

This particular run have ran in such a lack of multitools early on, i had armor dropping to 0 defense values first time in a long while! Also , since i deliberately went to callisto anomaly rather than mimir/ callsec, i have confirmed that even on hard xp from murdering everything on every level by the Europa end is less xp efficient than going there and shutting down the defenses.

I still have no idea what enemies game refers to, but since it was pretty late, i assume i managed to exit level somewhere too early, or it counts summoner summons / some other bullshit , so no 100 percent kills for me. Still, gun kata with sniper and visor makes majority of enemies a cakewalk, since you can retreat while shooting them dead. Occasionally, it is more effective to stand and dualshot instead, but not all the time.

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