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Pockets can be in the equipment screen. And allow to put ammo only. And don't work as 3 and 4 prepared slots because it's too much. Just two ammo slots.

But I like the idea with armor bonus X 2.

Requests For Features / Re: Balance suggestions
« on: May 04, 2013, 14:26 »
I think it must be a constant array
unsigned char Duals[N][N]=
0, 0, 32, 48, 128, 48, 64, 16,
128, 0, 64, 16, 0, 0, 32, 48,
64, 16, 0, 0, 32, 48, 128, 48,
 * * *
48, 64, 16, 0, 0, 32, 48, 0
keeping dual challenge weights. Sorry for my C.
N = number of single challenges.
0 = not compatible
non-0 = minimal rank

On first screen, all strings are active. On second screen, when line is selected, unlocked challenges from this line are active, locked ones are inactive and "zeroed" (such as AoMark + AoShot or anything + itself) are not even shown.

And I don't think Ao100 + AoLT is THAT difficult. Most inventory-restricted challenges such as AoMark and AoShot are less difficult with Ao100.

I think it's a good bump. Waste Onyx pack to make one-time item...
I know shields can't be upgraded but WKII assemblies can (unless it's a shield). Maybe allow shields (including assembled) + Onyx = shield which can be repaired by standard means?


You can see the text indicating WHAT I hear and the area marker indicating WHERE it was. Maybe quiet sounds ("random murmurs") should be marked with bigger indicators than loud ones. Also, explosions can eliminate this ability.

Maybe angle indicator? Bigger for Techs, smaller for Scouts and randomly placed over the actual monster position so you can be sure the monster is somewhere in the marked area but can't be sure where exactly this pest is.

Requests For Features / Re: Balance suggestions
« on: May 01, 2013, 12:38 »
True spacemarines can do wonders with bare hands :)

Why I can't combine Ao100 and AoLT?

Requests For Features / Re: barrel-safe ammo
« on: May 01, 2013, 11:23 »
I promise to stop calling exotic weapons "purple" and unique weapons "green" :(

What, kinda have an array for tiles and barrels are tile number in the array instead of making them objects? ;)

1) moving a barrel affects floor tiles, exchanging destination and source;
2) using nuke on Arena causes chat with Master and only then causes death. Wonder how they manage to say so many words in the middle of nuclear fire which already killed all monsters there :)

Requests For Features / Re: barrel-safe ammo
« on: May 01, 2013, 02:40 »
Maybe air rifle (clip = 12, 1 shotgun shell per clip, shooting shrapnel as bullets)? Purple class, or maybe green but I see no reason to make it green.

Bug Reports / Re: Impossible to reach the exit
« on: May 01, 2013, 02:08 »
I've seen a half-level wide "river" without a bridge, caused by the same bug. It's not the same as short gaps or cave rivers. Wearing full Inquisitor set, I didn't care and explored the separated room. Nothing interesting, but "what if there was the exit?" came to mind immediately.
I didn't complete AoLT yet but I already figured out one slot is always for Suit/HoPhD. It also allows to pull all switches, having benefits compensating the fact you can't carry a spare armor and more medikits.

Bug Reports / Re: Does enemy-spawning enemies give xp?
« on: April 30, 2013, 14:39 »
...and no one noticed I've already asked that in the Balance thread O_o

Actually, switches and RNG mix well. But it's a really big work. It will be the most complicated level generation algorithm in whole DoomRL. It's not just "take levels as they are now and add switches".

Requests For Features / Re: Reloading with ammo on the ground
« on: April 25, 2013, 14:00 »
Anyway, generic switch+select will be faster. I just can't see any reasons to have a special code branch preventing it.
Even though it was really funny to "discover", all of sudden, a dedicated control and feel a bit dumb %)

Bug Reports / Re: Impossible to reach the exit
« on: April 25, 2013, 13:55 »
Another map gen bug: on "Walls here seem tough" levels all crates are tough as well :) I've tried to shoot a crate with my Burst Minigun [P] playing Angel of Max Carnage + Ao100. Usually it blows all crates away, but I couldn't open even a single crate there.
BTW, Burst Minigun [P] + Ammochain is soooo imba :( I mentioned that in the Balance Suggestion thread.

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