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Discussion / Re: How Dead is this Game?
« on: February 10, 2021, 04:49 »
Mostly it is indeed JH this days. I too still lurk forum often enough, but i am nowhere good enough to post many wins here, and JH ones go mostly on discord.

It took me so many tries I am honestly embarrased. Most of attempts at this challenge died either before end of Europa, or near entrance / on entrance of IO.

This particular run have ran in such a lack of multitools early on, i had armor dropping to 0 defense values first time in a long while! Also , since i deliberately went to callisto anomaly rather than mimir/ callsec, i have confirmed that even on hard xp from murdering everything on every level by the Europa end is less xp efficient than going there and shutting down the defenses.

I still have no idea what enemies game refers to, but since it was pretty late, i assume i managed to exit level somewhere too early, or it counts summoner summons / some other bullshit , so no 100 percent kills for me. Still, gun kata with sniper and visor makes majority of enemies a cakewalk, since you can retreat while shooting them dead. Occasionally, it is more effective to stand and dualshot instead, but not all the time.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

It also disallows using any other weapons but melee ones :D

As in DoomRL, so here, the angel of carnage is the easier version of main game :D Especially since here MAD affects rocket launchers that deal slash damage, like shotguns.

As always (and as expected) hardest part of this challenge is surviving the first moon. Bots, unlucky versions of exalted all eat into my rocket supply, making it sure i never rose higher than 30 for most of it. However, since now Mimir exists, and imo is easier than valhalla would ever be, their danger is significantly mitigated in last level you have to contend with the most bots until IO. Especially good is the AV3 rocket launcher guaranteed to rocker user on mimir, since it is the one you can see in the mortem - with improved accuracy and reloading time,added toxic was just a bonus allowing for some ammo saving with ravagers and cri marines.
After level 7 it was smooth sailing - getting necessities to further mitigate danger this challenge poses, then simply riding through the hordes upon hordes of enemies too squishy to contend with might of a piercing rocket :D
Summoner itself was more of a pushover - if i didnt try murdering his aids, i d likely have even less hassle there. but my amount of unused medkits speaks for itself :D

All in all, this is far easier than playing base game and trying to go for MAD or any other masteries.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Man this was a fun run. As always, the only times i were in any form of danger was the start and when my rockets amount dropped to thirty in europa due to a level filled with reavers and exalted reavers, eating in my rocket supply without dropping me any ammo.

Having MAD achieved right after first moon was godsend in helping me both save ammo and wipe out everyone on every level. each upgrade level only made things easier, making it more and more unlikely that i miss or have anyone shooting at me longer than a turn :D

As always, it had a fun occurence of Io marine shooting everywhere but at the turret for several turns in the fog of war. by time i arrived on the scene, turret had nary a scratch on it :D

With weapons as limited as is and lucky av3 rocket launcher from the end of valhalla , all i needed was good amp slot - which unfortunately means only backpack - and a good armor for the end(since i rocked a lucky av 2 green with few good perks most of the time).

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Indeed, introduction of masteries helps quite a bit for late game

Post Mortem / [0.9.1 MW Shotgun to the win] - YAVP
« on: June 03, 2020, 04:32 »

This was my first run on medium since the introduction of masteries. That it coincided with new level was pure luck!
The real highlights of this run in particular was what i thought of immune sentry(which showed no hp) whom i guess i just didnt have good luck shooting with my shotgun.
However, this run i had only 4 red keycards, and since one is used/wasted early on, i was unable to reap all of the vaults rewards.
Run was fairly smooth, even tho i dipped dangerously low on shells in late IO, but vaults solves me this problem. They also gave me my only piece of equipment in whole run beyond armor - the shotgun amp.

Summoner didnt stand a chance againt my super auto shotgun - which with all the mods and skills had effective range of 7 with max range of 6 somehow :D
Sadly, it seems either gateway or summoner summons are counted towards the 100 percent, which i in the end did not receive. a shame but oh well - at least now i know how to play shotgun :D

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Off Topic / Re: New Roguelike - alpha testers wanted
« on: April 05, 2020, 06:16 »
I cant seem to replicate it, maybe it relates to replacing with newer version and then deleting save and starting anew?
or cuz i got to level i was not on before and then fled.

BTW - chugging is visible the more i try to queue commands - it is a noticeable lag between press and resuly

Off Topic / Re: New Roguelike - alpha testers wanted
« on: April 04, 2020, 12:49 »
To put it simple -  i escaped the dungeon, and then i got the repeated lore. i got to second level before escaping the certain death in form of silver wolves times 2.
in my case,i was fighting the wolf who got close to me, but kept being shown spider info who was good 6 tiles away from me by now(but still visible).

Off Topic / Re: New Roguelike - alpha testers wanted
« on: April 04, 2020, 04:34 »
mkay, i guess there is no loading the game with the changes, at least it makes it crash immediately(the game load from previous version that is).

Of note:
Deflect causes damage to enemy without saying it does damage them.
Another thing - wait in place takes less time than needed for enemy to move? interesting. allows for some tactical gameplay at least.
More thought -on the combat text. Maybe at less verbose you need to leave only the result of the attack? like, enemy evaded, or you inflicted damage? to be fair, i do not really need to know that i prepared a feint, when i am not one desciding it should be a feint . it is nice to see the combat flow tho, even if i feel like instead of two messages(attempts to evade - fails|succeeds ) it should be one that it evades or fails to do so:3
Target window: when there is more enemies than one, sometimes you fight one enemy but it keeps showing you the other in vision. maybe better for it to show who you attacked knowingly last?
After escaping, i got the list of items i got... and then received the first time playing text again :P

Off Topic / Re: New Roguelike - alpha testers wanted
« on: April 03, 2020, 15:12 »
We will see how it goes - for verbose/nonverbose idea of settings i d say it is still relevant message, for me at least.

Off Topic / Re: New Roguelike - alpha testers wanted
« on: April 03, 2020, 14:48 »
ah! well, they may not show it when they are only showing high priority messages tho :D

Off Topic / Re: New Roguelike - alpha testers wanted
« on: April 03, 2020, 14:26 »
No problem!
A minor thing you might want to add is always showing a message for where the stairs lead (whether it stairs or room entrance). It would help one understand where he goes without going there.

Off Topic / Re: New Roguelike - alpha testers wanted
« on: April 03, 2020, 13:10 »
To be fair, from pure gameplay perspective, when it is your turn, u kinda expect that if enemy dies in it, it wont hit you before , ya know :D
Current message flow makes sure that whatever enemy comes aknocking, you can almost certainly expect that even if it takes one strike to put em down, they will get a bite in.

 in any case, i want to see what you will do with next update:D hope tormuse finds some time to try it too!

Off Topic / Re: New Roguelike - alpha testers wanted
« on: April 03, 2020, 12:15 »
i have geforce 1060 6GB - which would easily handle the load if it was going on it :3
As for energy and actors, hear me out.
Situation 1 - enemy and you got near one another. either your enemy has enough energy to get close and attack, or just get close.
then, you may have secret energy counter behind the scenes making player's move be the most important, and everything else is decided after it. so you decide to move. then, if enemy has enough energy, it moves after you, and then checks if remaining energy is enough for attack. not during your move, but after it had to chase you down.

in energy

start of the turn - example both just entered a world. for me player, i move once every 100 energy units, enemy once every 75.
so, first move we both go a tile. second and third too. on forth, i go once, and enemy goes twice, correct? so, in your current way, if we end up near one another and enemy got more energy than 0, it will always attack me before i leave my tile. while instead, it should follow me, and then eventually gain enough spared energy to move and attack:3

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